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Lahiri Babar Ashram (Aadharaloy) Bandel – Timings, Location

This blog will be about my recent visit to the Lahiri Babar Ashram, also known as Aadharaloy. I will tell you in detail about the Opening Hours, Bhog Timings, their phone numbers, Mandir timings, and lots more.


This place is also a popular picnic spot for the people of Bandel and Kolkata.

About Lahiri Babar Ashram

I visited this place on a Sunday morning with my family. It was a chilly winter morning in December.

Location of Lahiri Babar Ashram

Garden Decoration

Lahiri Baba’s Ashram or Lahiri Temple is a place of worship located in a village called Rajhat. This is a popular village in the Hooghly district, located in the Bandel-Pandua connector situated parallel to the GT Road.

If you are considering taking a cab or renting a car, parking is available right in front of the temple gate. TOTOs are also available that will take you to the temple from the GT Road or Bandel.

Lahiri Baba Ashram Timings

Sunday10 AM – 12 PM, 4 PM – 6 PM
Monday10 AM – 12 PM, 4 PM – 6 PM
Tuesday10 AM – 12 PM, 4 PM – 6 PM
Wednesday10 AM – 12 PM, 4 PM – 6 PM
Thursday10 AM – 12 PM, 4 PM – 6 PM
Friday10 AM – 12 PM, 4 PM – 6 PM
Saturday10 AM – 12 PM, 4 PM – 6 PM

*Timings of the temple may vary.


Lahiri Baba Temple Entry Fee

There is no Entry Fee to enter the Ashram.

Lahiri Baba Ashram Dressing restrictions

This is an important thing to know if you are planning to visit the Lahiri Baba Temple.

There are certain dressing restrictions for both Men and Women to enter the temple.

For Ladies, you need to cover your hair with some kind of clothing like a Swal and short dresses or dresses above knee height are not allowed.

For Men, you are not allowed to cover their hair.

Lahiri Babar Ashram Bhog timings

The Bhog or the Prasad is available at the temple after 12 PM. You will get the Bhog Coupon from the Office counter.


The Main Temple

After we entered the main compound, we saw a beautiful garden covered with a wide variety of flowers.

After a short walk through a concrete path, you will reach the main temple compound.

The Temple is located above a small lake. The main structure of the temple is connected to the main ground via a bridge. You will have to walk over the bridge to reach the main temple.

The most unique thing about this temple which I loved the most is that this place doesn’t have just one temple but consists of various small temples around the main block.


The entire premise consists of various idols like Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna, Durga to Buddha, Mother Mary, and Jesus. Thus this place depicts the diversity of various religions.

Taking photos inside the main temple is strictly prohibited.

After you enter the main temple you will have to go to an underground floor. There you will see various hand symbols of various Asana positions depicted on the wall with a statue of Lahiri Baba in the Middle.

You will also get to see the depiction of the plan based on which the temple was built.

Do visit this place if you are visiting Bandel or Kolkata.

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