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5 Tourist Places to Visit in Jhargram, West Bengal

Jhargram is one of the well-known districts in West Bengal and has many popular places to visit.

It is known for its temples, architectural ruins, forests, rivers, and caves, and especially for being one of the most historically significant places in ancient India.


Jhargram has a diverse culture and lovely communities of tribal people that play a crucial role in shaping the traditions of this district.

In this article, you will get to know about some of the best places to visit in Jhargram,

  1. Chilkigarh Palace
  2. Kankrajhor forest
  3. Khandarani Lake
  4. Belpahari
  5. Gadrasini Hill

Let us explore a little more about these places…

1. Chilkigarh Palace

Paramanu Sarkar, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
AddressChilkigarh Rd, Chilkigarh, Khat Gerya (Google Map)
Entry FeeNil

Chilkigarh Palace is a popular historical landmark in Jhargram.

This palace, built by the Dhalbhum rulers of the area, is particularly notable for the abundance of temples inside its boundaries.

The temples are significant and long known for their presiding deities which are around 300-year-old.

Kanakadurga temple is also a prime attraction near Chilkigarh Raj Palace.


The palace was surrounded by high walls to keep the people secure from the Borgis.

The palace is a melting pot of diverse cultures, beautiful architecture, and stunning surrounding landscapes.

The palace is located near the Dulung River which makes the site more enchanting.

2. Kankrajhor Forest

AddressAmlasol, Jhargram (Google Map)
Entry FeeNil

Kankrajhor forest is about a 2-hour drive from Jhargram city and approximately 8 kilometers from Gadrasini hill

It is the ideal destination to visit if you wish to spend some time surrounded by nature. This will help you escape from the city humdrum.

The vista around the forest is stunning and will truly enchant you.

Many adventure seekers prefer walking to explore the wilderness of the area.

The majority of the trees found in the forest are Mahua, Teak, Akashmani, and Kusum. The tribal people gather hardwood from the trees in this area.

Spending time with the area’s indigenous tribal inhabitants is one of the most fascinating things to do when visiting the forest.

You will learn a lot about the culture and everyday life of the indigenous people over here.


3. Khandarani Lake

AddressAmlasol, Jhargram (Google Map)
Entry FeeNil

Khandarani Lake, located near Belpahari, is one of the most picturesque locations in the Jhargram district.

It takes about 2 hours to reach this pristine lake from the main Jhargram city.

Once you get to this location, you will be delighted by the gorgeous view of the entire surrounding area.

The ambiance around this lake is pleasing, with lush green trees and mountain ranges around.

The Khandarani dam was built on the lake to supply water to the agricultural fields.

Beautiful migratory birds flock here, like the Bronze Winged Jacana, Little Green Bee Eater, Indian Roller Bird, and Pheasant Tailed Jacana.

You can also spot many indigenous species of birds in the lake.

This is the reason you will find many bird watchers coming here every year.

Furthermore, the neighboring beautiful green forest is home to a diverse range of floras.

4. Belpahari

AddressBelpahari, Jhargram (Google Map)
Entry FeeNil

Belpahari is a tribal community located about 35 kilometers away from Jhargram city in West Bengal.

The pitch dark route from Jhargram to Belpahari is densely wooded on both sides with a variety of tropical trees including Sal, Mahua, Piyal, Sonajhuri, and Eucalyptus.

This village’s tranquil and serene setting is captivating.

This tourist destination in the Jhargram district offers breathtaking views of the hills, river, and woods.

The primitive forest at the foot of the Dalma Mountains is excellent for weekend trips as well as for adventure seekers.


The woodland has a fantastic vibe that will surely uplift your mood.

Ghagra, located close to Belpahari, has a lovely waterfall that you can visit during your trip here.

Tarafeny Barrage is also located nearby and well worth a visit.

You can know about my weekend trip to Belpahari, how to reach it, along with info like places to stay in the article below.

Click to know more about Belpahari

5. Gadrasini Hill

AddressAmlasol, Jhargram (Google Map)
Entry FeeNil

Gadrasini Hill is another popular destination that is located 8 kilometers from Belpahari and 46 kilometers from Jhargram city.

This place’s peacefulness will revive your soul and fill your heart with tranquility.

There is an ashram located at the base of Gadrasini Hill, known as Gadrasini Ashram. The principles and ideals of this ashram are inspired by Lahiri Maharaj and Swami Yogananda’s beliefs.

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People from many regions come here to spend time in a silent environment and seek spiritual enlightenment.

Every year, a huge number of spiritual seekers visit the site during the month of Agharahayan.

The ashram’s religious program and gorgeous surroundings usually offer guests a Tapovan vibe.


The Gadrasini Hill is a haven for colorful birds and therefore an excellent spot for bird viewing.

A route made entirely of rocks and boulders enables visitors to reach the peak in about 20-25 minutes.

When you reach the top, you can experience a jaw-dropping and a mesmerizing view of the surroundings.

You can also enjoy a beautiful walk through the forest.

Spending an entire day in the hills can be an excellent experience and a day out in picnic mode can be also fun for the tourists.

These are some of the places you can visit in the Jhargram district of West Bengal.

They are also some of the best getaway destinations near Kolkata.

If you are planning to spend your weekends in a calm setting then these beautiful places are for you.

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