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Rabindra Sarobar Lake Dhakuria (Kolkata) – Timings, Ticket Price

The idea of romantic dates in Kolkata has an aesthetic charm. Watching sunsets together, boating in the holy Ganges, clicking pretty pictures of your girl in saree, and often tying a garland of jasmine in her unleashing hair is so graceful and soothing.

And what stands to be more captivating is the ideal location for romanticizing dates. Rabindra Sarobar is one of them, in addition to Victoria Memorial and Prinsep Ghat.


The lake, fountains, and well-manicured gardens are an idyllic charm that uplifts the joyful mood of the visitors.

Youths frequent this place and often go for a guitar or Adda session along with lemon tea and Ghoti Gorom.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about Rabindra Sorobor,

Let’s see each of these in detail.

How to reach Rabindra Sarobar

AddressDhakuria, Rabindra Sarobar, Kolkata – 700029
Nearest Metro StationRabindra Sarobar
Nearest Bus StandSouthern Avenue
Nearest Railway StationLake Gardens

Rabindra Sarobar is a well-known landmark in South Kolkata. The lake is located in Dhakuria, Kolkata.

By Bus:

You can take any bus towards Rabindra Sarobar and get down at Rabindra Sorobor stadium. You can also get down at Golpark and take a short walk.


By Train:

Take any train towards Tollygaunge from Sealdah and get down at Lake Gardens. You can also get down at Dhakuria Station and take a 10-min walk to Rabindra Sarobar.

Timings of Rabindra Sarobar

ALL DAYS10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Rabindra Sarobar Entry Fee

You can enter Rabindra Sarobar lake for free.

History of Rabindra Sarobar Lake

The Dhakuria lake was dug in 1929 and is an icon of the Southern part of Kolkata.

Digging up the lake was part of the Calcutta Improvement Trust’s ultimate goal to make the southern part of Kolkata habitable. Lord Curzon founded the Trust in 1911.


The committee decided to plant more trees to beautify the area, provide enough shade, attract many avifaunas, nurture the environment, and isolate it to make it a pollution-free zone.

According to the plan, it was adorned with newly planted trees. Roads were built, which connected it to the center of Kolkata and the South.

The lake was later renamed Rabindra Sarobar to honor the legend Rabindra Nath Tagore.

Attractions in Rabindra Sarobar

1. The Lake

Rabindra Sarobar Lake is an iconic location in South Kolkata. It is surrounded by a calm and serene environment. The trees, the benches, the squirrels, the birds, the soft breeze, and the pavement to walk around squeeze all the tiredness of the day.

Every day many couples, groups of close friends, and families come here to relax and spend a good time together.

Many of them love painting and clicking pictures here. You can also spot people rowing in the Rabindra Sorobor lake. However, you need to be a part of the Bengal Rowing Club or Calcutta Rowing Club for that.

It is also an ideal pre-wedding photoshoot location.

During the morning, the entire atmosphere is calm and apt for meditation and rejuvenation. In the evening, you can have Ghoti Gorom, Jhalmuri, and lemon tea.

2. Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple

The Buddhist Temple is a symbol of spirituality, devotion, and utter tranquility in Rabindra Sarobar.

The root of the Buddhist Temple dates back to 1930, when Nipponzan Myohoji, a Japanese religious movement took place. Buddhist followers here hold peace walks and perform many pilgrimages around the world. They believe that the “Lotus Sutra” illuminates the path of enlightenment.


This beautiful white monastery houses statues of Lord Buddha with pillars and statues of lions. The platform of the Lord is beautifully decorated with antique showpieces and colorful flowers. As soon as you enter the temple, you can feel a positive energy wrapping you.

Indulge in the ‘Buddhist chants’ with many devotees of different religious backgrounds!

3. Rabindra Sarobar Stadium

Rabindra Sarobar Stadium is another iconic attraction in Rabindra Sarobar. It is one of the oldest in the city, accommodates many people, and has hosted some of the city’s most important football matches.

This stadium’s turf has also hosted several international football matches, including those between India and Iran, India and the Czech Republic, and India and the Russian Eleven.

Opened in 1961, it is the home of Tollygunge Agragami of the Calcutta Premier Division.

Many memorable events that happened here are associated with legends like Yuri Gagarin and Emil Zatopek.

4. Nazrul Mancha

Nazrul Mancha is a famous auditorium in Kolkata. It is named after Bengali poet Kazi Nazrul Islam.

The auditorium is well-known for hosting the Dover Lane Music Conference in January each year, where audiences can enjoy musical performances on four consecutive nights. On these days, the entire place gets gorgeously illuminated, and young musicians, maestros, and dancers join hands together to deliver a grand performance.


Many award functions and annual fests are also held in this venue.

5. Durga Museum

The City of Joy is world famous for its pivotal festival Durga Puja. Kolkata has always been the topmost for preserving valuables since the eras.

In 2012, the first Durga Museum was officially set up in Kolkata and this Exhibition Museum came to be known as the ” Ma Phire Elo.”

The museum not only preserves the incredible craftsmanship of Kumortuli but also makes these masterpieces available to people who couldn’t visit the Puja Pandals.

The entrace is flanked by two huge terracotta lamps with flames. The beautifully decorated Durga Idols preserved in the past years will surely make your hearts skip a bit!

6. Dhakuria Hanging Bridge

The Hanging Bridge is one of the prime things to see in Rabindra Sarobar. The suspension bridge was constructed in 1926 by Burn & Co.


Initially, the bridge was constructed of cable and wood. Later, the wooden bridge was replaced by an iron bridge. The bridge enhances the beauty of the lake through multiple folds.

The bridge connects the Lakeshore with the Lake Mosque, another attraction in Rabindra Sorobor.

Things to do in Rabindra Sarobar

  1. Enjoy walking, running, yoga, and meditation in the park, to revive your soul and boost your health and energy.
  2. Capture the sights of sunsets over the lake and the dense foliage around the water body.
  3. Visit the Japanese Buddhist Temple and embrace the serene atmosphere in and around it.
  4. Spot the rare local and migratory birds that visit here, especially in winter. it will surely bring a smile to your face.
  5. Munch on the popular snacks of Ghotigorom, Jalmuri, and lemon tea.
  6. Sometimes you can enjoy some sessions of salsa and live music.
  7. If you are an artist, you will come across beautiful spots for photography, and painting as well.
  8. Rowing can also be a wonderful option to enjoy nature here.
  9. This a perfect date idea for romantic walks or an Adda with your squad.
  10. You can also enjoy a fountain show in the evening.

Other attractions near Rabindra Sarobar

There are a few tourist attractions near Rabindra Sarobar.

AttractionDistance from Rabindra Sarobar
Birla Temple2.5 km
Victoria Memorial5.1 km
South City Mall3.2 km
Gariahat Market1.5 km

These are some of the points you must know about Rabindra Sorobor. You can visit the place and spend some time relaxing amidst nature, that too in the heart of Kolkata.

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