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Top 7 Best Locations For Pre-Wedding Shoots in Kolkata

Pre-wedding photo shoots have slowly become a mandatory event before the official wedding. One of the things a couple looks for during their photoshoot is a perfect location. Kolkata offers plenty of places that provide the most beautiful and suitable backdrops for pre-wedding photography.

People say, “Marriages are made in heaven.” So two souls who are about to tie the knot and live life together must make their moments more cherishable before the social marriage, that too with a perfect background.


Through pre-wedding photoshoots, couples can enjoy quality time and relive those beautiful moments in the most beautiful locations. Nothing can be better than capturing their chemistry in the frame.

In this article, you will get to know about the following pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Kolkata,

  1. Victoria Memorial
  2. Princep Ghat
  3. Botanical Garden
  4. Rabindra Sarobar
  5. Eco Park
  6. Mallick Ghat Flower Market
  7. Maidan

Let’s see each of these places in detail.

Best pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Kolkata

1. Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

Victoria Memorial is one of the most sought-after places for a romantic pre-wedding photography session. This Colonial dazzling white building blends an awesome Persian, Indian, and European style of architecture that offers the couple one of the best spots to click adorable pictures.


Wedding photographers often click ambient photos, keeping the dome and the Angel in the background. Moreover, the charming flower gardens, lakes, and fountains surrounded by lawns enhance the aesthetic charm of the place.

2. Prinsep Ghat

Prinsep Ghat, Kolkata

Prinsep Ghat undoubtedly is one of the most beautiful places for a date idea and so for pre-wedding photography. The placidly flowing Ganges and the scintillating breeze make the atmosphere perfect and fill the hearts of lovebirds with joy and love.

Along with the river, The Vidyasagar Setu and the Palladian Porch provide the perfect background for clicking the loveliest pictures. You can also click some charming photos of you and your better half by posing in the beautiful boats floating on the river.

Revitalize your chemistry by freezing your moments in the mesmerizing natural aura.

3. Botanical Garden

Botanical Gardens, Kolkata

Botanical Garden is the most dedicated location for a pre-wedding shoot. And for nature lovers, this place is so perfect. The landscaped garden filled with so many seasonal flowers and lush greenery naturally spikes up the mood of the couple and inflicts a genuine smile on their faces.


The most delightful background is formed by the labyrinth of trees and, of course, the exotic Great Banyan Tree.

The astounding orchids and roses sprinkle extra charm and beauty into your pre-wedding videography and photography.

4. Rabindra Sarobar

Rabindra Sarobar, Kolkata

This man made lake in the southern part of Kolkata provides a breathtaking view of nature, making it ideal for a pre-wedding photoshoot.

The lake is surrounded by large trees, a park, a garden, and a lovely walk-along path, making it an ideal romantic spot in Kolkata. Some exquisite couple poses in this location can cherish your bond forever.

Other breathtaking features include intricate hedge sculptures, ponds with majestic lily pads, and the ancient Banyan tree. The natural and green vibe of the location provides a perfect background to create a dreamy storyline for your videography shoot.

The lake has boating services, so your photographer can get some exotic shots of you two while you’re out on the water.

5. Eco Park

Eco Park, Kolkata

Eco Park is a famous spot in Kolkata and has several theme-based locations for capturing several pre-wedding photos.

An organized landscape endured with a large lake glittering in the rising and setting sun, shaded lanes, toy trains, rented bicycles, beautiful pink and white bougainvillea gardens, orchards, fountains, and many other natural vibes. Photographers can click colorful photos of the couple in these charismatic locations.


Some popular themes of the park are the Mist Garden, mask Garden, Chinese pagoda, and Seven wonders. An expert photographer can bring out some unrealistic photos in the most magical way.

Clicking pictures in the Seven wonders or making magical moves in the mist garden will create many unforgettable memories before your wedding. Eco Park offers you the ideal props to make your pre-wedding photoshoot iconic!

6. Mallick Ghat Flower Market

This is one of the most iconic flower markets in entire Asia. The whole flower lane is covered with an array of colors, smells, and holistic beauty. You can hear hustles and bustles from early morning as florists come to sell freshly cut flowers from the farmland.

Although chaotic, this place is one of Kolkata’s most chosen pre-wedding shooting spots. The marigolds, sunflowers, daisies, roses, and pansies light up the romantic mood among lovers.

Photographers can click heart-melting photos of couples in the colorful background. Descending a few stairs of Mallick Ghat leads you to the Hooghly river. Shooting in Traditional outfits is what goes best in this spot. The charismatic sun rays and the early morning fog will give your photos a dewy glow. 

7. Maidan

Maidan, Kolkata

Maidan is another famous romantic spot in Kolkata. It is also one of the best places for a fun and breezy pre-wedding photoshoot.

The magnificent Maidan is an endless stretch of vibrant green grass where you can spot stray horses who come to graze here. It is Kolkata’s largest urban park and is also known as the Brigade Parade Ground.


The large field extends from the National Library in the south to the Raj Bahwan in the north. There are several large trees and a large playground that is surrounded by many colonial architectural works and statues.

You can click numerous sunbathed photos together in this spot keeping ‘The 32’ in the background. Nevertheless, there are many props available here that can be used while clicking pictures with your partner. The balloons, the horseback rides, and the shady trees also provide a beautiful photography session.

The idyllic tram route in Maidan is another favorite spot for creating outstanding cinematographic motions.

These are some of the best pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Kolkata. A photoshoot with your partner in these places will surely gift you some beautiful and marvelous memories that you will want to cherish for the rest of your life.

A professional wedding photographer in Kolkata can bind all the best moments through their creative work. So to ignite your soul, go for these iconic locations and see the magic!

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