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4 Popular Places to visit near Esplanade, Kolkata

Kolkata, the vibrant and charming city, is endowed with culture, beauty, vibes, history, and sweetness in every corner and lane.

Esplanade, which is a prime neighborhood of Kolkata, stretches from the Dharmatala Area to Chandpal Ghat.

Apart from the busy bus terminus and the oldest tram depot, there are a number of popular places to visit near Esplanade, Kolkata.


This place was also an important location for merchants during British rule and continues to be one of the dominating and busiest areas in Kolkata.

In this article, you will get to know about the following places to visit near Esplanade,

  1. Esplanade Market (New Market)
  2. Indian Museum
  3. Prinsep Ghat
  4. Victoria Memorial

Let’s see each of these places in detail…

1. Esplanade Market (New Market)

Esplanade Market, also known as the New Market, is a shopping center in the city of Kolkata. It can also be termed the busiest shopping center in the city.

The entire esplanade market attracts hundreds of people every day as it is one of the cheapest markets in Kolkata.

Multiple accessories and attractive items ranging from junk jewelry to shoes, and clothes can be found here at low prices.

It is one of the oldest places for shopping that was built in the English quarters by the British merchants.


This place has been developed as one of the biggest trade networks in India.

There are local storefronts as well as vibrant malls where people buy different sorts of products and go through a happy shopping experience.

2. Indian Museum

The Indian Museum, one of the most popular museums in Kolkata, was founded in the year 1814 at the Asiatic Society.

It is the largest museum in India.

This museum is also one of the most famous museums in the Asia-Pacific Region and this is a matter of pride for Bengalis and Indians as a whole.

The massive development of the museum significantly symbolizes the achievements and socio-cultural aspects of the country.

The museum is considered the conventional connection between the medieval and modern eras. 

3. Prinsep Ghat

Watching the Ganga flow by the city of Kolkata is a spectacular view and has an admirable beauty.

You can view the mighty yet serene river in many ghats of Kolkata, such as Dakshineshwar ghat, Ahiri Tola ghat, and Babughat.

Near Babughat stands a grand white building built in the memory of James Prinsep and this charming monument draws many tourists each day.

Prinsep Ghat is a very renowned destination in Kolkata and is one of the popular romantic places in Kolkata.


This is an ideal place to spend quality time with your beloved, capture snaps, and hang out with friends.

People sit here for hours and watch the Ganga taking away all the negativities and pain from the city of joy.

And oh!, worth mentioning the bhelpuris, Phuchkas, and the Ghoti Gorom are some of the tastiest snacks that you will find here.

4. Victoria Memorial

The iconic Victoria Memorial is one of the oldest monuments and museums standing in the city of Joy since 1906.

This grand marble monument was built by Lord Curzon after the demise of Queen Victoria of England.

The monument is one of the iconic and popular tourist destinations in Kolkata.

Within the Victoria Memorial, there is a hall, museum, and a beautiful garden.

People from all over the country and abroad come here all year-round to explore the paintings, rare photographs, manuscripts, and other antique collections.

A light and sound show also takes place here and the gallery and the garden are the prime attractions.

Many films have also been shot in front of the Victoria Memorial Gate.


These are some of the famous places and significant centers of attractions near Esplanade, Kolkata, and are worth visiting with friends, families, and beloved.

You can also visit these places before you board a bus from the Esplanade bus terminus or from Howrah station.

Explore the places, feel the vibes and capture the tiniest details of these places!

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