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6 Instagram Worthy Aesthetic Places in Kolkata

The aesthetics of the city of Kolkata has always been extraordinary. From rustic-looking streets to old traditional houses, colonial buildings to modern condos, stunning light-lit pathways, nature, etc., the city blends everything well.


Its art and architecture make every corner look photogenic. A well-composed picture at some of these locations will surely enhance your Instagram profile.

In this article, you will get to know about some of the aesthetic places to visit in Kolkata to get a perfect picture,

  1. Metcalfe Hall
  2. Victoria Memorial
  3. North Kolkata
  4. Park Street
  5. Princep Ghat
  6. Hindustan Park

Let’s see each of these places in detail.

1. Metcalfe Hall

Location12, Strand Rd, B.B.D. Bagh, Kolkata – 700001
Timings10:00 AM to 05:00 PM (Tuesday to Sunday)
Entry FeeRs.20 per person

Metcalfe Hall is a heritage building situated at the junction of Strand Road and Hare Street, Kolkata. It was built in 1844 to honor Sir Charles T. Metcalfe, the then Governor General of India.

The architecture is reflective of the British imperial styles in the middle of the nineteenth century and is visually similar to ancient Greek temples. This heritage building has now been converted into a museum and the hall is now an exhibition centre that displays various aspects of Bengal’s culture and history.


You can see black and white posters giving anecdotes regarding the old localities of Kolkata, vintage movie posters, artifacts linked to Bengali Weddings, and exhibits of Goddess Durga. Next, on the ground floor is an open space with a beautiful overhead decoration. Here you can see a hand shadowgraphy video depicting the amazing city.

Each nook of this building is photogenic and you will easily be able to capture the essence of Kolkata. Get your camera ready and pose for some of the most amazing Instagram pictures.

2. Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial
Location1, Queens Way, Maidan, Kolkata – 700071
Timings10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Entry FeeRs.30 per person

Victoria Memorial, a large marble building near Maidan is another site that will be perfect for some snaps. It was constructed by the British government between 1906 and 1921 to commemorate Queen Victoria.

This monument in Kolkata is one of the most loved places and is great to try some photography. The majestic white Markana marble edifice covers the entire structure and is placed in the middle of 64 acres of sprawling gardens, dominating the center of Kolkata.

The luxurious architectural heritage is mirrored throughout the place. Victoria Memorial has several galleries that house paintings, sculptures, and manuscripts from the British era. There is also a premier art gallery, museum, research library on art history and museum studies, and much more.

The outside is maintained beautifully and is covered in greenery. You can take some amazing photos of the gardens, blue sky, and the white picturesque memorial, creating a magical frame. For a more dramatic effect, wait until dusk and watch the sun set behind the memorial. The orange hue of the setting sun will add a natural filter for an Instagram-worthy photo.

Just a tip, drop by on weekdays to avoid the crowd.

3. North Kolkata

North Kolkata is where the old city of Kolkata resides in its full glory. It’s home to many old structures and buildings that give the place a certain rustic appearance. This place truly reflects the glorious past of Kolkata.

Some of the places that capture the essence of North Kolkata are Shyambazar, Sobha Bazaar, and Hatibagan. These places have brightly colored buildings with old-style architecture, hand-pulled rickshaws, and yellow taxis. Beautiful graffiti is painted on the walls of a few of the lanes, which you can use as an aesthetic background. So many other interesting things are there to capture, which include the old pattern doors and windows.


Another place that you should not miss is Kumartuli, where you can see hundreds of idols of Gods and Goddesses being made by skilled artisans. You can admire their craftsmanship and feel the traditional vibe of the place. It will be a lovely place to click some pictures in ethnic attire.

North Kolkata has many other sites that are splendid and photogenic. You should explore them at your own pace and showcase their beauty on your Instagram page.

4. Park Street

Park Street is one of the most famous and lively streets in Kolkata. It is often referred to as “Shaheb-er Para” in Bengali, meaning the “neighborhood of Englishmen.” The place is dotted with several colonial buildings that provide the ideal photo background.

The street is lined with green trees and has a variety of restaurants, cafes, and pubs that cater to different tastes and moods. You can find many places that will give you the best possible frame for your photos. There are several aesthetic cafes here as well.

Park Street is a popular hangout spot and attracts people from all walks of life. It also has a vibrant nightlife that you can enjoy. Visit during the day to capture the natural light and the colorful scenes. Stay till the night to see the street lit up with dazzling lights and a festive atmosphere. You can capture different types of photos here, such as casual, romantic, spooky, etc. For some spookiness, you must visit the South Park Street Cemetery. The place is serene, picturesque, and a bit eerie.

During Christmas, Park Street becomes even more beautiful and festive. You can see the street decorated with lights, stars, and Christmas trees. You will surely get some splendid photos to upload on your Instagram.

5. Prinsep Ghat

Princep Ghat
LocationStrand Rd, Maidan, Fort William, Hastings, Kolkata – 700021
TimingsAll day
Entry FeeFree

Prinsep Ghat is a historic site that was built in 1841 during the British Raj, along the bank of the River Hooghly. The place is quite aesthetic.

The Palladian porch is itself a point where you can get mesmerizing pictures from different angles. The ghat overlooks the Ganga River and the well-maintained green surroundings add up to its charm. Standing at the spot and the ideal positioning of the Vidyasagar Setu make it a camera-perfect location.


The best time to visit is during the golden hour when the sky changes color and creates a magical effect. You can also go on a boat ride in the Ganga and see the bridge up close. The experience is out of this world and so are your photos.

You can also relax by the water and enjoy the views of the lit-up bridge and the shimmering city lights. Prinsep Ghat is one of the most Instagrammable places in Kolkata.

6. Hindustan Park

If you are looking for something different, then head to Hindustan Park, which is a posh neighborhood in south Kolkata. It has many enchanting cafes, boutiques, and art galleries that will delight you.

This is another popular hangout spot in the city and a photographer’s paradise. You can visit cafes like Sienna Café, Roastery Coffee House, Marbella’s Pancham er Adday, etc. to enjoy the blissful atmosphere, interiors, and, of course, the food. All these are extremely picturesque and will give you the aesthetic vibe you need in your photos.

Next up is the Art Rickshaw Building, which is right opposite Byloom Boutique. This is a remarkable spot where the outer walls are wrapped with impressive pieces of art. You can stand by the vividly colored backdrop and click as many pictures as you want.

There are also lanes in Hindustan Park that are covered with graffiti art. You can pose in different ways and take a snap from different angles. You can express your mood and personality through these photos.

These are some famous aesthetic places in Kolkata that are truly Instagram-worthy.

Now that you have known about the places, it’s time to explore them and try out your photography skills. Capture the sights and stories that fascinate you and share them with the world. You can create and upload your own anecdotes to inspire others with your perspective.

Instagram has become a platform where you can discover different cultures, traditions, places, and people and that’s the beauty of it. So go ahead, snap away, and showcase the beauty and elegance of Kolkata.

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