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Boro Maa Mandir (Naihati) – Kali Puja, Immersion, How To Reach

There are many temples in West Bengal and each one of them is deeply rooted in mythological tales.

Some of the temples are very popular such as the Shaktipeethas whereas some of them are regionally known due to the influence of the ruler or landlord in that area.


One such popular Kali puja or kali temple is located in Naihati. Often referred to as “Noihati’s Boroma”, this kali mandir is surrounded by a supreme shakti or power due to the presence of the fierce form of Devi Kali.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about Naihati’s Boroma Mandir,

Let us see each of these points in detail…

How to reach Naihati Boroma Mandir

To reach Boroma temple from Howrah, take a bus from Howrah to BR Singha hospital and then walk to Shealdah station. You can reach Naihati Junction by any local or express train.

From the station, walk for 10 minutes to reach Boroma Temple.

Naihati can also be reached by private vehicle as well via Barrackpore Trunk Road and Kalyani Expressway.

Naihati Boroma Temple can be easily found if you go west through Bhuvanmohan Mukherjee Lane.

About Naihati Boro Maa

Maa Kali, the goddess with a demonic or fierce appearance is considered the earliest manifestation of Shakti. Boroma is one of the prime manifestations of Goddess Kali worshipped in Naihati.


The jet black complexion of Boroma, freely flowing unmatted hair, fiery wide bloodshot eyes, protruding tongue embellished with gold, and body wrapped in gold and silver ornaments. Her dominating prevalence on Lord Bhairav or shiva defines her ultimate and unmatched beauty and strength.

History of Naihati Boroma

95 years ago, Bhabesh Chowdhury and his companions went to Nabadwip to see Ras Utsav. When he went there, he saw the huge idol of Radha Govinda. Seeing this, he got the desire to build a huge statue of Maa Kali and worship it in Naihati.

When he returned, he made a 21 feet big black idol of Maa Kali and started this grand puja.

Naihati Boroma Kali Puja

The statue of the mother is known as “Boroma” because of its great height. The main structure is worshiped on the day of Kojagri Lakshmi Puja.

The goddess is decorated with 200 Bhori of silver and 100 Bhori of gold. The face and crown of Devi Maa, Chand mala, anklets, and tongue are made of silver.

The three Netras (eyes, nose, and eyebrows) are made of gold. The sandalwood decorations on her body are also lined with gold.

Many devotees come from West Bengal to see Barama and make donations according to their will. Hence the entire arrangement of puja is done through donations.


Mother is worshiped as Dakshina Kali so there is no rule on animal sacrifice. Bhog and Prasad are distributed from the house of Chakraborty.

Many devotees honor the mother and perform Dandi. Once the wish is fulfilled, the devotees make new ornaments for Boroma.

The fruits and clothes that are left for the puja purpose are distributed to orphanages and old age homes.

Sarees offered during puja are distributed among the needy and Banarasi sarees are given to poor unmarried girls.

Fruits and flowers given to Boroma are distributed among the patients of the hospital.

About 4000-5000 kg of food (Bhog) is cooked here. The Prasadam of Boroma Puja is done with Desi Gawa Ghee.

Moreover, Boroma is worshiped on 11 consecutive Amavasya(new moon) nights and 700 kg of food is cooked every time.

Immersing the idol of Boroma

Immersing the idol of Boroma is also done in a novel way. No other idol of Naihati is immersed before the immersion of Boroma.

All the ornaments except the eyes of Lord Shiva and Boroma are replaced with flowers or ornaments.


Boroma fulfills even the smallest desire of the heart, hence many devotees visit here every year to get a glimpse of her.

She is immersed in the holy Ganges in a trolley.

So if you are a devotee of Kali ma, then visiting the doorstep of Boroma will soothe your soul and pacify your senses.

Consider yourself blessed if you get the opportunity to watch the massive puja of Boroma, Naihati even once in your lifetime!

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