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Territy Bazar: Best Chinese Breakfast In Kolkata – Timings, Foods

The Territy Bazar or the Old China Market is a traditional wholesale market located near Lal Bazar in Central Kolkata, next to Poddar Court. This place is often known as Kolkata’s own mini China Town.

If you are looking for a unique and delicious way to start your day in Kolkata, you might want to head to Territy Bazar. Every morning, from 5 to 8 AM, the streets of Territy Bazar come alive with the aroma of authentic Chinese breakfast dishes, such as momos, wontons, sausages, buns, and noodle soup. The market is also a popular place for electrical items and various types of lighting products.


It is also the place where the city had seen Chinese settlement during the 1780s. You can explore the six ancient Chinese temples that dot the area, or shop for fresh produce and flowers at the market.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about Territy Bazaar Kolkata,

Let’s see each of these points in detail.

How to reach Territy Bazaar Kolkata

AddressChhatawala Gully, Tiretti, Kolkata, West Bengal 700073
Nearest MetroCentral metro station
Nearest Bus StopLal Bazar bus stop

There are different ways to reach Territy Bazar in Kolkata.

By Metro:

One of the best ways to reach Territy Bazar is to take a metro and get down at Central Metro Station. You can take the Poddar Court exit and the street is just a five-minute walk from there.


By Bus:

If you are taking the bus, ask for Chhatawala Gully near Lal Bazar. There are several buses available from various parts of Kolkata to reach the place. You can then use Google Maps to find the best route for you.

Foods to try in Teritti Bazar

Teritti Bazar in Kolkata is known for its authentic Chinese delicacies. You can find a variety of delicious Chinese and Indo-Chinese dishes here, cooked and sold by hardworking vendors from early morning.

Here you can try pork and fish ball soup with soya sauce and black pepper that costs around Rs. 40/- only and tastes heavenly. Siu Mai is another dish to try here that is a type of meat-filled bun similar to momos or dumplings. It costs around Rs. 35-40/- per plate.

Some other items to try here include baked chicken buns, pork spring rolls, fried chicken, and Rice Zung (rice with lentils and pork wrapped in bamboo leaves and steamed). Apart from these, common Indo-Chinese dishes like Chowmin, Chili Chicken, and Momos are also available here.

You can also enjoy some sweet treats like rice pudding with sesame seeds and sweet vegetable pudding.


All these dishes are available in Chatawala Gully. Adjacent to this lane you can find Smoked crisp pork belly which is sold at around Rs.500 per kg (may vary).

The flavors of Teritti Bazar are so authentic and amazing that they can compete with any of the famous Chinese restaurants in Kolkata.

Best time to visit Territy Bazar

The best time to visit Teriti Bazar is in the early morning. Vendors start to sell food from 5-5:30 AM. Office-goers and many other people flock to this place to have breakfast.

The food is so popular that it runs out quickly and the vendors close shop by 8-8:30 AM. So the perfect time to visit the market is during the peak hours, i.e., around 7-7:30 AM.

Other attractions near Territi Bazar

There are many places to explore near Territi Bazar. Some of them are:

Millenium Park1.5 kilometers
St. Andrew’s Church0.5 kilometers
Bow Barracks0.7 kilometers
St John’s Church1.5 kilometers
Jorasanko Thakurbari1.5 kilometers


Your trip to Kolkata will not be complete without a visit to the Territi Bazar. This market is a melting pot of cultures and flavors and is a must-visit destination for anyone who wants to experience the rich cultural diversity and heritage of Kolkata.

Here you can also learn about the vibrant Chinese Indian community that has been living in Kolkata since the 18th century.

So find some time to visit Territy Bazar early in the morning, when you are in the city, have a delicious breakfast, and buy some beautiful light decor to take home.

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