9 Street Foods you must try in Kolkata

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Here is a list of some amazing and delicious street foods you must try in Kolkata...


Puffed rice mixed with masalas, veggies, peanuts, Jhalmuri is a popular street food in Kolkata. 



Fuchkas are made with fillings of mashed potatoes, homemade masalas, onions, coriander leaves, lemon, chilies, and are found in many lanes of Kolkata.



Ghotigaram, found in Babughat is the cheapest street food one can ever find in Kolkata. It is made with grams and peanuts mixed with masalas in a hot "ghoti".



Chowmein is one of the famous Chinese dish which is found in innumerable fast food stalls in Kolkata. The spicy taste of the chowmein is mouth watering.



Stuffed with chicken, veggies , egg and cheese, sandwiches in Dacres Lane gives a heavenly taste which is unforgettable. Taste of crunchy veggies and Mayo in every bite is simply awesome.



Momos, a famous Kolkata street food can be steamed or fried. People love to eat momos with hot soup, tomato-chili, and pickles. The best momos are found near 8B busstand, Jadavpur.


Kathi Roll

Kathi Roll, founded in Kolkata, is made with roasted chicken or kebabs wrapped in Paratha bread. The Kathi Roll of Nizam, near Park Street, Kolkata is amazing.


Poori and Jalebi

Puffy Hing Pooris, piping hot potato curry- soup, and crispy red jalebis form the best morning breakfast combo. This street food is famous near Jatin Das Road, Lake Market, Kolkata.


Club Kochori

Club Kachori is a special Poori found near Jorasako, Kolkata. It's a very unique street food in Kolkata, and is made with maida, urad dal, ginger, chili, and served with potato curry.


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These are some of the best street foods to try in Kolkata. Thanks for Reading!

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