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6 Most Beautiful Ghats In Kolkata That You Must Visit 2024

Kolkata is filled with several fascinating attractions, including its Ghats. These are the steps that lead to the banks of the sacred River Ganga (Hooghly), which flows along the city and gives the city a unique characteristic.

Each ghat in Kolkata has its own history and significance and offers a glimpse into the culture and heritage of Kolkata. Some ghats are lively and bustling, while others are serene and peaceful. You just have to find one that suits your mood.


You will feel a sense of peace and serenity when you visit these Ghats. You will also get to witness various religious rituals, scenic views, and fishermen catching fish in the river. You can take a boat ride if you wish at certain ghats.

In this article, you will get to know about the following ghats in Kolkata that you must visit while in the city,

  1. Prinsep Ghat
  2. Babu Ghat
  3. Baghbazar Ghat
  4. Mallick Ghat
  5. Jagannath Ghat
  6. Armenian Ghat

Let’s see each of these places in detail.

1. Prinsep Ghat

Prinsep Ghat, Kolkata

Built in 1841, Prinsep Ghat is one of the famed tourist spots in Kolkata. It was constructed during the British Raj and was named after James Prinsep. This ghat is among the oldest recreational sites in the city, placed between the water gate and the St. Georges Gate of Fort William.

The Ghat showcases a Palladian porch with elegant Greek and Gothic motifs, dedicated to Princep’s memory.


The beautiful setting of the ghat is worth looking into. The serene environment, the flowing Hooghly River, and the flourishing greenery make it one of the most romantic locations in Kolkata. The Ghat is ideal for evening strolls when the sun paints the sky with orange hues.

You can simply sit by the river and spend some alone time or enjoy boating on the Ganga River. Try photography of the extraordinary sceneries and soak yourself in the cool breeze of the river. Also, savor some delectable street foods from different food stalls in the area.

2. Babu Ghat

Boating at Babughat Kolkata

Babu Ghat is one of the many ghats constructed during the British Raj, along the eastern bank of the Hooghly River. It is situated on Strand Road, B.B.D. Bagh, Kolkata.

This is a prominent ghat due to its history. The name of the ghat was given after Babu Raj Chandra Das, the husband of Rani Rashmoni and Zamindar of Janbazar. It was built in 1830 by Rani Rashmoni in memory of her late husband. The beauty of the place can be seen through the tall colonial structures. The fine Doric-Greek style pavilion with huge pillars elevates the show of the site.

The evenings attract a lot of tourists as well as locals to this place. Walking along the river and looking at the glowing lights from afar is an absolute delight. Even though the ghat is bustling with people, you will be able to feel the tranquillity in the air.

Visit with your friends, take a refreshing boat ride, and indulge in the fun of being in the waters under the clear open sky. If you love to photograph places or things, this will be one of the spots for you. Through some snaps, you will be able to capture the age-old history. Munch on some Jhalmuri and fuchka and enjoy a good time with your friends.

You can also visit the nearby Baja Kadamtala Ghat to witness the Ganga Aarti.

3. Baghbazar Ghat

This old ghat is situated in Bagh Bazar Colony, Kolkata. Once, it was known as the Rogo Meeter’s Ghat after Raghu Mitra, the son of Gobindram Mitra. He was a zamindar and one of the most influential and wealthiest natives of Kolkata during the primary days of the British East India Company.

The term Baghbazar comes from two different words taken from Bengali Literature and put together to form one. “Bagh” translates to flower garden and “Bazar” translates to market. So, it denotes a place where flowers are in abundance.


Baghbazar ghat is considered one of Kolkata’s most famous ghats and is quite fascinating. If you are one of those who loves recapitulating the past, then travel to this place and learn more from the locals there. Sit and spend some time there and you will come across so many different types of people and their perspectives on everyday life.

People go there to take a bath and to collect the holy waters of the Ganges. The vibes of the bygone times of North Kolkata can be surely felt while at the location. You can visit during the morning hours or during the evenings to spend some quality time.

4. Mallick Ghat

Mallick Ghat, Kolkata

Mallick Ghat is famous for its location (just under the southeast end of the Howrah Bridge) and for its flower market. The Ghat was constructed in 1855, by Ram Mohun Mallick.

The flower market is the largest in Kolkata and one of the biggest in entire Asia. The atmosphere at the ghat is made up of colors, fragrances, and essences of various kinds of flowers. Due to its setting, it is absolutely mesmerizing to look at. This is also one of Kolkata’s most famous pre-wedding destinations.

When you visit the ghat, you will learn several things about it. Visit early in the morning and witness the picturesque vista. This will include the old ghat, the iconic Howrah bridge, different people, vibrant colors, a breathtaking sunrise, the river, and so much more.

Click some of the most amazing photographs of nature, as well as, you with the phenomenal backdrop. To get there you can simply travel by yellow Ambassador or other public transport. While there, you will not feel bored even for a second.

5. Jagannath Ghat

Placed on the eastern bank of the Ganga River, Jagannath Ghat is also a historical ghat built in the 1760s. It was constructed under Shobharam Basak, a well-known merchant and trader of that time. Before, the ghat was called Sobhaam Basak’s Bathing Ghat, and later on, it was changed to Jagannath Ghat.

It is built in a classical European style of architecture and is one among those that holds a rich past and has several tales to tell.


There is a certain vibe to the place and it is filled with so much of life. The beauty of this ghat is surreal and attracts several visitors. If you feel like it, you can take a dip in the holy waters at this ghat. The balmy air fills in the entire place as the sun sets in.

Flickering lights of the lantern on the boats afar in the water feel like a dream. Be there for some time and the gate to a new world will open in front of you. Sit at the ghat for as long as your heart wants to.

6. Armenian Ghat

In the year 1734, Manvel Hazaar Maliyan, a trader of Armenian origin, built the Armenian Ghat. The elegantly designed cast iron structure of the ghat was appreciated by the locals, and therefore they started calling it the Armani Ghat.

Originally, the ghat was constructed to facilitate the docking of ships and to make safe storage arrangements for the shipments. It is just beside the Mallick Bazar flower market and is adjacent to the Howrah Bridge.

The place is worth a visit and from here you will be able to get a perfect angle of the Howrah bridge. The entire area is ideal for photography. Explore the region and spend some quality time at the ghat. Learn about it from the locals there and admire the scenic beauty.

Wander around the place, and wait until the sun sets. The picturesque view of the orange-red sun is magnificent. You can also go for a boat ride from the Armenian Ghat.

These Ganga Ghats are a must-see for anyone who wants to witness some scenic views in Kolkata. You will find something to admire and enjoy at these ghats, each with its cultural and historical importance.

Plan a visit to all these places one or two at a time and make sure you find out time to cover them all. Get down for a different kind of refreshing adventure.

Happy Travelling!

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