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Chilapata Forest (Alipurduar) West Bengal – Resorts, Attractions

Forests, hills, and rivers are the natural treasures of Bengal. The beautiful green forests of Bengal outshine all other beauty.

If you are a nature lover or a photography lover, then the dense forest of Chilapata is an ideal option to visit.


You can go on Jeep or Elephant Safari along the narrow trails of the Chilapata Forests in Buxa, Alipurduar.

The pristine beauty of Chalipata’s jungle and the nearby Buxa Tiger reserve provides an excellent travel opportunity for you during the holidays or weekends.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about Chilapata Forest,

Let’s see each of these points in detail.

About Chilapata Forest

Name of the parkChilapata Forest
Established in1983

Chilapata is a pristine tourist destination with dense forests. It is located near the Jaldapara National Park in the Dooars region of West Bengal.

The forest is home to a variety of wildlife, especially one-horned rhinos, leopards, cheetahs, sambars, wild boars, wild cats, and elephants. Reptiles like kraits, cobras, pythons, and turtles are also inhabitants of this forest.


The forest also shelters many colorful bird species, such as the shikra, crested and fishing eagles, jungle fowl, floricans, racket-tailed drongo, pied hornbills, and partridges.

How to reach Chilapata Forest

Nearest AirportBagdogra
Nearest Railway StationHasimara
Distance from Siliguri140 km
Distance from Alipurduar42 km

The Chilapata Forest is well connected by railways and roadways. It is located approximately 40 km away from Alipurduar.

By Train: You can easily reach Chilapta by boarding a train and getting down at Alipurduar Railway Station. From Alipurduar railway station, you can hire a share jeep to Hasimara or take a cab and reach Chilapata Forest.

By Car: Kolkata is approximately 684 km away from Chilapata Forest. The connectivity via the road network is good, and you can travel from Kolkata to Chilapata Forest in a private car.

By Air: If you are traveling via air, you can travel to Bagdogra Airport. Then you can hire a taxi or take a shared jeep to reach your destination. The distance between Chilapata Forest from Bagdogra Airport is about 150 km.

I recommend you take the rail route as it is a cheaper and easier mode of travel than the air or road routes.

Major attractions at Chilapata Forest

Small river in Chilapata Forest

The enticing environment and the magnificent forests with towering trees are the prime things to view in Chilapata Forests. The ardent jungles and the soaking-up silence of the woods provide exclusive views of mother nature away from the crowds.

The splendid natural setting of the forest with outstanding views of different animals and birds will make your heart rejoice. The thick forests and the dense vegetation that forms a canopy hardly allow sunbeams to enter the forested area, and the entire vista of the forests looks more mystical!

While exploring along the swampy trails of the jungle, you can observe elephants, leopards, bison, deer, and other indigenous animal species. Make sure to take stunning snaps of the animals. You can also carry binoculars in the forest to get a close-up view of the wildlife.


Apart from the sublime beauty of the forests, the chief attraction of Chilapata is the Nal-Rajar Garh, which is a remarkable attraction in Chilapta, although it is in ruins today. The Nal Kings of the Gupta Age constructed the fort and are worth visiting in Chilapata. The structure has immense archaeological significance as it depicts a golden era of Indian history.

There is an elephant corridor between the Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary and the Buxa Tiger Reserve.

Experience the soothing air while biking or driving through the narrow mud paths of the forests. The forest features the beautiful colors of nature and gives you a thrilling experience. The Chilapata Forest jeep safari gives you a unique experience. From the Mendabari watch tower, you can enjoy panoramic views of nature. Look at the numerous one-horned rhinos too.

Near the forest, go for a tour around the Mathura Tea Estate and Rabha Tribal Community. The place is a true paradise and a hidden treasure of biodiversity.

Best time to visit Chilapata Forest

The best time to visit Chilapata Forest is from October to March. During this time, you can view the seasonal birds and animals. Not only this, you can view the ardent beauty of the forests with trees flooded with different vibrant colored flowers during autumn, winter, and spring.

At this time, the weather also remains pleasant, and you can explore the forest better. You can also see the beautiful, colorful butterflies in Chilapata Forest during this time.

Therefore, these months are suitable for visiting Chilapata in the Dooars.

Places to stay near Chilapata Forest

Malangi Tourist Lodge compound

Accommodations are available near Chilapata Forest, including popular resorts, rest houses, and homestays.

Chilapata Bania River View Resort is a beautiful and luxurious resort where you may choose to stay in Chilapata. Chilapata Homestay and Orchid Homestay are some of the best homestay options. The homestays and resorts charge about 1500 INR to 3000 INR per night.


Apart from these, the West Bengal Forest Department Corporation has built a forest rest house in the vicinity of this forest. It is a mesmerizing forest bungalow built amidst the dense sal forests. You can spot monkeys and peacocks from your balcony.

Chilapata Jungle Camp is also an excellent option for lodging.

Jungle Queen Dhaba and Restaurant, Razz Restaurant, and Lazeez Restaurant are famous restaurants where you can get quality food.

Other attractions near Chilapata Forest

If you are visiting Chilapata Forest, explore the other popular attractions near it.

Buxa Tiger Reserve, Pokhri Hill, Mahakal Cave, Bhuta Basti, and Buxa Fort are popular tourist destinations amidst the astounding beauty of nature.

Chilapata Forest is ideal for backpackers and travel enthusiasts.

You will be able to let go of all your worries and anxieties thanks to the surreal beauty of nature, the rhythms of the environment, and the peace.

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