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10 Best Offbeat Destinations In West Bengal That You Must Visit 2024

Whenever we plan for a short trip to West Bengal, we go to the usual places like everyone else. But have you ever felt the urge to explore the less-visited places?

There are a lot of unexplored places, the unknown beauty of Bengal, which is unheard of or unseen by many, the offbeat destinations in West Bengal.


The tiring and busy schedule along with the daily hustles in our lives have widened the gaps between nature and us. Not only that, we are left with less time to nourish our relationships with our friends and family. So it’s time to jump off the bed and arrange a trip for 1-2 days to refresh your mind.

In this article, you will get to know about the following offbeat destinations in West Bengal,

  1. Jhilimili- Rimil
  2. Gangani-Garhbeta
  3. Khirai
  4. Itachuna Rajbari
  5. Bamni Falls
  6. Chandraketugarh
  7. Chatakpur Village
  8. Doban – Kannan Valley
  9. Lepchajagat
  10. Takdah

Let’s see each of these places in detail.

1. Jhilimili- Rimil, Bankura

Jhilimili (Credits:

You must have all heard about Mukutmanipur in Bankura. The roads of Bankura are shaded by tall green trees and forests. But talking about the offbeat destinations, Jhilimili is one of such unique off-beat places in the Bankura district of West Bengal.

The spot is almost 280 km from Kolkata. You have to pass through stations like Kharagpur, Jhargram, Belpahari, Banshpahari, and dense Amdubi jungles with Shal trees to reach this place.

The best time to visit Jhilimili Forest is during spring.

The breathtaking view of the pitch-black long roads flooded with vermillion Palash flowers and the vibrant sunlight of spring peeping in through the trees looks splendid. Amidst the forest, there is Rimil Lodge often referred to as Rimli Ecotourism, which includes beautiful cottages, and eye-catching Treehouses.

The accommodation charge in Rimil Cottage is almost ₹1500-3000 with extra charges for food. The treehouses are exclusive here.

2. Gangani-Garhbeta, Paschim Medinipur

Gangani (Credits: Smeet Chowdhury | License: CC)

You must have heard about renowned names of the canyons across the world in your geography textbooks. But ever heard about the Grand Canyon of West Bengal itself?

Yes, Gangani is known as the Grand Canyon of Bengal. It is one of the best places to visit in Paschim Midnapore.

You can travel to Garhbeta from Howrah via Santragachi and Kharagpur. You can take a Toto from Garhbeta station and move towards the Hoomgarh-Garhbeta route to visit the main unique place, the Amlagora forest range where elephants come to drink water.

You can be enough lucky if you can see elephants crossing the roads of the Hoomgarh-Garhbeta route. The place is almost abandoned and the area is on the outskirts of the Satvilla and Kurchidanga villages. You can hear the trumpets of elephants from the place.


The forests are full of Shegun, Shaal, Akashboni, and Mohua trees with a cool breeze blowing around. Traveling amidst the forest land of cashew nuts, the next destination you will reach is the Gongoni situated on the banks of river Shilabati.

Gangani or the Grand Canyon of West Bengal has been formed due to the deep valley cutting and erosion of the river Shilabati. The rocks are made of red ferric sandstones.

You can cover both places in a day within ₹500.

3. Khirai, Purba Medinipur

Khirai Flower Garden (Credits: Arijit Sarkar)

You just can’t miss this spot when you are talking about the offbeat destinations in West Bengal.

I think flowers are one of the most wonderful creations of God. According to research, flowers spread happiness, peace, and harmony among all beings. One place to witness a large variety of flowers is the Valley of Flowers in Khirai, in Purba Medinipur near Paschimkallo and Dokanda village.

You can visit the places if you have ₹500 in your wallet. Several vibrant colored and amazing flowers are cultivated along the lands bordering the Kanshai and Kangsabati Rivers.

You can reach Khirai from Howrah station within 2 hours by Kharagpur local trains and after you reach the station you have to take the narrow lanes beside railroads towards Panshkura.

The land of flowers lies between Khirai and Panshkura. The blend of colors in the flower fields looks dazzling. There are not only flowers but also farmlands. Beautiful flowers like marigold, asters, wheat William. There are acres of gardens filled with flowers like red roses, Chandramallkias, etc.

The laborers work hard for more yield of flowers. You have to follow all the guidelines before you click photographs or visit the Flower Valley.

4. Itachuna Rajbari, Hoogly

Itachuna Rajbari (Kinjal bose 78, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Itachuna Rajbari is one of the offbeat destinations in West Bengal. Boarding a Bardhaman local train from Howrah you can get down at Khanyan, three stations away from Bandel. Exiting from Gate No.1 at a few meters distance you can take a Toto to reach Itachuna Rajbari in 10 minutes.

This is one of the most popular Rajbaris you can visit in West Bengal.

The Rajbari pillars are painted red with white decors on them. The way to Natmohol marks the entrance of the palace. You can arrange for accommodation within the Andarmahal where the check-in time is 12 PM and check-out time is 10 AM.


There are almost 60 vintage rooms in the Rajbari. Residential staff will welcome you and the most impressive part is that the guests’ rooms are named Boroma, Mejoma, Boro Pisi, etc. It is also a famous shooting spot and many films have been filmed here like Rajmahal and Lootera.

There is a living room popularly known as Baithok Khana where pictures before independence are hung up on the wall.

The Itachuna is named after ‘Ita’ and ‘Chuna’ as there was a brickyard nearby. The beauty of the palace is bound to mesmerize you.

5. Bamni Falls, Purulia

Bamni Falls (Paulsubhajit, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Bamni Falls, situated in the Purulia district, has a spectacular view of waterfalls cross-cutting the rocky hills and valleys. You can reach Ajodhya Hills and Bamni Falls via train or bus from Howrah. There you have to walk down through the narrow staircases to view the falls.

One such fall is at a level of the 350th staircase and another one is in the 750th set of the staircase. The narrow lanes are surrounded by green bushes and plants on both sides. It is very risky to step down such narrow steps.

So you should always be careful of the shoes you wear and the steps you take. The trip would be guaranteed adventurous and you would love to explore it.

The gurgling of the water in the falls seems to be a perennial sound there.

6. Chandraketugarh, North 24 Parganas

Chandraketugarh (Suman Kumar Giri, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Chandraketugarh is one of the unusual places in North 24 Parganas, 35 km away from Kolkata. It is located near Berachampa and Harua Road beside the Bidyadhari River. It is one of the archeological sites, and also a monument of national importance according to the Archaeological Survey of India.


Situated on the banks of the river Ganga, it is also called Gangaridai by some of the ancient Greek and Roman writers. In ancient times, it was an important town and port that flourished through the Shunga-Kushana period of six big dynasties.

The local residents are involved in mercantile and craftsmanship businesses. Beautiful terracotta potteries are the main center of attraction of this place. The place is often called the Harappa of Bengal.

7. Chatakpur Village, Darjeeling

The mountain village of Chatakpur eco-village on the green colorful valleys bounded by Kanchenjunga in the north offers one of the best offbeat places in the district of Darjeeling, North Bengal.

You can easily wander in the Rhododendron plantations. There are very few organized colored wooden houses scattered around the village. The highlands of Chatakpur are almost 7,500 ft. There is very little human settlement in this area.

The Chatakpur Eco-Village is almost 75 km away from the Siliguri station. The best time to spend a two-day holiday is all year round except monsoons because the roads become wet and slippery and can be highly risky for tourists.

The place is a spot for animals and birds like black bears, Himalayan bulbul, and Blue Magpie. Always be ready with your hand cams so that you can get quality pictures of the peaks of Kanchenjunga at sunset and sunrise and the various other snaps of the breathtaking beauty.

8. Doban – Kannan Valley, Kalimpong

Doban – Kannan Valley

Near New Jalpaiguri, there is an offbeat destination near the mountains known as the Doban and Kannan Valley. You can visit this offbeat location for a day to three and spend quality time there as it is a very quiet and serene place.

Getting down at New Jalpaiguri station, take a shared car of Gangtok, and travel up to Rangpo. And again from Rangpo take a car until Rorathang pass to reach the destination.

The staff of the Homestay can send cars for pickup near the bridge of Ramgpo-Rorathang road if informed prior.

The rocky roads are lined by various mountainous trees and bushes. The adjacent areas are so tranquil that whistling sounds made by the birds and the sounds of the insects like the grasshoppers could be heard clearly as well.


Big pebbles are aligned on the green fields and mosses. The crystal clear blue water of the Rishi River looks striking. Since the place is not known to many the place is ideal for spending time on a solo trip or a couple of trips as well.

9. Lepchajagat, Darjeeling


Lepchajagat is another offbeat location in North Bengal, 19 km away from Darjeeling. You can reach there from New Jalpaiguri via Mirik and Sukiyapokhri by a shared cab.

You can visit Darjeeling from this place and if you want to avoid the crowds of Darjeeling you can stay in Lepchajagat for 2 days for an enjoyable moment. The prime attraction here is the sunrise. You can also view the lamp-lit town of Darjeeling during the nighttime.

The place has recently gained popularity among tourists for the excellent homestay facilities along with the rates, satisfying weather, and the Kanchenjunga view.


Some of the homestays here are Pakhrin, Kanchankanya, and Green Valley homestays. The place has a different scenic beauty on cloudy days, when the clouds sweep across the hilltops, stealing the hearts of folks.

10. Takdah, Darjeeling

Tinchuley, Takdah (Arijit1604, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Takdah is a small hamlet in the lap of the Himalayas in North Bengal. You can reach here by boarding Darjeeling mail from Sealdah whose last destination is New Jalpaiguri. You can then take a cab from NJP. It would cost you around ₹3000 to reach Takdah.

While heading towards Takdah you will get a view of the flowing Tista River. Lush green valleys, tea gardens, curved roads, and small streams are iconic markers during the journey.

There are few homestays in Takdah and a perfectly relaxing day would start with a cup of tea and a divine view of the hills. Wild mountainous flowers and floating clouds uplift the mood of everyone.

A heavenly and spiritual atmosphere prevailed around the Tinchuley Monastery in Takdah. The Gumbhadara viewpoint nearby would gift you the opportunity to view the peaks of Kanchenjunga. Mountains views and beauty in Takdah would certainly make you spellbound.

These are some of the beautiful offbeat destinations in West Bengal.

Visiting these places will not only refurbish your soul but also will imprint several memories down memory lane.


These places are quite affordable for a 1-2 day short trip. Make sure you do not miss the opportunity to backpack and spend your holidays or weekends in these less-explored and amazing destinations.

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