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Ras Mancha (Bishnupur) – Timings, Ticket Price, History

Ras Mancha is an astounding structure that stands out among the many attractions in Bishnupur, Bankura. It is believed to be the oldest brick temple in the country and has a distinctive pyramid-like shape. ‘A stage for Dance’ is the literal meaning of the name Ras Mancha.

The entire place is well-maintained and is an abode of peace, joy, and quiet. Entering the place, you will be stunned to see the architecture. You will be more enchanted to know about the history of the place.


In this article, you will get to know the following points about Ras Mancha in Bishnupur,

Let’s see each of these points in detail.

Timings of Ras Mancha Bishnupur

The timings of Ras Mancha in Bishnupur are,

Everyday06:00 AM – 06:00 PM


Ticket Price of Ras Mancha Bishnupur

The entry fee or ticket price at Ras Mancha is,

IndiansRs. 25 per person
SAARC countriesRs. 25 per person
ForeignersRs. 300 per person

History of Ras Mancha Bishnupur

Speaking of history, the temple holds a rich one that goes back to 1600 CE. It was built by the king of Mallahum, Hambir Malla Dev between 1557 to 1600 CE. He was the then ruler of Bishnupur and commissioned it to be built to worship Radha-Madhav.

The structure was constructed to celebrate the Ras festival which was one of the major events of the Malla Kings. At this time idols of Deities from all the temples nearby were brought to the Ras Mancha so that the commoners could worship them. There were also stage dances during the evenings so as to showcase and celebrate the Krishna Leela scenes.


Architecture of Ras Mancha Bishnupur

ras mancha bishnupur
Ras Mancha, Bishnupur

Ras Mancha has a huge significance in terms of religion and history and is a marvel of architecture and art. It has a pyramid brick architecture that is unique to the area. It is basically a structure with a rectangular base and constitutes four slanting triangular sides. This style of architecture was new and innovative at that time and was not seen anywhere else. The base was made out of Laterite and the upper part was built of bricks.

The monument has a single chamber with a single elongated tower that is surrounded by hut-shaped turrets. The inner chamber has pillars and rows of arches that form a spacious area for the deities.

Natural light and air could enter the hall through the arched windows. There are terracotta carvings adorning the walls of the temple. All of them depict sceneries of local folklore and Hindu Mythology.

The surrounding is maintained in such a way that it complements the Ras Mancha. The temple is enclosed by a wall that separates it from the exterior yard. On the east side of the wall, there is a gateway that leads to the temple.

Best time to visit Ras Mancha Bishnupur

The ideal time is when the winter sets in, that is from the month of October. You can visit till the end of February. At this time the flowers are in full blossom and the entire area is filled with a sweet floral fragrance. The weather remains cool and blissful and this will aid you in your venture through the past.


The Ras Mancha is open throughout the year. you can make a trip any time you want to, however, I would recommend you avoid the summer months.

If you want to avoid the winter crowd, then monsoon will be your time. The fall season will also be pleasant to avoid the crowd.

The festival at the Ras Mancha was held until the year 1932, and then it was shifted to somewhere else. Yet, when you visit, you will be able to feel the thrill and joy as you look through the structure. 

Beauty is reflected in every nook and the place will invite you with all its warmth. The small alleys inside will tell you the stories of all the Ras Leela that Madhav used to perform and the past will be reflected in front of your eyes.

So, if you are visiting Bishnupur, do not miss the chance to see the Ras Mancha, which is undoubtedly a historic and spiritual gem in the region.

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