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Belpahari, Jhargram: Weekend Trip – Places to Stay & Visit

Belpahari is a small located in the district of Jhargram in West Bengal. It is an offbeat weekend destination near Kolkata.

If you can’t make time for a long holiday tour in the mountains, just pack your bags and plan a beautiful weekend trip to Belpahari.


This amazing tourist spot is still unknown to many tourists. The perfect blend of forest and hills in the area, add new feathers to the tourist map of Jhargram.

The mountain-water-forest flavors of nature will make your trip a relaxing one.

In this article, you will get to know the following details about Belpahari,

  1. Location
  2. How to reach
  3. What to see
  4. Things to do
  5. Best Time to Visit
  6. Places to stay
  7. Nearby attractions

So let us explore the place in detail…

Location of Belpahari, Jhargram

Belpahari is located 35 km away from Jhragram and about 200 km from Kolkata.

How to reach Belpahari

To visit Belpahari, you have to first reach Jhargram from Kolkata.

By Road:

If you are planning to travel by road, you can take your own car or hire a cab from Kolkata to Jhragram.

The approximate travel time in a private car is 4 hours.

From Kolkata, you can reach Jhargram via NH6. The distance between Kolkata to Jhargram is 178 km by Road.

The cabs might charge 4000 INR- 6000 INR/-.


By Train:

You can also travel to Jhargran via train. I would recommend you to travel via train, as it is the easiest way to reach your destination.

You can avail any local train from Howrah junction to Jhargram station. It takes approximately 2.5 hours to reach Jhargram station from Howrah Junction. It is the fastest and cheapest way to reach your destination.

You can also take a train up to Kharagpur Junction and then hire a cab till Jhargram.

It will take 3 hours and 50 minutes approximately.

The nearest Airports to Belpahari are Kolkata Airport and Durgapur Airport.

What to see in Belpahari

Belpahari is one of the tourist centers of the Jhargram district and this spot offers spectacular views of the hills, water, and forests.

At the foot of the Dalma Mountains, the enchanting beauty of the primitive forest of Eucalyptus is ideal for weekend travel as well as for adventure lovers.

Shawl, Mahua, Piyal, Sonajhuri, Shirish, and Eucalyptus groves dwell in the alluring forest of Belpahari.


The forest offers a sensational atmosphere. The shades of the trees and the nearby water reservoirs create a cool and refreshing effect.

You will hear about the woods of Belpahari in the famous novel “Aranyaka” written by Bibhutibhushan Bandhopadhyay where you will get lost in the simple life of the people here, the villages, hamlets, springs, and jungles of the indigenous people.

Things to do in Belpahari

There are a lot of things that you can do in Belpahari and its surrounding areas such as,

1. Take a walk

You can take a slow walk through the small village called Aguibil, 8-10 km from Belpahari.

From the vicinity of the village peeks out the hills, the forests, and magnificent views of the vast reservoirs.

A black pitch path traverses through the serene village.

You can view the Garrasini dam on one side and the Khandharani dam on the other side of this village.

2. Trek the Garrasini Hill

Garrasini Hill is quite steep for trekking. The 360-degree view from above the hill is wonderful and the picturesque view of the surrounding is divine.

The hill is located at a distance of about 8km from Belpahari.

From Belpahari, go through the village of Gohalberya and then cross the jungle path a few hundred meters and you will get a glimpse of this colorful hill.

The charismatic red, yellow and white colors of the stones are reflected in sunlight and resemble the Uluru Mountains of Australia.

There is also a cave temple of a goddess atop the hill. There is also an ashram in Garrasini.

3. Visit Khandharani Dam

You can also trek to Khandharani Dam.

An eye-catching reservoir, filled with clear blue water, and bordering hills and forests around the huge dam are the prime attractions here.


4. Visit Ghagra Waterfalls

The Ghagra waterfalls are another prime attraction near Belpahari. This is one of the most popular spots in Jhargram.

This place is also a popular picnic spot.

Best time to visit Belpahari

The best time to visit Belpahari, Jhragram is during the springs and winters.

The mountains look more heavenly and misty during the winter.

Fog prevails in the low-lying villages during the early morning hours.

The lush green hills on one side of the path and settlements on the other look more beautiful in spring.

The whole region is scattered with infinite green, yellow, and red shades of shawls, Kendur, Behera, and Mahua.

There are so many Mahuya trees in this region and therefore the air gets intoxicated with the freshness of the Mahuya scent since the beginning of spring.

Places to stay and eat in Belpahari

There are many beautiful guest houses and homestays in Belpahari.

The Belpahari guest House is neat and tidy and is extremely comfortable. The rooms have all the amenities and facilities.

You will be given a warm welcome by the staff there. They are helpful too. They can arrange a car for you for the trip to Belpahari Jungle and other local sightseeing.

The extra benefits you will get here are the night safari, bonfire, and many more.

Atithi Niwas, Oasis Homestay, and Aranya Sundar Guest House are the other accommodations in Belpahari Jhargram.

You will be offered delicious and cooked rural food in the guest houses themselves.

You will get all the facilities, good food and most importantly the cordial behavior of the staff here.

The homestays will charge you around 1000 INR-3500 INR/-.

Other attractions near Belpahari

The Jhargram district has numerous other attractions located close to Belpahari.

You can visit the local sights of cultural and historical importance.

The Gopegarh Eco Park, Jhargram Raj Palace, Tamluk Rajbari, Rajbari palace, and Kurumbera Fort are some of the architectural ruins of the ancient palaces in Jhargram.

Another spectacular devotional sight that you must visit is the Bargabhima Temple, which is known to be a Saktipeeth.

These tourist attractions near Belpahari are very popular.

Don’t forget to take snaps of these historical places if you visit there!


You can visit the place at any time of the year, as the weather amidst the hills and forest remains almost mild and pleasant throughout the year.

The nights become comforting and cool.

To escape from the busy schedule, pack bags and leave for this awesome scenic destination on the weekends.

Don’t forget to take your cameras there.

Capture some lovely photos in the backdrop of mountains, reservoirs, and dense forests!

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