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6 Best Places to visit in Purba Midnapore, West Bengal

Purba Midnapore is a jewel district in West Bengal.

Although this district has popular attractions consisting of mansions, museums, and religious spots, Purba Midnapore is mostly known for its exclusively beautiful and picturesque sea beaches and resorts.


It makes this district unique and an ideal one to spend your holidays.

In this article, you will get to know about the following places to visit in the Purba Midnapore district,

  1. Digha
  2. Tamluk Rajbari Complex
  3. Mahisadal Rajbari
  4. Shankarpur
  5. Bargabhima Temple
  6. Muktidham

Let’s see each of these in detail…

1. Digha

Digha is the most popular seaside resort town and tourist destination in West Bengal.

It is located 187 kilometers away from Kolkata.

The sea beach extends long miles which offers you an excellent opportunity to walk lazily along the beach.

You can also watch the spectacular sunrises and sunsets. There are also a lot of places in Digha that you can visit.

This location’s scenic beauty is indeed charming!


The beach is surrounded by casuarina plantations that add to the beauty of the area.

The awesome beach resorts, soft sands, gentle breeze, rolling waves, and lip-smacking seafood attract many tourists and make it a perfect retreat for everyone.

2. Tamluk Rajbari Complex

Ruins of Tamluk Rajbari (Amitabha Gupta, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

The ancient Tamluk rajbari is located in Haldia and is several years old.

The ruins of the Tamluk Rajbari represent the brilliant architectural glory of the 5th century BC.

The architecture of the palace is influenced by European Architectural style which includes arches and brickworks.

The rajbari complex has a large courtyard on all sides except the frontal portion where the main palace building is located.


The left and right-wing sections are double-storied barrack-like structures, while the left side is in ruins.

The magnificent main structure, which faces the front, has wide pillared openings with arches resembling Islamic architecture.

Locals also believe that this palace is associated with the mythological epic Mahabharata.

You must surely visit this fascinating rajbari Complex if you visit Purba Midnapore.

3. Mahisadal Rajbari

Mahisadal Rajbari (Amitabha Gupta, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Mahishadal is a historical town in the Purba Medinipur district of West Bengal.

The grand Mahishadal Rajbari (palace) complex and the Rath Yatra festival are both well-known in this location.

It consists of two palaces (the old Rangi Basan Palace and the new one), a cutchery or court house, a ghat, and a massive Navaratna temple.

The rajbari is Built-in Bengal’s well-known “Navaratna” or “Nine Jeweled” style, adding a European charm to it.


On both sides, lofty ionic columns support the roof. The white façade is adorned with elaborate golden embellishments such as shields and floral designs.

You can also see various subtle oil paintings, artifacts, antique furniture portraits of Shakuntala, and many more.

The fascinating architecture and collectibles will mesmerize you.

The palace should be on your “must-see ” destination list in Purba Medinipur.

4. Shankarpur

Shankarpur (Pinakpani, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Shankarpur, located 14 kilometers east of Digha on the Digha-Contai Road, is a virgin and picturesque beach in Purba Medinipur.

It is known as Digha’s twin and is one of the most beautiful sea beaches near Kolkata.

You can experience solace and some time in isolation on this lovely beach.

This beach is also surrounded by casuarina plantations and thus you can also enjoy camping and bonfires, amidst the peaceful nature.

You can enjoy a refreshing bath on the beaches.


Sankarpur also serves as a fishing port.

Shankarpur is gradually growing with seaside resorts, hotels, tourist lodges, and other amenities.

As many parts of the beach are quite isolated, this place also serves as a wonderful honeymoon destination where couples can spend some quality time.

5. Bargabhima Temple

Bargabhima Temple (Amitabha Gupta, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Bargabhima temple is an Adi Shakti Peeth in Vibhas, located on the banks of the river Rupnarayanpur in Tamluk Village.

The origin of the temple dates all the way back 1150 years.

The Bhimakali mandir is one of Midnapore’s most popular maa Shakti shrines where Devi Sati’s left ankle is thought to have fallen.

One of the most noticeable things about this Bargabhima shrine is the ancient blend of Oriya, Buddhist, and Hindu cultures.


The temple complex has a huge courtyard, and the main deity of Maha Kali resides inside the sanctum, alongside the massive Shiva Lingam made of black touchstone.

In this temple, the goddess is worshiped as Mahisa Mardini.

The magnificent temple also has an intricate architecture which is also a prominent feature of Shakti Peeth.

6. Muktidham

The “Vivekananda Mission Ashram” owns the Muktidham Temple located in Purba Midnapore.

This temple complex includes the main temple of Goddess Kali, an idol of Radha-Krishna, Hanumanji, and pictures of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Saradamani, and Swami Vivekananda at her feet.

The Lord Shiva temple is located opposite the main temple of Muktidham.

The temple is surrounded by a well-maintained flower garden, lawns, vegetable gardens, and so on.

The Temple’s entrance Gate is built in the South Indian architectural style.

The main shrine and the gate are made of white marble stone.

The foundation stone was laid on Buddha Purnima and inaugurated on the auspicious day of Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa’s birthday.


These are some of the popular and beautiful places to visit in Purba Midnapore.

Make sure to visit these places with stunning architecture and natural wonders.

Once in a lifetime, you must visit these beautiful districts blessed with amazing natural wonders.

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