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Paragliding in Kalimpong (West Bengal) – Cost, Location

One of the thrilling ways to experience the beauty of Kalimpong is through paragliding. This activity will give you the perfect view of the stunning landscape and the soaring hills.

This was started by a Swedish National in 2009 and turned into a very successful venture in this part of West Bengal. While gliding above, you can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of Kalimpong town and the surrounding areas.


In this article, you will get to know the following points about paragliding in Kalimpong,

Let’s see each of these points in detail.

Kalimpong paragliding location

The takeoff site for paragliding in Kalimpong is Dello Hills, tucked away at 5600 ft above sea level. It is also a popular attraction for sightseeing in Kalimpong. While up in the air, you can fly over the beautiful valleys, rivers, and tea gardens.

You can land at the same place you took off from or at various spots in the valley below. It depends on the wind conditions and the package you choose.

Kalimpong paragliding timings

Everyday09:00 AM – 04:30 PM
DurationMedium Flying: 8 – 15 Minutes
High Flying or Cross Country: 15 – 30 Minutes


The entire activity is dependent on the weather and the wind condition. The perfect situation for a good flight is the wind. Make sure to visit Dello Hills between these times to indulge in the fun sport.

Kalimpong paragliding fees

The fees entirely depend on what kind of paragliding activity you opt for.

Flight TypeFees
Medium₹2500 – ₹3000
Cross CountryUpto ₹5000

An extra charge of Rs.500 is taken if you are going for a Go Pro to record your activity. It is provided by the sports center you are flying under.

Best time to do paragliding in Kalimpong

A person paragliding

The paragliding season in Kalimpong starts in September and goes till June. However, the best time to fly is during October and November. You can visit any time in these months and enjoy the adrenaline rush.


The activity is closed from mid-June to avoid the rainy season, which can pose safety risks for the participants. For the centers which are under the government, a notice is sent by the same to them to close off the activity at this time.

Safety precautions for paragliding in Kalimpong

  1. You will fly with a skilled and seasoned pilot if it’s your first time flying.
  2. You will also be equipped with all the top-notch gear by the pilot himself and the helpers who are present there.
  3. You will get a brief orientation on the dos and don’ts of the flight.
  4. The pilot also has a backup parachute.
  5. According to the sports center, safety is their primary concern and is taken care of minutely.
  6. Make sure you choose a center that is government registered and check for the stamp that the government provides.

My experience paragliding in Kalimpong

I had always wanted to try paragliding but didn’t plan to do it that day. I was on my way to Dello Park when I saw some paragliders soaring in the sky. It looked exciting. Sitting inside the car, I was enchanted by the view. I was looking and laughing to myself, remembering the video that was so famous on the social networking site. If you are from India, you may know which video I am talking about!

Upon reaching the park, I saw more paragliders in the blue sky with white clouds looking like birds. I felt a sudden urge to join them. So I found a government-certified sports center and signed up for a flight. After clearing the fee, I went up an elevated area from where the take-off is supposed to happen.


Following this, my pilot was ready, and I was called to get all geared up. All the safety procedures were followed, and we were ready for takeoff. Holding on to my Go Pro tightly, I set out to fly. We took off, and it felt like I was flying. It was an incredible sensation that cannot be described in words. We went higher and higher until we were surrounded by clouds. The wind was strong, and the adventure was exhilarating. The pilot was extraordinary in his actions and was very comforting. He performed a few stunts amidst the clouds, which made the activity even better.

After around eleven minutes, we landed and came back into reality. It was my first time, so I was a bit nervous in the beginning. But while in the air looking down with a bird’s eye view of the scenery, I felt at peace.

And yes, the video you capture in the Go Pro camera will be transferred to your phone by the members there. You can see the video whenever you want to relive the experience.

The whole experience is crazy, I swear! Do try it once.

These are some points about paragliding in Kalimpong that you should know about. It is a must-try activity when you visit this part of the state.

If you are visiting Kalimpong, I would suggest you check it out before coming down the hill, even if you don’t go for it. It’s a unique experience that will make you explore Kalimpong and its surroundings while in between the clouds.

You can also try other activities in Kalimpong, such as River Rafting, Trekking, and Camping.

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