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10 Unique Kolkata Street food which you must try once in your lifetime – Where to find them

In this article, I will take you through some of the most unique Kolkata Street Foods and will also tell you about some of the best places where you can try them.

The list includes quite bites, fast foods as well as whole meals like Biriyani.

The City of Joy brings elation to the hearts of the people not only with the culture, places, festivals, occasion but also with the varieties and sensation of street food the vendor sells.


Every corner of Calcutta attracts throngs with ultimate street food cravings. The non stop russle from morning till late night stalls have been in practise since years.

This blog enlists some of the unique street food which you shouldn’t miss out on and must include them in your wishlist.

The list includes:

  1. Kabiraji Momo
  2. Paneer Masala Dosa
  3. Non-Veg Thali
  4. Kathi Roll
  5. Shawarma Wraps
  6. Biriyani
  7. Hing Kochuri and Jalebi
  8. Cheese Mayo Sandwiches
  9. Giant Bawarchi Roll
  10. Ghoti Gorom

Now let’s get to know each of these unique Street foods of Kolkata and where you can find them.

Kabiraji Momo

The love for momo among people has always been on the top of the list when it comes to delicious street foods. Momos generally come in different forms be it steamed, pan-fried, chilly gravy momo, or just fried.

But today I will tell you about a completely different type of momo. Near Phoolbagan crossing in Girishpark, a local street food outlet known as Jeet Da momo stalls serve one of the unique Kabiraji momos at a very reasonable price.

Pic: Shrabasti Guha via Google Maps

You will get 5 pieces of Kabiraji momos at just Rs. 45 (0.62 $) The taste of the momo is yummy with a crunchy outer layer and soft chicken fillings.

It will be served to you with a bowl full of chicken broth with a big chicken piece worth the price.

You must try this new type of momo at least once in your lifetime.


Paneer Masala Dosa

Esplanade is a hotspot for a shopping haul and is one of the cheapest shopping destinations in Kolkata. It has a lot of attractive things and junk jewelry all year-round.

The street food joints within the New Market and Hogg Market have the best street food of South Indian delicacies in Kolkata. The price of a Butter Masala Dosa is Rs 60 (0.82 $) which tastes absolutely awesome.

Masala Dosa

Other items that are special here are the Idli special, Butter Cheese, and Paneer Masala Dosa which have prices of Rs. 100 (1.37 $).

If you are a vegetarian or someone who is fond of South Indian food, you must visit these street-side stalls in Esplanade, Kolkata.

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Non-veg Thali

You might know Sector 5 located in Salt Lake as the IT Hub of Bengal. But it is also famous for its street food, specially Thalis.

What’s better than a wholesome non Veg thali at just Rs 80? Yeah, that’s indeed true!


In Saltlake Sector 5, opposite Backstage, Mama ki Dukaan calls for a mouth-watering wholesome meal at a very pocket-friendly price.

Veg Pulao, butter chicken, aloo dum, pickle, salad, and 2 butter tandoori roti, you will all get it all at just Rs 80/- (1$)

Trust me! This is more than enough to satisfy the afternoon hunger. Do not miss it, if you are working or residing in Saltlake or nearby areas.

Kathi Roll

Kusum Roll, located at 21, Park Street, Kolkata is one of the famous roadside restaurants offering customers the best of rolls in Kolkata. They are basically famous for their special Kathi roll.

The price of these lip-smacking yum rolls is really cheap. Many types of kababs are also available here. The prices are kept low to medium.

Kathi Roll | Pic: Satyajit Dhawale, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The chicken and mutton rolls are extremely juicy and fill your heart with extra cheesy moments. So if you visit Park street, don’t forget to visit this spot and try out the rolls.

This is probably of the best Kolkata Street Food joint you can try out.


Shawarma wraps

Shawarma wrap is basically made of chicken or lamb and is a Lebanese food item that Indians relish.

Shawarma Nation, located in the 4 way crossing in Pallyshree, Tollygunge, Kolkata is something you should not miss.

The street restaurant is mainly famous for Shwarma items available at a reasonable price ranging from Rs 120 to Rs 200.

Shawarma Roll

Shawarma has a unique way of preparation. Once you visit the restaurant you will love the way how the wraps and burgers of shawarma are served full of mayonnaise and chicken patties.

The heavenly taste of the Lebanese shwarma rolls will certainly make you forget about your diet chart for the moment.

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This is another famous Street side restaurant you will find in Kolkata. Biriyani is the kind of food that drives people crazy and is the ultimate craving for almost everyone.

Dada Boudi Biriyani, located in Barrackpore, Kolkata attracts an immense crowd every single day just for having biriyani.

Dada Boudi Biriyani

The chicken biriyani and mutton biriyani both are available at prices Rs 185/- (2.5$) and Rs 240/- (3$) respectively.

The aloo and the meat in the biriyani are awesomely tender and flavourful. Dada Boudi Biriyani is also sometimes called the ‘treasure house of biriyani’.


Hing kachori & Jalebis

Everyone once in their lifetime visited the Sealdah rail station. Sealdah food Gali, near Sealdah station, has one of the best Kolkata street food hotspots.

Due to the station nearby, office people and other working people often take their breakfast or lunch here and as such the quality and rates of the food are kept standard always.


The galis (Streets) are filled with the aromas of Hing kachoris, Matar paneer, chana, mixed veg, hot crispy jalebis, and many more delicious items.

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Cheese Mayo Sandwiches

Dacres Lane, also known as James Hickey Sarani is one of the biggest Kolkata street food hotspots.

A number of food items are very easy to find here. From the food bucket list of fish cutlets, soft chicken pakoras, lunch thalis, and other sizzling food items like chicken mayo sandwiches, at just Rs 65 (0.82$).

Cheese Sandwich | Vegan Feast Catering, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Some of the other types of Sandwiches like the veg cheese sandwich, grilled egg mayo sandwiches are available at Rs 35/- and Rs 45/- (0.62$).

You should put it in your food bucket list and definitely try them.


The Giant Bawarchi Roll

Near the 8B bus stand in Jadavpur, Kolkata, Bawarchi would give you a wonderful experience of a Jumbo Roll, which is 18 inches in length.

Bawarchi Jumbo Roll

Stuffed with chicken, paneer, egg, and mutton, you can feel the succulent and spicy taste of each bite of the roll. The roll has multiple layers of the paratha or base and is wrapped in an aluminum foil for convenience.

The chef makes sure that the rolls are always prepared hygienically.

Ghoti Gorom

Nothing can be a perfect date watching the Ganges in Prinsep Ghat with your beloved having tangy evening snacks of Ghotigorom and “Vaanre Chaa”. For me, this is the cheapest yet most delicious Kolkata street food I ever tried.

Ghoti Gorom

The munchy peanuts jiggled with green chilies, pickles, amchur, ground masala, onion, and tomatoes gives a mouth-watering flavor at just Rs 10 (0.14$). The burning coal of the pot keeps the munchy dish more demandable.


These are the trending and unique Kolkata Street Foods that will surely drive you crazy and once you eat them and will have an urge to devour those yet again.

So, why delay it!

Grab the fiery-food moments and visit the places with your friends and family for a wholesome treat.

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