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Bishnupur (West Bengal) – 5 Interesting Points To Know About

Bishnupur is a city with a long history situated in the Bankura district of West Bengal. Known as the ‘City of Temples,’ this place is notable for its terracotta works and exotic architecture. It invites tourists to witness the luxurious heritage, the amazing structure of the past together with the lush nature surrounding them.

The name ‘Bishnupur’ is derived from the name of Lord Vishnu. It is not just a city but a time machine to an era that was once a glorious kingdom of the Malla rulers. The place is admired by art lovers and history enthusiasts.


Apart from the brilliant terracotta works on ancient buildings, Bishnupur is also famous for pottery, terracotta jewelry, traditional Baluchari sarees, as well as music.

Speaking of music, the School of Hindustani Music flourished under the royal patronage. The rhythms of that historic era are still kept alive. The place is mesmerizing on its own. It gives us a sense of a certain time that we never thought we would experience.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about Bishnupur,

Let’s see each of these points in detail.

History of Bishnupur

The history of Bishnupur paves its way back to the time when it was under the Gupta period. The place was ruled by the local rulers who accoladed Samudra Gupta.

The place also goes by the name Mallabhum after the Malla Dynasty was founded by King Raghunath. Bishnupur was made the capital of the Malla Dynasty for almost a thousand years. The rulers were Vaishnavites and therefore had dedicated several temples to the Lord. This dynasty also left a mark by building admirable terracotta temples and other structures in the 17th and 18th centuries CE.


Later, King Veer Hambir of the Malla Kingdom and his successors uplifted Bishnupur into a primary center of culture in the entire state of Bengal. This can still be seen and adored today. The historic tales wind around the magnificent structures, which are also the legacy of the Malla Dynasty and their glorious days.

Attractions in Bishnupur

There are several attractions to visit in Bishnupur. This includes:

1. Terracotta Temples

Bishnupur is famous for its terracotta temples. Whenever you think of this city, the first thing that comes to mind is the incredible Ras Mancha. Apart from this, there are several other temples with varying architecture and designs.

Click to know more about these Terracotta Temples of Bishnupur.

2. Dalmadal Kaman

One of the main tourist attractions of Bishnupur is the Dalmadal Kaman (Cannon).

Dalmadal Kaman, Bishnupur

This canon is of historical importance and was actually used to fight battles. It is one of the most iconic things in Bishnupur Town it is located adjacent to Chinnamasta temple in a square-shaped courtyard.

Dalmadal Kaman was built by the Malla kings in the 17th century to protect their kingdom from invaders. The Canon was made of iron with a length of 3.5 meters and bears a weight of 12 metric tons. The cost was almost Rs.1.25 Lacs in that era.


3. Chinnamasta Temple

This temple is a must-visit if you are in town. The shrine is around 100 years old and the deity is considered to be lively. Positive vibes engulf the temple and it can be felt as soon as you enter the complex.

Ma Chinnamasta is a form of Adishakti and therefore a very powerful goddess. Visit, worship, pray, and be there for some time to soak in all the good energies.

4. Ma Mrinmoyee Temple

Built in 997 C.E., Ma Mrinmoyee Temple stands as a glorious ancient heritage of Bishnupur. The temple is devoted to Goddess Durga or Mrinmoyee. It holds immense spiritual significance and has seen different ages, people, devotion, and celebration.

This old site will take you through a journey from this period to a time that we have no experience of.

5. Malleswar Temple

This is an important and one of the early temples built by Malla Raja Bir Singha in 1622 AD. The deity present in the temple is Lord Shiva. The laterite platform is square and bears an octagonal-shaped tower. A beautiful idol of Nandi is found in front of the shrine.

Near the temple, a ‘Thakur Dalan’ is present, where an idol of Devi Durga is worshipped during Navaratri. This Thakur Dalan is considered a symbol of heritage.


6. Lal Badh

Being among the 7 historical ‘Badhs’ built by the Malla Kings, this is the most famous one. The name ‘Lal Badh’ was given to the dam after Lal Bai. A few beliefs and legends wind around the death of Lal Bai and this is one reason for Lal Badh to be notable. Many more are there. Visit to find out for yourself, all the reasons and do admire the years-old earthen dam.

The best time to visit Bishnupur

The ideal time to visit Bishnupur is during the winter months. It starts in the middle of November and lasts till February. This is the time when the weather remains pleasant and cool. The chilly breeze together with the warmth of the sun makes sightseeing very comfortable and fun.

Explore around the city, and look at the grandeur of all the different historic structures. Escapades become much easier during this time. You can even travel at the beginning of March. The colorful flowers during spring are wonderful to look at.

Summers and monsoons are not recommended. The hot season is characterized by scorching sun heat with a loo, while the rainy times are extremely humid with drenching rain. This creates an uneasy environment to travel around.


Places to stay in Bishnupur

There are several hotels and resorts to stay in Bishnupur.

Monalisa Lodge, Hotel Annapurna, Lodge Meghamallar, Hotel Laxmi Park, and Hotel Heritage are some of the popular hotels in the town.

You can also stay at WBTDCL’s Bishnupur Tourism Property. (Here’s how to book it online)

Other attractions near Bishnupur

AttractionDistance from Bishnupur
Jayrambati44 kilometers
Kamarpukur50 kilometers
Joypur Forest10 kilometers
Garhbeta25 kilometers

Being a cultural center of the state, Bishnupur will not let you down, if you love history and the rich heritage. There are places for you to stay in Bishnupur for one or two days and explore the entire city.

Know everything related to the structures and the temples and talk to the locals to get a better picture of the history.

Also, when you are visiting Bishnupur, make sure to buy Baluchari Saree. These are one-of-a-kind, authentic, and are a specialty of the region.

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