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Maa Kalyaneshwari Temple – Mandir and Puja Timings, History and significance

Kalyaneshwari Mandir is one of the holy shrines of Goddess Kali located near Maithon, Asansol, West Bengal on the banks of river Barakar. This is another place of religious importance near Asansol apart from the Ghagorburi Temple.


The temple is 500 years old and was established in the year 1377 by Garpanchokot Raj.

The temple holds many historical stories and mysteries for ages. The Maithon Dam is nearby. The name “Maithon” suggests “Maa ki Sthaan” from which the temple derives its name. The Dam covers an area of about 64 sq KMs.

Kalyaneshwari Temple Gate

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Location of Maa Kalyaneshwari Temple

The temple is just at a distance of 5-7 KMs from Barakar and 600 meters from NH-19. It is a 4-hour drive away from Kolkata.

Check out available trains and buses from Kolkata to Asansol.

Many tourists from Jharkhand and West Bengal visit the temple as it is present on Bengal Jharkhand Border. Many arrive by private cabs or by bus from Asansol or Barakar bus stoppage.

Timings of Maa Kalyaneshwari Temple

The temple remains open to all the visitors from morning 6 AM till 8 PM in the evening.


Places to Stay near Maa Kalyaneshwari Temple

There are several accommodations near the temple like Tara Maa Lodge, Jatri Nivas. You can find these lodges on the side of the road by taking a left turn from Kalyaneshwari Mandir.

The road goes towards the Maithon Dam which is at a distance of 5km from the temple.

You can also stay at Asansol if you are planning to visit the temple. You can also find hotels in Asansol at best prices at,

The nearest airport to this temple is the Durgapur (Andal) Airport. You have to take a car from there to the temple via GT Road.

History and Significance of Maa Kalyaneshwari Temple

The Kalyaneshwari temple holds some mysteries which dates back to almost 500 years.

It is said that a Brahmin priest who lived their with his family used to worship goddess Kalyaneshwari.

One fine day due to some reasons he was late for the worship. He told his daughter to wait on the Puja mattress till he comes back. But unfortunately, the goddess assumed his daughter as the main Prasadam and accepted her.


When the priest returned, he was spellbound to see that his daughter was not there and realized what had happened. When he begged for his daughter, Devi maa arrived and told that she wished to be worshipped by mothers who desire to have a child or who face miscarriages or fails to give birth.

After accepting the advice given by the goddess, she gave back life to his daughter.

It is believed Kalyaneshwari Ma fulfills the desires of all childless mothers.

The modern-day temple of Devi Maa has been replenished and renewed by the Hindu Raja Hari Gupta of Kashipur. It is said that Hindu Raja received Ma Kalyaneshwari as a gift of dowry. Devi Maa came in palanquin along with his wife to Sabarpur.

Hari Gupta built a temple in Sabarpur for Devi Maa. But later on, the temple was shifted to its present-day location. Maharaja dreamt of Devi Maa saying she felt extremely disturbed due to the clamor and constant noise of the husking pedal and milling of wheat and rice in the village.

Hence Maharaja shifted her temple to Kalyaneswari forest for her gratification. Still, some of the remnants of the original temple are there in Sabarpur.

It is also said that there were dominance of dacoits in this area in the remote past and humans were even sacrificed for the purpose.

Main Temple of Maa Kalyaneshwari

About Maa Kalyaneshwari Temple

There are a lot of shops outside the temple selling garlands and other puja materials. They also have sweets like “Pyenra” and “Nakuldana” which are very popular in Bengal. These are mainly offered to the goddess during Puja.

Devi Maa resides in the temple wearing a red piece of cloth holding a baby in her hands. Kalyaneshwari Maa is present in a small cave in the temple. Outside the cave is a small Ashtadhatu Kali Maata idol which is actually being worshipped as Kalyaneswari Devi.


The backside of the temple has a small stream flowing with a gurgling sound that cuts across the granite terrains. The area is surrounded by greenery.

Generally, Maa Kali temples perform arati twice a day but in this temple only morning Arati is performed.

Sondhya Arati” is not performed here as it was not performed in the original temple in Sabarpur as well.

The priests used to close the Temple before dusk and the tradition of sandhya arati was not performed since then. It is known that the reason for this is because there were disturbances of wild animals in the forest areas.

People all over India believe that Devi Kalyaneshwari is very active and awake and save her devotees from obstacles and blesses them.

The other tourist center attractions of the place are Millennium Park, Dear Park, and Pahari Baba Mandir, Maithon, and Panchet Dam.


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