10 Interesting facts about the Sundarbans

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Here is a list of some amazing and interesting facts you must know about the Sundarbans...

Royal Bengal Tiger

Here you can get a eye catching glimpse of the magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger on the delta banks of India and Bangladesh


Vivid Flora & Fauna

10 times bigger than Venice, Sundarbans offers you to witness vivid flora & fauna of more than 250 species of birds, threatened species like Indian Python & estuarine crocodile..


India's largest Fishery Board

Because of production of brackish water fish and marine fishes, Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve is considered as the India's largest Fishery Board.



While taking night safari in Sundarbans you can watch Phyto planktons, small water microorganisms; reflect light in the new moon.



Gosaba is one of the biggest inhabited islands which has its own hospitals, schools and panchayats, self-governance although it is isolated from the mainland.


Area of Sundarbans

Sundarbans has one of the largest mangrove forest covering an area of about 10,000 sq. km with the largest concentration of big cats in the world


Tidal phenomenon

Unique tidal phenomenon is observed here twice a day  with high tide water rising up to 7-10 feet and low tide exposes the large tidal flat area.


Special permission needed

Fishermen need to take special permissions from forest office department to go to core forest zones as there are man-attacking tigers in these regions.


Honey Collection

The honey collection from the beehive is one of the risky businesses in Sundarbans and the pure honey has an enormous demand in India and abroad.


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These are some of the interesting facts about the Sundarbans. Thanks for Reading!