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Hollong Tourist Lodge – How To Book, Location, Things To Do

Hollong Tourist Lodge, situated amidst the exotic nature, is the ideal place to spend the vacation exploring nature. It is located inside the Jaldapara National Park, West Bengal. The National Park is at the foothills of the Himalayas and allows tourists to venture into the wilderness.

The entire park stretches across 216.51 sq. kilometers and is at an elevation of 61 meters. The location of the lodge is very admiring as it is in the middle of such an enchanting wild nature that is brimming with diverse wild creatures.


Hollong Tourist Lodge is maintained by the WBTDC (West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation). A narrow road will lead you to the Bungalow. The path itself is 7-8 kilometers long and feels like a safari in itself. The tourist lodge consists of clean, big, and spacious double-bed rooms, and the view from the rooms is extraordinary.

Experiencing the raw form of nature is a joy in itself and you can feel this if you choose to stay in the Hollong Tourist Lodge. Spend a couple of days in this piece of paradise and make the most of your vacation.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about the Hollong Tourist Lodge,

Let’s see each of these points in detail.

How to reach Hollong Tourist Lodge

New Alipurduar to Hollong Tourist Lodge distance42.8 km
New Jalpaiguri to Hollong Tourist Lodge distance121 km
New Mal Junction to Hollong Tourist Lodge distance79 km
New Cooch Behar to Hollong Tourist Lodge distance48 km


The only way to reach Hollong Tourist Lodge is by car. You can book a cab from or at your convenience. As the property is situated deep inside the forest, two-wheelers and other public transport are not allowed.

You can also take your own car to reach the property. Parking is available at the property.

Things to do at Hollong Tourist Lodge

There are several things you can do while at the Hollong Bungalow. Here are a few of them:

  1. While there at the lodge, admire the wilderness and fall in love with the refreshing nature.
  2. There is a salt pit just outside the lodge where the forest officials place salt to attract gaurs, elephants, one-horned rhinos, Indian Bisons, and many other wild animals. This is worth a watch when the animals visit the spot.
  3. Elephant safari of the stunning Jaldapara National Park is a must and the forest department operates an elephant safari from the Hollong Lodge itself. The guests staying at the lodge are prioritized first for this activity.
  4. Wildlife photography from close can not be missed if you are staying at the Hollong Tourist Resort.
  5. Being amidst the national park is also an advantage for all the bird watchers as you will be able to spot the Bengal Florican along with many other exotic birds. Some of the other Aves include Pallas’s fish eagle, lesser pied hornbill, partridge, etc.
  6. Among all the other wild creatures, the reptiles are fascinating as well. There are Cobras, Pythons, kraits, geckos, and monitor lizards.
  7. Spotting all the wild animals being at their wild habitat is an experience to a different level.
  8. Also, witness the untouched nature with the incredible landscape vista.
  9. Sitting at the lodge and observing the minute details of nature filled with wildlife feels like a new level of excitement. Enjoy the freshness while staying there.


Accommodation options at Hollong Tourist Lodge

Only standard double bedrooms are available at this property. The charges are Rs.4000 without tax. The room we stayed in had a beautiful view of the forest and the salt pit.

Make sure to book a room well in advance as they are in high demand on this property.

How to book a room at Hollong Tourist Lodge

WBTDCL manages the Hollong Tourist Lodge. You can book the property online through their official website

Click to know the steps to book a WBTDCL property.

Best time to visit Hollong Tourist Lodge

The ideal time to visit and stay at Hollong is during the winter months, that is, from October to January, and during the summer months, from March to June. The temperature during these times remains pleasant and helps with all the explorations.


Brimming with such amazing serenity, nature, terrain, and animals, Hollong Tourist Lodge is truly a great destination to visit and absorb the wildness of the Jaldapara National Park.

It is best suited for the ones who are in love with nature and the fresh natural ambiance. Take a few days off from the hectic city and work life and plan a trip to the marvelous spot.

Book the lodge, sketch the trip, and get started with your traveling. Venture all the paths that the national park has to offer. Happy journey!

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