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ISKCON Radha Govinda Temple (Kolkata) – Timings, Address

ISKCON Kolkata is the first ISKCON center that was established in 1970 by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in India. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and his beloved Goddess Radha.

It is one of the most notable attractions in the City of Joy and is located at 3C Albert Road near Minto Park. The temple’s mission is to promote the teachings of Lord Krishna and to foster spiritual and Vedic education among those who seek it.


I visited this temple in January and it is truly a blissful place to be at.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about the ISKCON Radha Govinda Temple in Kolkata,

Let’s see each of these points in detail.

Timings of ISKCON Temple Kolkata

The various timings related to the ISKCON temple in Kolkata is provided below:

Temple Timings

The Kolkata ISKCON temple remains open from 04:30 AM to 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM to 8:30 PM.

Mangala Aarti04:30 AM
Tulasi Aarti05:00 AM
Chanting session05:30 AM – 07:30 AM
Darshna Aarti & Guru Puja07:30 AM
Srimad Bhagavatam Class08:30 AM
Rajbhoga Aarti12:00 PM
Dhup Aarti04:00 PM
Sandhya Tulasi Aarti06:00 PM
Gaura Arti06:15 PM
Shayan Aarti8:15 PM


Darshan Timings

04:30 AM – 05:00 AM04:00 PM – 06:00 PM
07:30 AM – 08:00 AM06:15 PM – 08:00 PM
08:15 AM – 11:45 AM08:15 PM – 08:30 PM
12:00 PM – 01:00 PM

Prasad Timings

Morning08:00 AM – 08:30 AM
Afternoon01:00 PM – 01:45 PM
Evening07:00 PM – 08:00 PM

Entry fee of ISKCON Temple Kolkata

There is no entry fee to enter the ISKCON Radha Govinda Temple Kolkata.


How to reach ISKCON Temple Kolkata

Nearest Metro StationRabindra Sadan
Nearest Bus StopMinto Park
Nearest Railway StationHowrah Railway Station, Sealdah Railway Station

History of ISKCON Temple Kolkata

Inside Sri Sri Radha Govinda Temple, Kolkata

During my visit to the ISCON Temple in Kolkata, there were a few things that I learned about the place’s history. Some information is also added later on after reading a bit online.

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON, was born in Kolkata. He traveled across the world to spread the teachings and culture of Krishna consciousness. The first one that he set up was in 1966 in New York, where he attracted many disciples and followers. Before returning to India, Srila Prabhupada founded 108 ISKCON centers in various countries.


After returning in 1970, he set up the first ISKCON center in India that was in his home city, Kolkata. He was accompanied by all his Western disciples at that time, who had adopted the Vaishnava lifestyle. They used to sing verses in Sanskrit and chanted ‘Hare Krishna.’ Also, they would perform Sankirtan at various places in the city like Chowringee, Dalhousie Sq. etc.

The deity was first established inside the ISKCON temple, Kolkata in May 1971 and after that, the worshipping of the Lord began. ISKCON also arranged the first Rath Yatra in Kolkata in 1972. It has become an annual event ever since. The path for the Rath Yatra procession would begin from 3C Albert Road and continue to Mallick’s Thakurbari which is at 12 M.G Road. The Rath Yatra was attended by several disciples and devotees.

Main festivals of ISKCON Temple Kolkata

Deities at ISKCON Temple Kolkata

Some of the major festivals and occasions celebrated at ISKCON Sri Sri Radha Govinda Temple in Kolkata are,


Janmashtami is the celebration of the auspicious occasion of Lord Krishna’s birth. At the temple, it is celebrated with great vigor and enthusiasm. The day begins with the early morning Mangal aarti. It is followed by a few other events throughout the day.

Followers and devotees visit the temple, pray, and seek the blessing of Sri Krishna and Radharani. All the deities donned beautiful clothes and jewelry. The entire temple is also decorated beautifully with colorful lights and flowers.


Radha Ashtami

Radha Ashtami is the birth anniversary of Goddess Radharani. It is also celebrated with great joy to honor the beloved of Lord Krishna. There are decorations, flowers, and garlands throughout the temple. Prayers are chanted and devotees seek the blessings of the goddess. It is a very auspicious festival and the temple is visited by several visitors and devotees.

Ram Navami

Ram Navami is another significant festival that is celebrated in the temple. It is the birthday of Lord Ram and is celebrated with grandeur. The idol of the Gods is dressed as Ram and Lakshman and the goddess is dressed as Sita. The narration of Ramayana is done for all the devotees in the temple. Different pujas and vidhis are conducted as well in the temple.

Chandan Yatra

Chandan Yatra is the offering of sandalwood, along with garlands and flowers to the deities. The idols are covered with sandalwood paste (chandan), made out of 100 kilograms of sandalwood. This ritual lasts for 21 days, mostly to provide relief from the scorching summer heat. Then a procession is done where the idols are taken to the temple pond. Chandan Yatra is held during the summer season.


Jhulan Yatra

Jhulan Yatra is a swing festival that is celebrated during the month of Shravan. The festival is of five days and celebrates the love of Radha Madhav, the divine couple. The idols of Radha and Krishna are put on a marvelously decorated swing. Bhajan and Kirtans are done with great enthusiasm. All the decoration in the temple is done in such a way as to recreate the charming old times of Radharani and Krishna in Vrindavan.

Kartik Masa

Kartik Masa is the Hindu month of Kartik that overlaps between the months of October and November. This is an auspicious month as this is the time when the year starts to move into Kaivalya pada. During this month the deities are offered sweets, fruits, and flowers. The devotees light ghee lamps and worship the Tulsi plant.

Geeta Jayanti

Geeta Jayanti is the auspicious occasion of the advent of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. According to Hindu Mythology, this is the day when Sri Krishna narrated the divine wisdom of the Bhagwad Gita to Arjun before the Mahabharata war, at Kurukshetra. It is the 11th day of the month of Margashirsha.

Other attractions near ISKCON Temple Kolkata

AttractionDistance from ISKCON Temple Kolkata
Gyan Mancha0.3 km
St. Paul Cathedral1.1 km
Nandan1.2 km
Victoria Memorial1.5 km
Indian Museum1.8 km

So visit the ISKCON temple in Kolkata and wander around while witnessing all that is there inside the temple complex. Does not matter if you are a devotee or not, simply drop by and sit inside for some time and look at the idols of Radha Madhav. They will mesmerize you for sure.

The temple radiates a magical and positive energy that will uplift your spirit. Indulge yourself in the rhythm of the ‘Radhe Radhe’ chanting and feel the joy of devotion.

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