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Sarbamangala Temple (Bardhaman) – Timings, History, & More

Feminine energy is always placed at a higher position in all the Hindu texts that we have been reading for a long time. Goddess is considered to create the soul, consciousness, and almost everything experienced in this universe.

Consequently, Adi Shakti and all her forms are worshipped in the country with great devotion, especially in the state of West Bengal. Several temples there, are dedicated to the various avatars of Maa Mahakali and one such is the ages-old Sarbamangala Temple.


This ancient temple is situated in Bardhaman city in the district of Purba Barddhaman. Enfolded in rich history, the shrine consists of a beautiful blend of myths, lores, beliefs, and truths of the past and present.

The shrine is devoted to Goddess Sarbamangala and is said to be the place that holds the naval of Shakti or the umbilicus. It is extremely sacred. A number of devotees visit and worship the temple every day, throughout the year.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about the Sarbamangala Temple,

Let’s see each of these points in detail.

Timings of Sarbamangala Temple

The timings of the Sarbamangala Mandir are,

Everyday6:00 AM – 12:00 PM, 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM


How to reach Sarbamangala Temple

Kolkata to Sarbamangala Temple distance102 kilometers
Bardhaman Railway Station to Sarbamangala Temple3 kilometers

The best way to reach Sarbamangala temple is to take a train to Bardhaman Railway station and then take a Rikshaw or Toto from there to the temple.

You can also bring your own car. Parking is available outside the temple complex. However, make sure to take the proper route to reach the temple after entering Bardhaman as some of the lanes are really narrow. I would recommend you take the Nalinakshya Bose Road from the Grand Trunk Road to reach the temple.

History of Sarbamangala Temple

Maa Sarbamangala

Sarbamangala Temple was built in 1702 A.D. by Maharaja Kirti Chand, the then-ruler of Barddhaman. It is said that Sarbamangala Devi’s idol was discovered on the sands of River Damodar after the Raja had a divine dream about its location. The idol is about 1000 years old.

This place is one of the 52 Shakti Pithas in the country. We see a mention of the origin of Goddess Sarbamangala in Markandeya Purana, one of the 18 prime Mahapuranas. She is a powerful form of Adi Bhagwati.

When looking closely beneath the idol of Goddess Sarbamangala, you will find names of hand-crafted items and weapons. Each name is inscribed in the Khorosthi script. This is an ancient Indo-Iranian script that was instigated in the mid-3rd Century BCE.


Another thing is, the name of the Goddess can also be found in ‘Chandimangal Kavya,’ written by Mukunda Chakraborty. Learning about everything, it can easily be understood that the goddess was not only the guiding deity for the ruling family of Barddhaman but also the guardian of the Rarh region.

The Government of India declared the temple as a place of ‘public worship’ on 7th September 2000. From then on, pilgrims from all around the state as well as from various parts of India visit here to worship and seek the goddess’s blessing.

Sarbamangala Temple architecture

Sarbamangala Devi Temple

The Sarbamangala Devi Temple showcases an exotic mingling of the splendid terracotta form and the then-popular architectural works used in Bengal. It is said that this temple was the first Navaratna temple of undivided Bengal.

You will find ‘Navaratanas’ or the nine ornamental spires inside. The entire temple is constructed in three layers. The second layer comprises four chariots while the third layer consists of five chariots.

The porch has a roof propped up by a few columns at frequent intervals. This acts as an extension of the temple and sums up the charm of the complex. The prime entrance to the complex maintains a two-story structure along with a big arch pathway. The look that is put out is simply marvelous.

The idol of Goddess Sarbamangala is made of a very precious touchstone. This particular idol of Maa holds out 18 hands having both weapons and handcrafted symbols in them. Goddess Sarbamangala is also known as ‘Mahisasur Mardini’ as well as ‘Singhabahini’.

Apart from the main temple, you will also find several temples dedicated to Lord Shiva situated within the temple complex. The entire structure and complex of the temple will transport you to an era when it was actually built.

Places to stay near Sarbamangala Temple

The lodge/guest house beside Sarbamangala Temple

There is a lodge or guest house situated just beside the temple complex where you can stay the night. I am not fully sure about the booking procedure.

Apart from this, there are also several hotels in Bardhaman where you can stay. They are situated just a few kilometers away from the temple.


Other attractions near Sarbamangala Temple

AttractionDistance from Sarbamangala Temple
Curzon Gate (Bijay Toron)1.7 kilometers
Bardhaman Zoological Park3.3 kilometers
Krishna Sayar Park1.8 kilometers
Hawa Mahal3.5 kilometers

If you are even a bit close to spirituality and adore temples from the past, this will be a lovely place to be.

With so much positive aura, the shrine is a spot to unwind and learn more about the divine energies. Every single thing reflects the rich history, people, culture, and tons of blessings from Adi Shakti.

Plan a visit to theSarbamangala Temple with your family and loved ones. Worship, pray, and spend some time inside the complex to experience the serenity of the place.

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