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Rongo, Dooars: A weekend getaway – How to reach, Homestays

Rongo is a small hamlet in Dooars, West Bengal. It is located close to the Indo-Bhutan Border

The wonderful village is situated at an altitude of 4500 ft above sea level.

This newly found offbeat destination is a beautiful place for a weekend getaway in North Bengal.


With the surreal beauty of nature, Rongo in Dooars is an ideal place to visit for travel enthusiasts and for those who want to spend some time close to nature.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about Rongo, Dooars,

So let us explore the place in detail…

How to reach Rongo, Dooars

You can easily reach Rongo village from the Siliguri bus stop, NJP Railway Station, and Bagdogra Airport.

All these places are located at a distance of about 95 km from Rongo.

Cab fare to reach Rongo

You can hire a private cab from both these places to reach Rongo. The private cars may charge Rs. 1500-4000 INR, depending on the type of cab and season.

You can reach the place via National Highway 31 where Dooars cross Chalsa. Take the left turn at Khunia More via Chaptramari, Sepchu, and Gairibas.


An uneven hilly road turns left towards Rongo from Gairibas. The distance between Rongo and Gairibus is about 7 km.

If you are going on your own, make sure to follow your GPS.

New Mal Junction is the nearest railway station, located at a distance of about 40km from Rongo.

What to see at Rongo

Rongo is a small and picturesque hilly village with some spectacular landscape. It also offers a wonderful view of the hills of Rongo.

You will get lost in a serene world and the tunes of nature.

If you visit Rongo in Dooars, don’t miss out on the Cinchona Plantations.

You can also view the wonderful and vibrant Himalayan Flowers and the lush green vegetation in and around the small hamlet.

The charming local communities, the serene ambiance, and the scenic landscapes of Rongo are gaining popularity. This place is slowly becoming one of the popular tourist spots in Dooars.

Things to do in Rongo, Dooars

You can walk around the beautiful small hamlets and see how wonderful the local people, culture, and lifestyle is!

The gardens are colorful and the tiny houses are the gems of this small hilly village. Numerous Himalayan Birds add to the beauty of the place.

The lush green forests and the bordering valleys especially the Jaldhaka River Valley are ideal destinations for photography and nature lovers.


You can enjoy trekking along the captivating waterfalls, the Jaldhaka Valley, and the dense woods.

This place is also the doorway to the Neora Valley National Park.

A few people reside in this village but the breathtaking beauty of the hills draws thousands of tourists every year.

Best time to visit Rongo village

You can visit this offbeat destination at any time throughout the year. The weather is pleasant in all the seasons.

The cool breeze, Scintillating sun rays gift you with perfect bliss amidst the valleys.

According to me, you can visit Rongo during the spring when the valleys bloom with beautiful flowers, especially cinchona.

Throughout the year, the weather stays charming and the temperature is bearable.

It is better to avoid visiting hill stations during the monsoons as the roads get muddy and generally become inaccessible.

Accommodation and Food at Rongo Village

Rongo offers many homestay and accommodation options.

The Rongo White House Homestay is a popular homestay in Rongo. There are other homestays too which are well equipped and well maintained.

The rooms are spacious and the washrooms are clean with the availability of Hot water.

Soreng Heaven is another homestay in Rongo from where you can see the majestic hills of Bhutan.

You can also get good quality food at the homestays.

Other attractions near Rongo, Dooars

There are many wonderful attractions near Rongo.

You can visit the Rongo Monastery which is a 2km distance from the market.

Jghalong, Bindu, and Jaldhaka hydel Project is the iconic tourist attractions you can witness in Dooars.

Other amazing places that you can explore are the Cinchona plantations and the organic Kumai Tea Garden.

You will surely go through an immersive experience while enjoying the beautiful hills, valleys, gurgling streams, and the tranquility of the monastery.


You will rediscover yourself once you escape the stress and chaos of city life and wrap yourselves in the adventures and relaxing sensations of Rongo in Dooars.

The charming villagers will surely make you feel satisfied and happy.

So this summer, plan a trip to the quaint and alluring Rongo, Dooars.

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