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Gajoldoba, Siliguri – View Point, Teesta Barrage, Picnic Spot

Gajoldoba is a splendid destination located in the district of Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. It is a small hamlet muffled in the Dooars region, where the Himalayan foothills provide a stunning backdrop, with the Mahananda River to the west and the Teesta River to the east.

But what truly sets Gajoldoba apart is its Teesta Barrage Project. This reservoir also serves as a bird-watching center. The village’s picturesque landscape and its location near the Baikunthapur Forest make it boast some marvelous nature with an unmatched wilderness in it.


All these factors make it a delightful destination, especially for those who want to relax and rejuvenate for a couple of days.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about Gajoldoba,

Let’s see each of these in detail.

How to reach Gajoldoba

Gajoldoba is only 25 kilometers from NJP.

If you are taking your own car, the best way to reach Gajoldoba is to take the Eastern Bypass and then take a left onto the Gajoldoba Road.

Cabs and shared jeeps are also available that will take you to Gajoldoba. 

You can also take an Auto, or a Toto to Ghorar More or Ashigahar from NJP/Siliguri and then another shared car to Gajoldoba.

The natural beauty of Gajoldoba

The quaint village is enveloped by the lush Baikunthapur forest. River Teesta and Mahanadi meanders through the place giving it a surreal look, while the verdant greenery along the water’s edge reflects the clear sky and forest hues. 

The distant mountain silhouettes create a captivating topography, elevating the site’s elegance. Gajoldoba boasts sensational scenic beauty, along with peace and calmness.


The air is filled with the sweet fragrance of Teak and Sal, and the thriving biodiversity of plant and animal species adds to its irresistible charm. The melodic chorus of birds, including the Common Teal and Siberian Rubythroat, uplifts the village’s ambiance, creating a sense of tranquility that’s hard to find in the hustle and bustle of city life. 

The leaves whisper gently as the breeze caresses them. Cotton-like clouds drift across the blue sky, casting their enchantment upon the landscape. With the sun descending toward the western horizon, the clouds transform into warm pastel shades, creating a scene that is simply breathtaking.

Places to visit in Gajoldoba

In Gajoldoba, you can visit a number of places including Teesta Barrage and Baikanthapur forest. The region is ideal for bird lovers.

1. Teesta Barrage

Gajoldoba is famous for its first reservoir built on the Teesta basin, the Teesta Barrage. It was done for irrigation in the South Himalayan foothills.

During winter, you can spot many migratory waterbirds from Ladakh and Central Asia visiting the barrage, including, Little Grebe, Great Crested Grebe, Bar-headed Goose, Greylag Goose, Lesser Whistling Duck, Ruddy Shelduck, Common Shelduck, Cotton Teal, Tufted Duck, etc.

It creates the ideal ambiance for flourishing fauna and makes Gajoldoba a birder’s paradise.


2. Baikuntha Forest

Gajoldoba is surrounded by the Baikunthapur forests. Here you can enjoy the chirping of the birds while taking a slow boat ride with local fishermen along the River Teesta.

You will be impressed by the alluring sound of the flowing river while spotting some migratory birds against the backdrop of the Baikunthapur forest.

Let me tell a short tale about Baikunthapur Forest.

According to legends, Lord Krishna went into hiding in the Baikunthapur forest with his principal wife and queen Rukmini. This is why ISKCON chose a place near Siliguri as the site for the largest Krishna Center in the Northeast.

You can also visit the popular Jalpesh Temple located 3 kilometers from Maynaguri which you can visit while going towards Gajoldoba. The temple is called the Shiva sanctuary and was constructed in devotion to Lord Jalpeswara (Siva).

Things to do in Gajoldoba

There are a lot of things that you can do in Gajoldoba. These include,

  1. Enjoy a wonderful night’s stay at the glorious Bhorer Alo amidst the serene landscape.
  2. Stroll down the snaking cobbled pathways and witness the colorful gardens.
  3. Explore the hill station and the nearby forests to rejuvenate your soul.
  4. Witness the majestic views of Mount Kanchenjunga bathed in the first rays of the sun.
  5. Soak in the peaceful and breathtaking ambiance around River Teesta.
  6. Set for a small hike to the nearby hamlets at the foothills of the Himalayas.
  7. Spot numerous Himalayan and migratory birds like Plover, Lapwing, Teal, etc, and capture them through your lenses.
  8. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the marvelous sunrises and sunsets.


Places to stay in Gajoldoba

There are many resorts near Gajoldoba where you can enjoy comfortable living. Bhorer Alo (Gajoldoba Tourism hub) is a wonderful resort where you can stay. Here you can get luxurious facilities and quality food too.

There are also many other resorts like Boroli Resort and Restaurant, Hornbill Nest Bungalow, Gajoldoba Eco Rest House, etc.

Best time to visit Gajoldoba

The best time to enjoy the surreal beauty of Gajoldoba is during the winter months (December to February).

This is the time when the water current in the Teesta River is not too dangerous. Also, the migratory birds and wild animals of the Baikunthapur forest are easy to spot in addition to the pleasant weather.

Other attractions near Gajoldoba

AttractionDistance from Gajoldoba
Baikunthapur Palace41 kilometers
Devi Chaudhurani Temple38 kilometers
Shikarpur Tea Estate18 kilometers
Bhabani Pathaks’ Temple18 kilometers
Bodaganj Forest22 kilometers

So, if you are planning to explore a serene place, Gajoldoba can be a place of choice. It will be ideal for a weekend trip or for a few days of vacation.

It is a less trodden destination, therefore the chances of overcrowding is less. The site will astound you with its attractiveness and the hypnotic vista.

Reach there, explore, and travel each path that you feel drawn to.

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