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Chandannagar Museum (Hooghly) – Timings, Ticket Price, History

The Chandannagar Museum, which also goes by the name Dupleix Palace, goes back to the time of the French rule. It is one of West Bengal’s oldest museums and is situated on Strand Road, Chandannagar.

The place shows off a beautiful combination of nature and history thriving together. Institut de Chandernagore is well maintained and is a perfect place for history admirers. The calm ambiance holds the essence of the past. The French and Indian heritage is mirrored through the elements of the complex.


It is just a few kilometers away from the Chandannagar Railway Station. As reaching the site is easy, visit there with friends and family and venture into the historic building and see the items situated inside.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about the Chandannagar Museum,

Let’s see each of these points in detail.

Chandannagar Museum timings

Chandannagar Museum timings
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday11:00 AM to 05:30 PM
Thursday, Saturday, and Govt. HolidaysClosed


Chandannagar Museum ticket price

The entry fee for Chandannagar Museum is

For Indian citizens₹5 per person
For Foreigners₹20 per person

History of Chandannagar Museum

Duplex Palace ASI board

The Dupleix Palace was built in the 1740s and was the residential palace of the former Government of Chandernagore, Joseph Francois Dupleix. Based on the Treaty of Cession of Chandernagore in 1951, it was converted into a museum and art gallery.

Later on in the year 1952, the Government of India, under the Ministry of External Affairs, set up the Cultural Institute. When it was founded, it had a core collection consisting of gifts made by the renowned antiquarian named Harihar Sett. He was also the first president of the free Chandernagore along with being a social reformer and a philanthropist.


The palace reflects the French colonial architectural style, with its deep verandah and solid timber louvers, offering a splendid view of the river.

The 18th-century structure is now a protected monument under the aegis of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

Things to see in Chandannagar Museum

The inside of the museum is packed with rare French antiques and valuable items of that time. It preserves the relics of 250 old French colonial past. The cannons used in the Anglo-French wars (or the Carnatic war) are present there at the museum.

Apart from that, there are the personal belongings of the then-French Governor-general and the wooden furniture of that time which are exotic and probably cannot be seen elsewhere in the world.  You will also get to see several items used by Dupleix.

Relics of French colonial and local history are observed as well. Artifacts can be seen inside, paintings, clay models, utensils of the French times, together with personal items and belongings of Jogendra Nath, who was a great fighter in the World War.

Also, notice the Shola Art and all the different kinds of crafts from West Bengal. Another thing that is worth admiring is the museum from outside along with the flawlessly well-groomed garden.

Best time to visit Chandannagar Museum

Although the Museum remains open throughout the year, winter and early spring are the best time to visit the museum. The weather at this time is very pleasant and will be worth going around without getting tired.


Other attractions near Chandannagar Museum

AttractionDistance from Chandannagar Museum
Jora Ghat0.1 km
Sacred Heart Catholic Church0.2 km
Nandadulal Temple0.6 km
Patal Bari0.2 km

These are some points you must know about the Chandannagar Museum.

It is simply incredible and we get to see a part of France in its vintage form in India. If you are captivated by such monuments, then you must visit the Institut de Chandernagore.

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