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Murti (Dooars) West Bengal – Things To Do, Best Time To Visit

Murti is a serene village destination situated about 80 kilometres from New Jalpaiguri, beside the Murti River. It is placed beautifully between the Chapramari forest and the Gorumara National Park.

Being amidst the woodlands, the site is perfect for spending a few days with loved ones. It also provides incredible vistas of the surrounding mountains and tea gardens.


You can choose to stay at this offbeat destination, take a bath in the river’s refreshing waters, and go on Jungle Safaris at the Gorumara National Park from here.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about Murti,

Let’s see each of these points in detail.

How to reach Murti

New Jalpaiguri to Murti distance71 km
Lataguri to Murti distance17 km
New Mal Junction to Murti distance17 km


You can book a cab from New Mal Junction, New Jalpaiguri Railway Station, or Siliguri to reach Murti. You can also take your own car and parking is available at the property.

Totos and Autos are also available from New Mal Junction or Chalsa which will take you to your resort.

The natural ambiance of Murti

Murti houses dense forests, a streaming river, wild creatures, and quite a few more things that will make you fall in love with the location. Beauty winds around like fresh air while filling every nook and corner of the site.

The verdant canopy of the towering sal trees looks unreal along with the backdrop of towering mountains. The pure heavenly feeling hits you when you look at the landscape.

The Murti River gushes like a silver ribbon through the terrain making the place much more alluring. Magic happens when the clear blue sky gets reflected in the crystal-clear waters. There are wildflowers that bloom everywhere and the fragrant notes blend in harmoniously with the already-perfumed air.

The breeze is cool and therefore a soothing sensation sets in the entire body. Another amazing thing about the place is the butterflies that take up the entire environment. The delicate creatures float through the air making the ambiance look like a fairyland.


Things to do at Murti

Murti being a nature paradise is crowded with several activities to indulge in. The enchanting place will welcome you for the following activities:

  1. The first thrilling activity would be the Jeep Safari at the Gorumara National Park. The rich biodiversity, stunning variety of wildlife, and the ambiance inside are worth all the time.
  2. Next, there is the Chapramari forest. The adventure here would be a bit different than the other. Venturing through the wilderness is always an experience.
  3. If you are among the ones who love bird watching, then Murti is one of the perfect destinations. Be patient and keep your binoculars ready.
  4. Next, the thrill would be hiking through the scenic trails around Murti. The remarkable nature is ready to be discovered, so lace up the shoes and start the exploration.
  5. If you love sunrises, then wait for the morning to roll in. The sunrise views over the hills and the soft misty wrap make the place look like a postcard picture.
  6. Camping by the river stream can also be of great joy. Pitch your camp and live like the explorers for a few days.
  7. Set back and breathe in the freshness of the place. it is exhilarating and totally cleanses the soul of any tension.
  8. As the evening rolls in, witness the most magical color transition with the mind-boggling natural vista as the backdrop. The golden orange light envelops the entire region making it the actual paradise.
  9. Connect with nature while listening to the chirpings of the birds and the rhythms of the breeze and water together.
  10. When the sun sets completely, the view changes into something that can only be acknowledged when seen. Nature shows itself in a different light as the entire region is lighted with the fireflies and the star-studded sky. Darkness becomes intoxicating suddenly.
  11. If you love photography, the place is definitely for you. The picturesque site will offer you many scopes to take snaps of it in different poses and forms.
  12. You can also go on the 7-points Dooars sightseeing tour from Murti.

Best time to visit Murti

The ideal time to visit Murti would be during the winter months. It starts in October and lasts till March. During this time the days are cool and pleasant and the nights are comparatively chilly. Escapades at this time of the year will be great. Several migratory birds also visit during this time and therefore, it is perfect to observe them all. Also, if you are visiting during November and December, you might get to look at the Teesta Tea Festival and Tourism Festival.

The monsoon season can be ideal for those who love and cherish the rain. It starts in June and lasts till September. The offbeat charm of Murti can be witnessed during this time of the year. the rain-kissed forest and landscape come to life, while its essence and petrichor touches every corner of the site. Ventures during this time may not be possible but to relish a laid-back time, these months would be perfect.


Speaking of the summer months, it starts in March and lasts till May. Summers are quite pleasant except during the peak time of the day. It can always be enjoyable. However, do explore the nearby hill stations for a cooler escape.

Hotels and resorts at Murti

There are several government and private resorts to stay at Murti.

Banani Eco Resort, Murti Tourist Lodge, Prime Murti Resort, and Land of Elephant Resort are some of them. You will get delicious meals and other amenities in these resorts. They are also situated close to the Murti River.

If you want to book a West Bengal Forest Department (WBFDC) or West Bengal Tourism Department (WBTDC) property in Murti, you can easily do it online.

Click to know the steps to book a WBFDC property online.

Click to know the steps to book a WBTDC property online.

Other attractions near Murti

AttractionDistance from Murti
Chalsa9 kilometers
Neora Jungle Camp16 kilometers
Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary12 kilometers
Mal Bazar15 kilometers

So, if you are urging for a vacation to somewhere tranquil and refreshing, then Murti would be one of the places you can look into. Book a good place to stay and get ready with all your stuff. The rhododendrons, wildflowers, and the terrain will welcome you with all the love and care.

Pack your excitement to have a blast while you stay at the natural haven, Murti.

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