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5 Best Places to visit in Paschim Midnapore, West Bengal

Paschim Midnapore, also known as West Medinipur, is one of the desirable destinations in Bengal with intriguing tourist spots.

Enriched with archeological spots and ruins of historical forts, the destination is quite interesting.


The rivers Kansavati, Subarnarekha, and Tarapheni add to the charm of the district.

In this article, you will get to know about the following places in Paschim Midnapore,

  1. Gangani
  2. Kurumbera Fort
  3. Moghalmari Monastery
  4. Chandrakona
  5. Narajole Rajbari

Let’s see each of these places in detail…

1. Gangani

You may have heard about the Grand Canyon? It is a remarkable natural attraction in the United States.

There is also a place known as the Grand Canyon of India.

Gangani is known as the Grand Canyon of Bengal.

The beautiful vermilion hues of the canyon and the scenic beauty make this place one of the prime centers of attraction in Paschim Midnapore.


The beautiful tourist spot is situated in Garhbeta.

River Shilabati flows through this place cutting across the beautiful hillocks resulting in these unique geological formations.

You can reach atop the small canyons from where you can overlook the surroundings and enjoy the spectacular views of the tranquil river.

2. Kurumbera Fort

Kurumbera Fort (Koushikvu, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Kurumbera Fort is an ancient fort situated in Gaganeshwar.

It is preserved by the Archeological Survey of India.

Although this place is a popular tourist spot, locals do not know much about the fort.

However historical texts reveal that it was built during the reign of Surja Banshi King of Odisha during 1438-1469.

The fort has three dome structures atop a platform.


The structure has an intricate Odisha architectural style with Odisha inscriptions engraved on it.

Some people claim that it was built for Muslim soldiers to pray and thus resembled a mosque.

The long verandah made of laterite stone by Khilan is an impressive structure.

You can see a large courtyard surrounded by pillared corridors, with three spherical domes in the center.

You must visit this ancient and mystical place in Paschim Midnapore.

3. Moghalmari Monastery

Moghalmari Monastery was one of West Bengal’s largest Buddhist Monastery Complexes.

The Monastery is divided into two structural phases.

The earlier phase (6th – 7th Century AD) was distinguished by the extensive use of stucco and decorative bricks in construction.

The stucco work was done using Gypsum and limestone.

On the entire wall of the Monastery, there are several stucco works of Lord Buddha in various positions.


Forty-five different decorative bricks were used in the construction of the Monastery’s outer wall, which measured 60′ X 60′.

Nalanda Buddhist Monastery has 38 different types of bricks.

The artifacts and figurines and a Tri-Ratha structure to the west as a brick stupa inside the complex represent the later phase (11th to 12th Century AD).

These are the pieces of evidence pointing to the influence of the Gupta tradition in the middle Ganga region.

4. Chandrakona

Temple in Chandrakona (Amitabha Gupta, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Chandrakona is a beautiful place in Paschim Midnapore.

It is known for its beautiful terracotta masterpieces constructed during the ancient Mughal rule.

The laterite stone bricks, ornamental carvings, complex architecture, and vibrant and rich cultural heritages are the signature highlights of this beautiful place.

This destination has some of the most beautiful sites in the entire district.

These include the Chauhan kings’ Forts of Ramgarh and Lalgarh.


Another notable attraction in this town is King Chandraketu’s Palace.

You should also pay a visit to the ancient Mahadev Temple in Chandrakona.

The temple was destroyed several times but was later rebuilt by a Burdwan King.

5. Narajole Rajbari

Narajole Rajbari (Paramanu Sarkar, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

The Raj Palace is situated on a sprawling 360-bigha plot of land in Narajole and Lankagarh.

It was a three-story Raj Palace with 250 rooms and a ‘Hawa Mahal’ (ballroom).

It’s built on a 60-bigha plot surrounded by Parikha (dits) on the interior fort side.

The exterior fort extends over the remaining 300 bighas up to Lankagarh.

You can see Fifty-four temples in the exterior fort area, where a 10-bigha plot has been donated to construct an educational institute.

The temples represent a profound idea of Indian architectural tradition enriched by a one-of-a-kind combination of Bengal and European architectural styles.


These are some of the popular and beautiful places to visit in Paschim Midnapore.

The beautiful architectural and natural beauty of these places will impress you in every possible way.

So make sure to pack your bags and pay a visit to these places.

Cover Photo Credits: Amitabha Gupta, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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