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Khirai Flower Garden (West Bengal) – Best Time To Visit, Things To See

Khirai is a small village situated in the East Midnapore district of West Bengal. The flower fields near this place are known as the Khirai Flower Garden. It is a magical place that you can visit near Kolkata. It’s the perfect place for a short day trip.

This place is also known as West Bengal’s Valley of Flowers, although no mountains are located here.


Located beside the Kangsabati River, the flower fields of Khirai draw a lot of tourists every year, especially during winter. I have visited this place three times now and love it every time. My most recent visit was in January 2023.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about the Khirai Flower Garden in Purba Midnapore,

  1. Why is Khirai famous
  2. How to reach
  3. Best time to visit
  4. Things to see
  5. Food and accommodation

So let’s see each of these points in detail.

Why is Khirai famous

A field covered with Marigold flowers

The small village of Khirai in West Bengal is famous for its flower fields. A wide variety of flowers of different colors and aromas are cultivated here.

People from all over West Bengal visit this place during the winter to see the flower cultivation and packaging.


The place is named after the Khirai river that flows on one side of the village. The flowers are cultivated along its banks and the River Kansabati. Therefore these fields and the place are also known as the valley of flowers.

How to reach Khirai Flower Garden

A local train passing through Khirai Flower Garden

You can reach Khirai by train from Howrah Station by taking Medinipur or Kharagpur local. It will take you almost 2 hours.

Once you reach Khirai Railway Station, open Google Maps, and start walking towards Paskura. The Khirai Flower Garden is about 2km from the station. Totos and shared cars are also available that will take you there.

Khirai is the next station of Panskura. If you get off at Panskura station, you can reach Khirai by taking a Toto or a shared jeep.

Best time to visit Khirai Flower Garden

Khirai Flower Garden

The best time to visit the Khirai flower gardens is in between December and February, i.e., in the winter months. In the cold weather, if you want to go on a short 1-day trip, visit Khirai.


Try visiting it in the early morning. The early morning rays of the sun make this place feel magical. You can also visit it at dusk. The sun is setting, the sky is lit in orange, and flowers are all around. Feels amazing!

Things to see in Khirai Flower Garden

A beautiful flower in Khirai Flower Garden

In Khirai, you will see a wide variety of flowers, including Marigolds, Rooster Comb, Aster, and Chrysanthemums of different colors.

These flowers attract a lot of butterflies, bees, and other insects. So you will get to meet them too. Here you will feel a lot more connected with nature.

Here you can also see small stalls selling flowers and headbands. They will even make a flower hair band with the flower of your choice.

Every few minutes, you can see locals and express trains whooshing past the fields over the railway bridge near Khirai Flower Garden.

You can also dip your feet in the Kansabati river that flows beside the fields.


The Kansai and Khirai rivers run parallel for some distance here, and this kingdom of flowers is located in the valley between these two rivers. This valley of flowers is no less than the Tulip Garden of Kashmir or the Orchid Garden of Sikkim.

Food and accommodation at Khirai Flower Garden

There is no such accommodation at the Khirai flower garden. You can take in the nearby towns of Paskura or Kharagpur and visit Khirai from there.

A small fair is organized during the winter months at the Khirai Flower Garden. There are a few food stalls where you can get a variety of Thalis, Chowmine, Momos, and Rolls. You can have your lunch there.

These are some points you must know about the Khirai Flower Garden.

So pack your bags and plan your visit to Khirai, the valley of flowers, on your next holiday.

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