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Ghagar Buri Chandi Temple, Asansol – Timings, History, and details

Sri Sri Ghagar Buri Chandi Mata Temple also known as Ghagorburi Mandir is situated in the City of Brotherhood, Asansol.

The name of the temple “Gaghor Buri” depicts the story of a goddess who appeared in the dreams of Kangali Charon Chakroborty wearing a “Ghagra.”


Ghagormata is one of the forms of Devi Kali just like other her forms, Devi Durga, Devi Ambey, and many more.

In this article I will be telling you the following about Sri Sri Ghagar Buri Chandi Mata Temple:

Location of Ghagar Buri Temple

The city of Asansol is situated 200 km away from Kolkata. You can go to Asansol from Kolkata via bus or by train.

Check out available trains and buses from Kolkata to Asansol.

The exact location of this temple is in Kalipahari on the banks of River Nunia.

The nearest airport to this temple is the Durgapur (Andal) Airport. You have to take a car from there to the temple via GT Road.

The Ghagor Buri Mandir is not at all difficult to find as it is situated just beside the highway and anyone can view the holy entrance of the temple while passing through the highway.

Ghagar Buri Temple Timings

The temple remains open from morning 5:30 AM to 6 PM. No pujas are performed after 6 PM.

History of Ghagar Buri Temple

Maa Ghagar Buri

The temple was established in the year 1620 by Atul Prasad Chakraborty. There is a true story about how the worship of Mata Rani Ghagorburi started here.

Many years ago a priest by the name of Kangali Charon Chakraborty used to live in the place. He used to toil hard to earn his living. He used to cross the Nunia River to worship in the adjacent village.


One day, after being exhausted he sat under the peepal tree and fell into a deep sleep. He dreamt of a lady wearing ghagra who told him to indulge in her worship in that place itself. On waking up early morning he found that there were three big chunks of rock in the exact same place which were worshiped with extreme devotion since then.

About Maa Ghagar Buri Temple

The entrance of the temple wall is painted saffron with the Trishul of Mata Ghagorburi embedded in a silver pot on its peak. The temple has a wonderful environment with a strong psychic attraction.

There are many shops outside the temple that sell the main items required for Puja such as coconuts, garlands, incense sticks, and many more.

The temple arena is very spacious and it is painted in light pink and saffron color. The grace of Gagharburi Mata attracts many devotees every day all the year-round.

There are many other temples adjacent to the main temple. One such temple is the Siya Ram and Lord Hanuman temple. There is also a Yagyashala for the purpose of many occasional events like marriage, rice ceremonies, funerals, etc. The goat is sacrificed as the Main Prasad of Ma Ghagarburi.

In the main Ghagar Buri Temple, there are three deities worshipped. The middle and the prime one is Mata Ghagorburi, the left side of the main deity is Goddess Durga and the rightmost is Vairab or Mahadev with a serpent.


There is also a symbol of the Sun on the top of the three deities with a Spiritual Om Symbol. The deities are washed with coconut water before worshipping.

The temple also has hanging wall pictures of Ramakrishna Paramhansa, his Yogini Debi Sarada, and his disciple Swami Vivekananda.

The priest performs arati of Candle here.

The annual occasion of the temple takes place on the day of Rash Purnima every year. The temple fetches more devotees on Saturday and Tuesday.

Outside the temple, there is a huge peepal tree that has been branched with a separate neem tree. People tie threads to the trunk and make wishes which are believed to be fulfilled by Ghagormata.

In the backyard of the temple, the Nunia River flows with a gurgling sound and spreads tranquility all over. The Nunia River is supposed to be a branch of the Damodar river but mysteriously its destination is unknown to date. The water is very cold and there is enough stream current. The river is also covered with foam in certain parts.

Places to Stay near Ghagar Buri Temple

In case you are visiting this temple and wanted to stay for the night, the most preferable place is to stay in the city of Asansol.

If you are looking for a place to stay near Maa Ghagar Buri Temple, you can check out the hotels mentioned below.

Everyone believes Gaghar Buri Mata fulfills all the wishes of her Bhakts. You can also visit this place to obtain a blessing from the goddess.

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