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5 Best Tent Camping Places near Kolkata, West Bengal

Camping is one of my favorite vacation ideas amidst nature.

Spending time in nature means you are miles away from the electronic and concrete world.

As birds chirp, a pleasant breeze kisses you, and feel how your threads are woven with nature and adventures.


Gazing at the night sky full of stars and sleeping on the lap of nature is still a dream for many.

The gorgeous scenery of West Bengal comprises lush woods, peaceful hill stations, and unique beaches.

This makes it an excellent spot for a camping trip.

In this article, you will get to know about the following camping places near Kolkata,

  1. Khisma Forest
  2. Bagda Beach Camp
  3. Susunia Hills
  4. Mousuni Island
  5. Ayodhya Hills

Let’s see each of these places in detail…

1. Khisma Forest

Khisma Forest in Nadia is a lesser-known forest in Bengal with its surreal beauty and soothing atmosphere.

The lovely place is an ideal destination for campers and backpackers. 

Located near Kolkata the dense forest offers all the excitement that makes camping more worthy.


The silence of nature is overtaken by the avifauna in the forest and hence this jungle is a bird sanctuary too.

Bird enthusiasts and photographers set up camps in the jungle and enjoy their life to the fullest.

2. Bagda Beach Camp

Pic: Joita Mondal

Bagda Beach is an ideal camping destination near Kolkata.

The offbeat destination is an unexplored beach in Dublagadi, Baleshwar District, Orissa. 

Bagda Sea Beach offers you large and small Eco Camps where you can chill and relax amidst the serene nature.

Listen to the roaring waves crashing on the white sands.

You can rest in the camps surrounded by Tamarix trees and hence you can enjoy the pleasant breeze from the surrounding.


Relax in the camps, enjoy campfires and relish the fried seafood!

At night you can sit by the shore and view the magical night sky.

3. Susunia Hills

The lush green Susunia hill, that nestles in Southern Bengal, is a popular weekend destination on the Bankura Purulia border.

The scenic landscape amidst the red laterite soil and the lush green hills is a notable destination for tourists.

Backpackers and travel enthusiasts find the foothills of Susunia Hills an ideal place for camping.

Set out with your cameras and venture into the deep forests of Sal, Palash and Mahua.

The fiery orange hues in nature will surely make your camping memories more memorable.

Breathe in the freshness of Susunia Hills. Revive your soul amidst the serene nature.

4. Mousuni Island

Mousuni Island Beach

Mousuni Island is at a 4-hour driving distance from Kolkata.

It is surrounded by long stretches of sandy beaches, blue horizons, calm water, and coconut groves.

Camping in the charming Mousuni islands is full of fun. 

I personally have been to this virgin beach island, and I fall out of words when I am about to share my experience every time. 


Enjoying the sunrises and sunsets is one of the incomparable experiences that you can have here. 

Sometimes you can enjoy the cool breeze while chilling in a laid-back style in the hummocks. Enjoy the crabs, and lobsters and have refreshing coconuts. 

Stare at the jet-black skies at night while listening to the sounds of cricket. 

5. Ajodhya Hills, Purulia

Ajodhya Hills

This is a paradise for nature lovers, and travelers, and the Ajodhya Hill Camping is one of the most beautiful experiences you may have in your lifetime.

The hills in Purulia are a treasure of nature and this destination has a perfect blend of beauty and culture.

Campers are very fond of this place and are generally indulged in activities like hiking, campfire, photography, and many more.

You can create a magical moment once you sit with your friends, talking about life, playing guitars, and singing songs. 


You can also see how nature changes its robe wearing the scarlet red color of the Palash and the brilliant yellow color of the Shimul trees.

Sleep in peace, enjoy the natural wonders, and wake up with the chirping of birds and the gentle sun rays. 

The camping trips are an ideal opportunity to experience the serenity of nature and escape the hustles and bustles of city life.

Surely visit these ideal places for camping with your friends once in your life.

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