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Tourist attractions near takdah

9 Beautiful Tourist Attractions near Takdah, Darjeeling – Places to Visit in Takdah

Takdah is one of the best offbeat Destinations near Darjeeling that you can visit for a short trip in the lap of the Himalayan mountains.

The place is an incredible offbeat destination in West Bengal, especially for nature and mountain lovers.


During your stay in Takdah, you can visit a number of places that are just a few kilometers from your homestay.

There are a lot of cars available from Takdah that you can book to visit these places. They would cost you about Rs. 2500 – 3000 per car for a day’s trip. However, the rates vary a lot.

In our case, the guest house in which we were staying in Takdah, arranged for the car for our sightseeing. You can ask the manager of your guest house during booking if they can make any such arrangements.

Below mentioned are some of the places we visited during our stay in Takdah.

  1. Tinchuley Gumbadara Viewpoint
  2. Triveni
  3. Teesta river white water rafting
  4. Bara and Chota Mangwa
  5. Lamahatta Eco Park
  6. Takdah Orchid Centre
  7. Rangli Rangliot Tea Garden
  8. Teesta Valley Tea Estate
  9. Takdah Monastery

Now lets see some details about each of these tourist attractions near Takdah.

Tinchuley Gumbadara Viewpoint

Arijit1604, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Tinchuley is often said in sync with Takdah, just like Lava-Lolegaon.

Tinchuley or Tinchule is a small mountainous village located at a distance of about 32 kilometers from Darjeeling. It is just 3 kilometers from Takdah.

The Tinchuley Gumbadara Viewpoint was the first point they took us during Takdah sightseeing.

The snow-capped mountains of the Kanchanjunga can also be seen from this Tinchuley Gumbadara viewpoint.

You can also have a walk in between the pine and oak trees and see the beauty of nature from up close.



Triveni point near Takdah

Next stop on our list of places to visit near Takdah was Triveni.

Triveni is a point where you see two rivers, the Great Rangeet and the Teesta meet. This view is a treat to the eyes of nature lovers. You can see two distinct colors of the two rivers.

Though the convergence takes place in plain land, the place is surrounded by mountains on all sides.

If you are a nature lover, then this place is one of the best places you can visit near Takdah or in all of North Bengal.

The place also has camps set up on the river bed. You can stay there overnight and enjoy a bonfire on the banks of the river in-between the mountains.


If you want to view this place from a high altitude, there is a viewpoint known as the Lovers Meet viewpoint.

You can also enjoy river rafting here. It’s perfect for beginners as the currents are mild and the speed of the river gets reduced after confluence.

Teesta river white water rafting

Teesta river white water rafting is a fun and adventurous activity that you can do in Takdah.

The whole activity takes about two hours and will cost you around Rs. 5000. There are a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 5 people allowed per raft.

If you want to do this, you have to tell the driver in advance. They will then take you to this white water rafting point, which is just a few kilometers from the Triveni point. You will get level 2 and 3 rapids in this area.

Bara and Chota Mangwa

Priyamkajal, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The villages of Bara and Chota Mangwa are famous for their Orange orchards. This place is another beautiful offbeat destination near Darjeeling.

After rafting in the river, we had our lunch in a small restaurant beside the highway and on our way back to Takdah, visited the Chota and Bara Mangwa village.

The Mangwa village has farmhouses and homestays on the slope of Himalaya amidst orange orchards facing the confluence of Teesta and Rangeet Rivers.

A long view of Teesta and a 270-degree view of mountains makes the place incredible and serene.


Lamahatta Eco Park

The Lamahatta Ecotourism park is a beautiful ecotourism spot in a small village called Lamahatta and is also one of the beautiful tourist attractions near Takdah.

I visited this place on our way to Takdah from Darjeeling. The dense forest covered in clouds and the serene atmosphere makes this place feels like heaven.

There is a flight of stairs in this park that you can take to reach two small lakes at the top of the mountain. This foot trail is about a kilometer long.

Takdah Orchid Centre

Among the other tourist attractions in Takdah, the Takdah Orchid Centre stands as a unique one. Once deemed as one of the best in Asia, it had gradually lost its charm. It is however now under the government and is pretty well maintained.

The Takdah Orchid Center is an exclusive sanctuary for the rarest and a wide variety of orchids. You can see a lot of them especially if you visit from February to April.


This place also has historical significance.

As you know now that Takdah was a cantonment back in the British era, and the garden area of this center was appointed as the gathering spot of the British soldiers.

You can know more about the Takdah Orchid Centre in the article below.

Click to know about the Takdah Orchid Centre in detail.

Rangli Rangliot Tea Garden

Rangli Rangliot is perhaps one of the most beautiful tea gardens that I have seen in Darjeeling.

The tea garden is only a 2 km downhill walk from the Takdah market area. If you are up for some activity, you can take a walk to the Rangli Rangliot tea garden.

There is an interesting backstory regarding the name of this garden. The words Rangli Rangliot means ‘thus far and no farther. It is said that a wise monk was in search of the finest tea in Darjeeling. His search ended here, at this tea garden.

So this place was named Rangli Rangliot!

Teesta Valley Tea Garden

Teesta Valley Tea Estate is another important and one of the largest tea estates in the region.

We visited this tea estate on our way back to NJP. The tea estate also has a large tea factory where you can see how tea is manufactured. However, it depends on the Manager, if he will allow you or not.


Also, tea production does not take place during the winters and the factories remain closed.

Takdah Monastery

Dechhen Pema Tshoiling Monastery, locally known as the Takdah monastery is another place that you can visit in Takdah.

The monastery is located a few minute’s walks away from Takdah Bazar. There is a flight of stairs that will take you up to the monastery.

From the monastery, you can get a panoramic view of the Rangli Rangliot, and the Teesta Tea Estate. On a clear day, you can also see the Kalimpong town from this monastery.

The Takdah Monastery is located just behind the bungalow guesthouse where we were staying.


That brings the end to our list of beautiful tourist attractions that you can visit during your stay in Takdah.

This beautiful hamlet with historical significance is a perfect place to spend the weekend.

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