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8 Best Places to visit in Paschim Bardhaman, West Bengal

Paschim Bardhaman, also known as West Burdwan, is a district in West Bengal flourishing with an urban city lifestyle.

It has beautiful religious spots, dams, malls, and many other wonderful places with intricate architecture.


In this article, you will get to know about the following places to visit in Paschim Bardhaman,

  1. Kalyaneshwari Temple
  2. Maithon Dam
  3. Ghagar Buri Temple
  4. Galaxy Mall
  5. Junction Mall
  6. Deul
  7. Durgapur Barrage
  8. Shiv Shakti Dham

Let’s see each of these places in detail…

1. Kalyaneshwari Temple

Main Temple of Maa Kalyaneshwari

Kalyaneshwari Temple is a 500 years old small cave temple located in Asansol, Paschim Burdwan.

The place is also close to Jharkhand and Barakar.

The present temple of Devi Maa has been replenished and renewed by the Hindu Raja Hari Gupta of Kashipur.


This temple has a fascinating history and peaceful ambiance that draws many devotees every day.

(Click to know about the history of Kalyaneshwari Temple)

The presiding goddess in this popular temple is “Goddess Kalyaneshwari”.

The backside of the temple has greenery, and beautiful brooks cutting across the ledges of the rocks.

There are many shops outside the temple, where vendors sell garlands, prasad, and puja items.

2. Maithon Dam

Maithon Dam is located near Kalyaneshwari Temple and on the banks of river Barakar.

It is a popular tourist destination in Paschim Burdwan.

The Maithon Dam is surrounded by picturesque landscapes and lush green woods.

Maithon resembles that of a beautiful island which is a major draw for nature enthusiasts and photography lovers.

At the lake, you can enjoy boating or a Shikara ride with friends and family.


You can also go for a walk in the beautiful green forests margined by Palash and Krishna Chura trees that surround the lake.

One thing which you should not miss in Maithon is the spectacular views of the sunrise and sunset.

It is also popular as the underground power station in South East Asia.

3. Ghagar Buri Temple

Ghagar Buri Temple

Bhagat Buri temple was established in the year 1620 by Atul Prasad Chakraborty.

The emergence and history of Goddess Ghagorburi revolve around a priest named Kangali Charon Chakraborty.

(Click to know more about the history of Ghagar Buri Temple)

The temple complex is spacious and is painted in light saffron color.

In the main sanctum sanctorum three idols are worshiped: The middle and the prime one being Mata Ghagorburi, the left side of the main deity is Goddess Durga and the rightmost is Vairab or Mahadev with a serpent.


There is also a huge peepal tree in the complex, and Harikhaat where goats are sacrificed on special occasions.

In the backyard of the temple, the Nunia River flows making the ambiance more divine.

Many Devotees visit this temple to receive the blessings of Ghagar Buri maa.

4. Galaxy Mall

Galaxy Mall is a beautiful multiplex mall in Asansol.

It is one of the centers of attraction in Paschim Burdwan.

The family-friendly splendid mall is filled with an urban vibe and pleasures.

You can visit here and enjoy watching movies, have different cuisines in the food courts, and experience a fantastic day.

There are many retail stores selling jewelry, cosmetics, electronics, garments, and many other items.

You will also feel revitalized by the ambiance around the mall.

The area is encircled by open spaces and gardens.

The Galaxy basement is an important part of the mall, with upper and lower basements serving as a parking lot.

5. Junction Mall

Junction Mall is a famous mall located in the city of Durgapur in Paschim Bardhaman.

The mall is a favorite spot for the youth.

Encompassing a large area, the junction mall is an ideal place to visit for a perfect day out.

You can enjoy shopping, watching movies at Bioscope, and enjoying delicious food at McDonald’s or KFC.

There are also places to click amazing photos and selfies.


Many visitors come here and have a wonderful time sitting and having “Adda” with friends on the series of staircases in front of the mall.

There is also a small kid’s play zone in front of the mall.

There are a lot of parking spaces and plenty of street-side stalls where you can enjoy Fuchka, Momos, and rolls.

6. Deul

Deul Temple

Deul, located in the suburbs of Durgapur, is a destination of historical significance.

Previously it was known as a sparsely forested forest area rich in Ichai Ghosh’s legacies and legends.

But it is now considered a popular tourist destination and an Eco Resort.

There is a charming little park in the area that you can visit.

Icha Ghosh constructed the Rekha Deul (tower temple) or Deul in the 1500s. It is situated near the Ajay River.

Although the stories of these areas are lesser-known, they are quite fascinating.


You can simply stroll down the river’s green embankments to enjoy the peaceful and serene atmosphere, as well as the breezy atmosphere typical of such riverbanks.

You can also see some ruins of terracotta temples here.

Garh Forest is another popular spot located near Deul.

Folk singers can sometimes be found singing the Bengali folk Baul song here as well.

7. Durgapur Barrage

Durgapur Barrage is one of Paschim Bardhaman’s most popular tourist attractions.

The dam was built to check the flow of the Damodar River, especially during floods.

At this location, you can enjoy a breathtaking view from the barrage and the adjoining bridge.

The location not only has a beautiful sight to behold but can also provide a memorable experience for couples.

You can hire a local boat and go out boating.


Many people also enjoy picnicking at the barrage.

If you can stay late till evening, and can even click amazing pictures of the sunset.

You can also check out the Sandhya Arati that is held in Barrage every evening.

8. Shiv Shakti Dham

Shiv Shakti Dham

Shiv Shakti Dham, located in Gopalmath, is a wonderful temple devoted to the Hindu God Shiva.

This temple is considered one of the largest temples near Durgapur.

The temple is a perfect example of beautiful architecture and a serene ambiance.

The architecture of the temple resembles that of the Somnath temple in Gujarat.

The interiors of the temple are carved out of beautifully sculpted pillars with white marble floors.

You can sit for hours inside the temple and meditate.

There is a beautiful shiva linga inside the temple with an upraised platform bounding it, and a Nandi bull idol in front of the shiva lingam.

Because of the spiritual ambiance of the place, many people are drawn to this sacred Dham.

There is also an artificial lake which is filled with the water of the river Ganga.


These are some of the popular places to visit in Paschim Bardhaman.

The chilling vibes and breathtaking beauty of these famous places create an unforgettable memory.

You will love to visit these places again and again.

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