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4 Famous Heritage Cafes To Visit In Kolkata (West Bengal)

Kolkata, the city of joy, has a rich and historic legacy that reflects in its people’s culture and traditions

Nothing can be more relaxing than enjoying a lazy afternoon at one of its iconic heritage cafes. These cafes are hidden gems in the old city of Kolkata, tucked away in the narrow streets and lanes.


They have different styles and themes, but they all share a common passion for serving delicious food for ages.

In this article, you will get to know about the following heritage cafes in Kolkata,

  1. Indian Coffee House
  2. Flury’s
  3. Paramount
  4. Mitra Cafe

Let’s see each of these cafes in detail.

1. Indian Coffee House

Indian Coffee House

Indian Coffee House is an age-old cafe in Kolkata, that preserves a vintage culture and heritage.

Back in 1942, the Indian Coffee House marked its arrival with a chain of restaurants in the Albert Hall. The House to date flaunts a perfect ambiance for addas for poets, writers, philosophies, intellectuals, and social activists.

You will be fascinated to know that Mrinal Sen, Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, Aparna Sen, Manna Dey, and many other legends were regular visitors of this historic cafe.


The charm of the yesteryears still lingers today. The high ceilings with long hanging fans, the jute and wooden chairs, and the worn-out walls describe the interiors. They reflect the old times.

As it is situated in the busy College Street Area, students, and professors from Presidency University, Calcutta University, and the nearby colleges find it an ideal spot to spend a good time after college hours.

There are good vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options at affordable rates. Don’t forget to try the Kabiraji here!

2. Flury’s

Flury is a popular heritage cafe filled with history from the British Era. It is a European tearoom from the colonial period. It draws many crowds from all corners of Kolkata.

The interior decor reflects a colonial vibe with classic colors and furniture. The outlet is known for delectable breakfasts, pastries, cakes, patties, and meals. The menu is the same over the years and the cafe has maintained its quality of food.

The cafe has now introduced many vegan options. It is also keeping up to date with the new trends and retaining the old charm favorites.

What is more appealing, is the friendly and amicable waiters and servers. The sheer joy and perfection of the Old Calcutta blend here seamlessly and give the visitors an ideal taste of snacks and tea.

3. Paramount (College Street)

Another important cafe that has been really long known among the folks of Kolkata is the Paramount on College Street. The word “paramount” literally transforms to “superior” or “most important.” And people consider it the most iconic and significant juice junction in Kolkata.


Well, it has been really a relaxing place for the Calcuttians in summer. The Juice parlor or the Sorbet Bar served some wonderful refreshing drinks, like Coco Malai, Daab Shorbot, Mango Mania, Rose Malai, and many more at affordable rates. Pineapple Malai, Khus Khus, Cold Coffee, Green Mango syrup are some other favorites of the locals.

Eminent personalities have visited the cafe and have been a hallmark of Bengali society over the decades.

4. Mitra Cafe

Mitra Café is one of the best places to relish and savor some authentic Bengali cuisines. Only Bengalis can sense the emotion when they pass by, and the mouth-watering aroma of the food cooked with pristine ingredients hits directly the senses.

Since 1910 this cafe has been maintaining a steady bond of friendship among the customers. The dishes cooked with care and love say it all. Fish Kabiraji, Deep fried crispy fish cutlets, and savory deserts are served here.

Mitra Cafe staff greets customers with the sweetest behavior. You are sure to smile in pleasure after you savor the tasty dishes.

These are some age-old cafes that you can visit in Kolkata. Hang out at these wonderful cafes for an ideal old-school date idea and enjoy delicious dishes.

Don’t forget to admire the behavior of the staff, the rich legacy, and the old yet beautiful interiors that it holds!

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