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6 Hill Stations In West Bengal For A Perfect Getaway 2024

With an awe-inspiring landscape, West Bengal houses some of the most phenomenal hill stations in the Indian Subcontinent.

Situated in the northern part of the state, each of these places offers a rich culture, pristine attractions, terrain, food, and warm and friendly people. All these are the perfect destinations for a dreamy getaway. People from all over West Bengal, and the neighboring states often choose these hill towns and villages to escape the monotonous city life for a few days throughout the year.


There are several spots to unwind, revive, and be in the tranquil environment in the mountains. At these sites, you will be able to listen to nature speak and there is a silence that will calm your soul down.

In this article, you will get to know about the following hill stations in West Bengal,

  1. Darjeeling
  2. Kalimpong
  3. Rimbik
  4. Takdah
  5. Kurseong
  6. Mirik

Let’s see each of these places in detail.

1. Darjeeling

Mall Road in Darjeeling
Best Time to VisitFebruary to June and October to December

The first destination that comes to mind when we talk about hill stations in West Bengal is Darjeeling. It is often termed as the ‘Queen of Hills.’

Nestled amidst vast tea plantations, in the foothills of the Himalayas, Darjeeling is perfect for the summer holidays. It is perched at an elevation of 2050 meters and has a soothing cool climate throughout the year. This hill station was also a summer resort during the British Raj.

With the rolling hills and the acres of Tea estates, the place looks like a magic land. The panoramic view of the Himalayas and the rejuvenating breeze make it extraordinary. The early mornings are filled with mist and clouds which vanish into thin air when the sun moves up.


Together with the outstanding vista of nature, many places are there to be witnessed and explored. Darjeeling exhibits colonial architecture, viewpoints, monasteries, and so much more. While touring you can visit Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, Singalila National Park, Darjeeling Peace Pagoda, and so many other amazing places. You can also ride the Toy Train, which is a major attraction here.

After all the ventures, go for a relaxing walk in the locality and enjoy some of the scrumptious local food. Shop to your heart’s content and get your hands on the ‘Thangkas.’ Also, sit by nature to enjoy peace and before returning buy some famous Darjeeling Tea as well.

2. Kalimpong

Morgan House in Kalimpong
Best Time to VisitMarch to June and mid-October to December

The hill station of Kalimpong is situated at a height of 1250 meters and is adored for its charming valleys. This hill town, which overlooks the Teesta Valley, is at the foot of the Shivalik ranges. Kalimpong is just 65 kilometers from Siliguri and, therefore can easily be reached by car.

When you reach the alluring destination, natural beauty will startle you in every way. The fresh atmosphere, stretches of Tea gardens, mesmerizing hills, and the valleys between give the location a certain glamour.

With nature, the place also marks the history of Bhutan. There are ancient Buddhist Gompas, old churches, as well as temples that still showcase Bhutanese history. Take a trip to the Deolo Park, Durpin Monastery, Lepcha Museum, Crockety and so many other places located there.

The hilltop town is brimming with adventures. Try paragliding at the Deolo Hills and go white water rafting in the river Teesta. Hiking can also be a good option if you are interested. Visit the Himalayan Paper Industry and learn various things about it. Much more is there to be looked at and relished.

3. Rimbik

Best Time to VisitMarch to June and September to December

Rimbik is still an untouched destination and is dotted with surreal nature. The village and hill station are at an altitude of 2286 meters and lie in the Darjeeling district. It is an off-beat destination that is 116 kilometers from Siliguri and is accessible by car.

As soon as you get down at the location, the serene environment will engulf you from all sides. The entire terrain looks like a picture drawn on the canvas with great details. Quaintness can be observed in every nook of the place and is simply a paradise for nature lovers.


Visit the Rimbik monastery, and soak in the tranquillity the site has to offer. The village is worth the exploration, so explore it and interact with the locals to learn more. To enjoy the essence of the village, take a walk through the Rimbik Bazaar. Several things are there that will be of interest.

For some thrill, you can trek to Sandakphu or Singalila National Park. These are some of the best treks in the eastern part of India. All these activities are a must, however, make sure to eat the native cuisine that is available at the local shops.

4. Takdah

A Heritage Bungalow in Takdah
Best Time to VisitMarch to June and October to December

Situated near Darjeeling, Takdah is a harmonious place with romantic vibes in the air. It was a British Cantonment at the time of their rule in the country and was the destination for several high-ranking officers of the British.

The elevation goes up to 1219 meters and due to this the panorama looks mystical. The name ‘Takdah’ literally translates to mist, and the ambiance does justification to the name. The clouds come down covering the Pine and Cedar thereby creating a hypnotic surrounding.

There is an orchid center that you just cannot miss. Apart from this, there are several other attractions nearby that are worth visiting. The tea gardens cover the slope of the hills, giving the illusion of a thick green carpet. You will get to see women in their tea-picking outfits walking through the alleys of the plantations. This view from the top is ace.

The site is great for rejuvenation. Sip on some tea by standing by the tea gardens and fall in love with the sight that is in front of you. Feel the breeze and fall in love with the world again.

5. Kurseong

A place near Kurseong
Best Time to VisitFebruary to mid-June and November to December

This is another beautiful hill station in West Bengal, usually preferred by those who want to avoid the crowd.

The name ‘Kurseong’ means “small orchid” and the place is also known as the ‘Land of White Orchids.’ This is due to the presence of white orchids throughout the valley. It is muffled at a height of 1482 meters and is only 32 kilometers from Siliguri.


The hill station is extremely beautiful with the vibrant green terrain adorning the terrain. Dense woodlands and tea plantations form the 360 views from Kurseong. The sunrise from this small hill town is very special, however, you will be head over hills in love when the golden hour sets in.

After fancying nature, visit the Ambotia Shiv Mandir and seek the blessings of the Lord. Next, move towards Eagle’s Crag View point to witness the mind-boggling sceneries of the valleys below. Several other places are there to visit like Churches, Forest Museum, etc.

After you are satisfied with the sightseeing, take some time and spend it while sitting amidst the wilderness. Wander around and talk to the natives as they might tell you something. Eat some good local food and go on a shopping spree. Buying tea as a souvenir is a must.

6. Mirik

A tea garden in Mirik
Best Time to VisitMarch to June and October to December

Mirik is another hill station in West Bengal that has gained popularity in the last few years. It is situated at an elevation of 1495 meters. The name ‘Mirik’ is a Lepcha word that means “place burnt by fire.” The town is nestled on the bank of a lake and displays some of the most wondrous landscape views.

The meandering hilly roads and the lake steal all the attention. A magnificent garden is there on one side of the lake and the other side is fringed with lush pine forests, and orange and cardamom trees. The road is encircled with a stretched road which also gets included in the beautiful scenery of the place.

For sightseeing, you can go to Bunkulung, Bokar Monastery, Pashupati Nagar, etc. Also, tour the Mirik Tea Gardens, orange orchards, and the churches. If you are looking for a viewpoint, Rameetay Dhara is there with the mighty Kanchenjunga as the backdrop and the picturesque valleys at the bottom. This place is ideal if you want to live a slow and meaningful few days.

That’s it! These are a few hill stations in West Bengal worth visiting. If you are searching for places for a perfect getaway, these will be some of the great options. Each one is unique and has the spirit of the mountains.

Sketch out a trip and accordingly travel to unfold all the stories that the sites have to say. Discover the nature and yourself in the process. Book your stay and start your journey towards something exciting and marvelous.

Happy Journey!

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