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6 Best Breakfast Places in Kolkata That You Must Visit

Breakfast is the perfect time to fill your stomach with some delectable food. A proper and tasty breakfast helps you feel recharged, and your mood remains uplifted the entire day.

Kolkata has some well-known breakfast eateries where you can have wholesome morning meals at affordable rates. As a good breakfast is essential for your daily work schedule, you need to know these places and try out the dishes available here.


In this article, you will get to know about a few famous breakfast places in Kolkata with some delicious foods to try,

  1. Sealdah
  2. Territi Bazar
  3. Dacres Lane
  4. Chhangani Bhujia Bhandar
  5. Haridas Modak
  6. Maharani Tea and Tiffin

Let’s see each of these places in detail.

1. Sealdah

Juice shop near Sealdah, Kolkata
LocationNear Sealdah Railway Station
Recommended Breakfast ItemsKachori, Aloor Dum, Jalebi

Sealdah is one of the top destinations to have a delicious breakfast. A few hundred people flock near the shops near Sealdah Station for breakfast.

Several sweet shops and food carts sell Kachoris, piping hot Ghugni, Aloor Dum, Paneer Sabzi, Jalebi, and many other delicious items. All these breakfast options are delicious and affordable as well.


So undoubtedly, you can opt for breakfast near the Sealdah Railway Station if you are traveling to or staying near Kolkata.

2. Territi Bazar (Old Chinatown)

LocationTirreti Bazaar, Tirreti
Recommended Breakfast ItemsMomos, Spring Rolls, Hakka Noodles

The narrow lanes of Tirreti are perfect for having a Chinese breakfast. It is known for its long culinary culture. The place is fascinating, with food stalls selling delicious Chinese delicacies.

These include dishes like Momos, Chicken Pies, Fish Sui Mais, Spring Rolls, Hakka Noodles, Sweet Balls, Coconut Balls, Fish Ball Soups, Sticky Rice, etc.

So if you are a food lover, Territi Bazar is a paradise. It is open from 5 in the early morning, and the market gets crowded from then onwards. Many people have a wholesome steaming breakfast at an affordable price here.

3. Dacres Lane

Samosa and Tea
LocationDacres Lane, Esplanade
Recommended Breakfast ItemsPuri-Sabji, Fish Fry, Bread Toast

Dacres Lane has been serving delicious breakfasts and lunch for office-goers for ages. The narrow lanes keep a regular flow of people, and the people enjoy a variety of food here at affordable rates.

The most popular food sold here is the Khichuri and Telebhaja. This meal is rare and hard to find. Batter-fried vegetables worth Rs 30 paired with the Khichuri are a perfect combo.


Don’t miss out on the authentic Chitto Babu’s Dokan when visiting Dacers Lane. Fish Fry, Mutton Rezala, Bread Toast with Chicken Stu, Fried rice, and chili chicken are some food items you can find here.

Puri-Sabji and Lassi are the other food items you can eat in Dacres Lane. 

4. Chhangani Bhujia Bhandar

LocationSovaram Basak Street, Jorasanko
Recommended Breakfast ItemsClub Kachori
Timings7 AM – 11 AM

Chhangani Kachoriwala is one of the famous Club Kachori sellers in Kolkata that needs no introduction. Trust me, one of the best breakfasts for just Rs. 36 (approx).

This breakfast shop (Chhangani Bhujia Bhandar) is located on Sovaram Basak Street, Jorasanko. The Club Kachoris are deep-fried in oil twice in a large iron kadhai. A large vessel of delicious potato curry is prepared. Mouth Watering big-size jalebis are also made.

The food is served in Shaal leaves, and four piping hot club kachoris and potato curry are sold together in a combo. The club kachoris are sold like hotcakes, and the shop remains open from 7 AM to 11 AM.

People of the neighborhood and the office babus often crowd this place to enjoy this delicious breakfast.

5. Haridas Modak

Location5 Point Crossing, Shyambazar
Recommended Breakfast ItemsPuri-Sabji, Sweets

Haridas Modak, situated in Shyambazar, is an old sweet shop that provides various wholesome breakfast options in Kolkata.


What can be a better breakfast than piping hot swollen Puris served with Potato Curry and desserts? Yes, nothing can beat this famous Bengali breakfast recipe. Haridas Mohan has this wholesome platter serving Puris, Aloo Sabji, Samosa, Curd, and two sweets. Mouth-watering!

Moreover, all these food items come at just Rs. 50. So if you have your office near Shymbazar or are a regular visitor to the nearby areas of this place, don’t miss out on this lip-smacking breakfast.

6. Maharani Tea and Tiffin

LocationSarat Bose Road (Near Rash Behari Avenue)
Recommended Breakfast ItemsHing Kachoris, Aloo Sabji, Jalebis

Maharani Tea and Tiffin, located on Sarat Bose Road in Bhowanipur, is the pitstop for piping hot Hing Kachoris sold at Rs. 10 only. It is served with delicious potato curry (Aloo Sabji).

You can have this hearty breakfast along with Jalebis and Tea. The shop remains open from 6 AM to 1 PM. So if you are heading towards South Kolkata must visit this shop to have a great breakfast at affordable rates.

These are some of the famous breakfast places in Kolkata that you must visit.

There are many other places and restaurants in every corner of Kolkata that serves delicious breakfasts, but the mentioned places are more recognized among the residents of Kolkata for ages. Visit them to taste authentic breakfast recipes, and you will never fail to admire them.

If you are visiting Kolkata, don’t forget to try out the Kolkata street foods that are both unique and delicious.

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