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Joypur Forest, Bankura – Resorts, Distance from Kolkata

Joypur Forest, located in Bankura, is a popular destination for a weekend trip from Kolkata or other nearby areas.

The boredom of the same everyday life is taking all our happiness away.

Surprises are missing and our minds & heart are trapped with nowhere to escape.


Thinking about a small weekend trip far away from the racing urban life? How amazing is that a deer traverses your path, gives a quirky look, and escapes into the dense woods.

Well, you have heard it in poems but I am talking about such wonderful experiences in a lesser-known forest called Joypur Forest in Bankura, West Bengal.

If you are a travel enthusiast this place is perfect for you.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about the Joypur forest,

  1. How to reach
  2. What to see
  3. Best time to visit
  4. Places to stay
  5. Places to eat
  6. Nearby attractions

I will also tell you about my experience. So let’s see all the points in detail…

How to reach Joypur Forest

Joypur Forest is located at a distance of about 200 km from Kolkata.

By Train:

The nearest railway station is Bishnupur. From Bishnupur Railway Station you can take a cab and reach Joypur.

Joypur Forest is at a distance of 12km from Bishnupur.

You can reach Bishnupur Railway station from Howrah and the train timings are given below:

TrainFromDep.Arr at BishnupurDays
Rupasi Bangla ExpressSatragachi6:259:30ALL DAYS
Aranyak ExpressShalimar7:4511:10MON-SAT
Howrah – Ranchi Intercity-ExpressHowrah12:5016:07SUN-TUE
Howrah – Purulia SF ExpressHowrah16:5020:01ALL DAYS


By Bus:

If you want to travel by bus, you can take a bus from Kolkata to Bishnupur. You can get many buses from Esplanade to  Bishnupur.

By Car:

You can also reach Joypur Forest by private car. It takes about three to four hours to reach Joypur from Kolkata.

What to see in Joypur Forest

The hushed Joypur Forest in Bankura, WestBengal is an ideal place to view the Shal, Shegun, Mahua, and neem groves.

A red graveled path crosses the dense forests.

Although the forest is unknown to many, the scenic beauty of the place is very comforting.

The giant trees form a dense canopy which makes some areas of the forest deprived of light. This makes these areas of the forest look more mystical.

Not only does the forest houses large varieties of trees, but it is equally known to protect vivid wildlife. The most common animals found here are the ‘Chital Deer’ and Elephants.

When you stroll along the narrow paths of the forests, you may suddenly come across these deers.

Don’t miss out on the golden chance to click their photos before they surpass and run into the interiors of the jungle.


Even you can also see other animals like wild foxes and jackals in the jungle.

Early in the morning, you can hear the sweet melodies of Kuhelis and the chittering of many birds.

At night you can hear the sounds of cricket and other insects making the nights more spooky and adventurous. The picturesque view of the forests is a perfect solace to experience. 

Best time to visit Joypur Forest

The Joypur tourist is open to tourists all through the year.

But the best time to visit Joypur Forest is during the winter and spring when the weather is comforting and you can stroll seamlessness along the long forest paths.

Also, the trees get flooded with colorful flowers which makes the forest a perfect backdrop for Instagram-able pics.

Winters are the best time for watching exotic birds watching. 

Places to stay at Joypur forest

There are many homestays and resorts near Joypur Forest. You have to book the resorts in advance.

The resorts offer the picturesque beauty of nature.

Resorts in Joypur forest

Banalata Hotel and Resort is the most popular resort near Joypur Forest.

You will get all the basic facilities and amenities in Banalata Resort.

The resort is amidst the lush greenery and serenity of the green forest. You can also enjoy a night walk and a cool breeze in the resort.

You can also stay in Bishnupur and hire a cab to the Joypur forest. Holiday Resort Bishnupur is the ideal staying option in Bishnupur.

There are many other hotels in Bishnupur as well according to your budget.

Places to eat at Joypur forest

You can get delicious food at Banalata Hotel resort itself.

There are also famous Hindu hotels where you can get good rural food thalis.

Restaurants in Joypur offer a wide range of food soups, salads, beverages, etc.

Other attractions near Joypur Forest

There are many tourist spots around Joypur Forest, like Mukutmanipur, Talberia, and Jhilimili, all located in the Bankura district.

You can also visit other nearby places like the Terracotta temples in Bishnupur.

Joypur Suradhani Park is also a famous attraction in Bankura. You can also visit Susunia Hill, another spectacular spot in Bankura. 


Joypur Forest is therefore a wonderful destination to spend your weekends.

If you are a nature lover then this place is perfect to experience the tranquillity of nature.

The lush greenery is fascinating and the vivid flora and fauna add a magical charm to the place removing all your stress.

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