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Falakata, Alipurduar – Tourist Spots, Things To Do, History

Dooars, nestled on the slopes of the Eastern Himalayas, is a popular tourist destination famous for its meandering river streams, lush green woodlands, and beautiful tea gardens.

Falakata, which is located 60 kilometers from Jalpaiguri on the National Highway, is a popular tourist destination in the Dooars region.


This is also a historically significant town and serves as a gateway to the scenic Dooars area.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about Falakata,

Let’s see each of these points in detail…

History of Falakata

The town of Falakata was once a trade center for numerous commercial items.

Apart from being a commercial trade center, Falakata is also known for its chain of historical events.

Between the 1st and 2nd centuries B.C. until the end of the 3rd century A.D., Falakata traded items and antiquities with the Greeks along the banks of the Hooghly River.

During British rule, Falakata became one of the most significant military and operational centers.


Many historical events also occurred in Falakata throughout the nineteenth century. One of the most notable occurrences was the Sepoy mutiny.

How to reach Falakata

Falakata is situated between the districts of Suntalekhola, Jaldapara, Cooch-Behar, and Rajabhatkhawa. 

Bagdogra Airport is the nearest to practically every location in the Dooars. From Bagdogra Airport you can get a reserved pre-paid taxi to reach Dooars.

You can easily reach Falakata in Dooars by cab or taxi from the Airport. 

The New Jalpaiguri Railway Station is only a few kilometers from Falakata. Another station, Madarihat is only 7 kilometers from the town.

You can rent a car from these rail stations and reach them.

Things to do in Falakata

Falakata serves as a spectacular spot for travelers looking to explore the beautifully lush and dense forests of the Dooars area.

There are also numerous neighboring locations to explore such as Neora Valley National Park, Chilapata Forest, Totopara, and Siddhant Shiva Temple which displays the amazing sculpting work of 1843.


Some of the activities you can do here include,

1. Trekking

Falakata can also be the ideal place for adventure seekers. You can do a lot of activities including exploring the wilderness and trekking through the dense forest area.

It also includes everything from a forest safari to a boat cruise.

2. Explore Tea Plantations

Falakata is also a tea plantation location surrounded by verdant forests. It is full of picturesque vistas which you can view through the narrow routes of tea estates.

Tourists may take an evening stroll in the verdant tea garden that surrounds Falakata. 

Throughout the breathtaking journey, inhale the fresh air and view the beautiful lush tea gardens, semi-tropical forests, and paddy fields, as well as a distant vista of the majestic Himalayan range.

3. Enjoy the views

The blissful journey to Falakata is a visual treat for the eyes, and the panoramic view of the river Teesta flowing through the mountainous valley dotted with the alpine forest is a sight to behold.

You will also cross the iconic Coronation Bridge which only adds to the charm of the entire journey to this historic town.

Falakata has become one of the preferred destinations where travelers may halt during their journey to experience the magical aura and beauty of the Dooars area.


Best time to visit Falakata

Due to its geographical location, the best time to visit Falakata is from November to February.

During this time the temperature is mild and can revitalize the visitors.

Places to stay in Falakata

Jaldapara Inn Resort, Rose valley Kunjanagar Dooars Green Resort, Orchid Homestay, and Hotel Nandanik Palace are some of the best accommodation places near Falakata.

You will be provided with all the basic amenities in these homestays and resorts. You wil also l get good quality food in these hotels.

Other attraction near Falakata

The major wooded areas of the Dooars region, including Jaldapara National Park, are easily accessible from Falakata through National Highway 31C.

This place is known for having the state’s highest population of Indian one-horned rhinoceros.

Jaldapara National Park is also one of the few areas in India where the rare Bengal Florican can be seen.

The elephant ride in this national park is a major attraction for tourists visiting the Dooars region.


Tourists can visit it during the day while staying in Falakata.

Kunjanagar, located 7 kilometers from Falakata, is another breathtaking place that has piqued the curiosity of tourists visiting Falakata.

This place is located amid lush greenery and has an eco-park that is home to wild creatures like leopards, elephants, and deer.

The Kunjanagar Eco-park, with its boating facilities and ideal serene picnic spot along the crystal clear river, has become one of Falakata’s main attractions.

Dalgaon is also one of the picturesque hamlets surrounded by rolling hills that is located 20 km away from Falakata.

The Dalgaon viewpoint offers mesmerizing views of scenic landscapes.

Falakata, a scenically blessed town with a touch of history, has become one of the chosen sites where visitors may rest on their beautiful trip to witness the natural beauty of the Dooars region.

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