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Gangani (Garbeta) Paschim Medinipur – How To Reach, Pincic Spot

Gangani or as it goes by the name, the Grand Canyon of Bengal, is a spectacular natural attraction in Paschim Medinipur district. It is located near Garhbeta, about 55 km from Midnapore town.

The magnificent natural canyon features a deep gorge carved by the Shilabati River, which flows through the red laterite soil and sal forest. The gorge is about 70 feet deep in some places.


Gangani has been shaped by centuries of wind and water erosion, creating a unique and beautiful landscape. Recently, this place has also become a popular picnic spot for tourists and locals alike.

A number of mythologies and tales are wrapped around the place which adds to its charm and mystery. It is a place that has so much to be explored.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about Gangani,

Let’s see each of these points in detail.

How to reach Gangani

Gangani is well connected to Kolkata by rail and road. There are various modes of transport that you can take.

By Train:

Garbeta is the nearest station to Gangani. There are various trains that directly connect it to Howrah station. You can take any local or express train to Garbeta station. From there, you can take any local transport to Gangani. Some trains on this route are, 

  1. Rupasi Bangla Express
  2. Howrah SF Express
  3. Purulia SF Express


By Bus:

The best way to reach Gangani by bus is to take a bus to Chandrakona Town or Chandrakona Road from Dunlop, Santragachi, or Kona. From there, you can get shared vehicles to Gangani. You can also hire an Auto or cab. It will take about 4-5 hours in total.

By Car:

The distance from Kolkata to Gangani is about 150 kilometers. You can take the NH6 highway from Kolkata to Uluberia via Bagnan. From there, you can take either the Ghatal to Chandrakona Town route or the NH 60 to Salboni route. The journey time from Kolkata to Gangani takes about 4 and 5 hours.

Natural Ambiance of Gangani

The complete region of Gangani is an amalgamation of sandstone hills, lush green forests, and fertile riverbeds. The red rugged land drops sharply to the “canyon floor” or the Shilabati Valley. The remarkably formed laterite cliffs add much more depth to the place.

Gangani exhibits steep cliffs, caves, and various color shades of yellowish brown to red due to erosion. The colors change with the light at different times of the day and look astounding.


The monsoon months make the place greener and the red and brown colors stand out. There is a uniform tone in the surroundings and some of the depths get filled with water. However, nature feels blissful and gorgeous.

The site changes its look and ambiance with the seasons and each one paints a different picture.

Things to do in Gangani

Gangani is a perfect destination for a relaxing getaway. Here are some activities that you can enjoy while you are there:

  1. Learn about the mythologies related to the place from the locals.
  2. Admire the flowing river.
  3. Practice your photography skills.
  4. Observe the rock formations and soak in the beauty.
  5. Drop by the nearby Bagri’s Krishnarai Jui Temple.
  6. Pray at the Sarbamangala Mandir
  7. Visit the Raikota Fort.
  8. Wait for the magic hour and witness the remarkable sunset.

Picnic in Gangani

At Gangani, locals as well as tourists love to sit down and picnic with their friends and family. However, you will have to carry your food and water as there is no option for them. The site is beautiful and picturesque. You can explore the area and admire its beauty while taking pictures.


But in recent times picnics have been banned in the Gorges due to the loss of lives in the river while on a picnic. You can choose a nearby location much safer than the Gangani Gorges and enjoy it while staying safe.

Look for places that are slightly away from the location. Relax in nature, and have a great time while eating and gossiping after you are back from visiting the lovely Grand Canyon of West Bengal.

Best time to visit Gangani

The best time to visit Gangani is between November to February (i.e. in winter). This is because, during this time, the weather remains pleasant. Sometimes the fog can obstruct your view of the scenic landscape, yet you might like it as most of the time, the view looks marvelous in the mist.

The rainy season is another time to visit this place, as the gorges become more lively, but you won’t be able to picnic then. You will have to settle for a day trip.

Other attractions near Gangani

AttractionDistance from Gangani
Manglapota Raj-Bati10 kilometers
Joypur Jungle30 kilometers
Bishnupur30 kilometers

It is an ideal destination for a day trip, whether you go solo, with friends, or with family. You will be amazed by the views and the stories that await you at Gangani.

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