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Bagda Beach Near Balasore (Odisha) – 6 Points To Know

Bagda Beach is an offbeat destination located in Dublagadi. It is one of the quaint and unspoiled beaches of Odisha and is gradually becoming a popular tourist spot near Balasore.

This beach, located about 245 km from Kolkata, is an ideal destination to experience solace amidst the serene nature. The picturesque view of the thick Jhau Bon bordering the long coastline is a treat to the eyes.


In this article, you will get to know the following points about Bagda Beach,

Let’s see the points in detail.

How to reach Bagda Beach

Dublagadi Bagda Sea Beach is located around 30 kilometers from Balasore in Odisha. It is about a 5-hour drive from Kolkata (around 250 km).

The quickest way to get to Dublabadi Bagda Sea Beach is to take a train to Balasore (BLS), which is approximately 3.5 hours from Howrah (Kolkata).


The HWH SC SPL (02703), which departs Howrah at 08:35 AM and arrives in Balasore at 11:38 AM, is the best option to reach Balasore. For the return journey, the same train SC HWH SPL (02704) departs from Balasore at 13:53 hours and arrives at 14:53 hours. (You can take this the next day)

You can hire an auto or taxi or a reserved cab from Balasore. Autos charge up to Rs 600/- and the private cab can charge up to Rs 1000-1500/-.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option then you can hire a magic auto.

Things to do at Bagda Beach

Pic: Joita Mondal

Dublagadi Bagda Sea Beach is an undiscovered treasure in Orissa. The dense unspoiled beach is surrounded by a thick untouched forest of Tamarix trees.

During the night, you can listen to the sound of waves while gazing at the twinkling sky. On the new moon night, you might be able to experience a magical phenomenon known as a blue wave/blue tide. During this phenomenon, the luminescent glowing waves enlighten the beach. This happens when phytoplankton produces light as a result of a chemical reaction with dissolved Phosphorus in seawater.

Here you can also see the majestic view of the sunrise at Dublagadi Bagda Sea Beach, turning the white sands into scarlet red.


During the day, you can spend time in the sea while being embraced by the crashing waves on the shore. While strolling along the long sandy beach, you can spot some red crabs.

The local tribal communities are very friendly and cheerful. You can choose to interact with them, learn a lot about fishing, and even help them lay their nets on the seashore.

If you’ve never been to a fish ranch before, you could also go to the local Bagda Market (Macher Arot). You can buy fish from the fish farms, fry them and eat them. The combination of the fried fish and Kasundi/sauce accompanied by the scintillating breeze from the sea is a heavenly combo, and I guess everyone would agree with that.

Camping at Bagda Beach

Pic: Joita Mondal

The best way to spend quality time along the Bagda beach is by camping amidst the serene nature.

Small and large eco camps are available that can be ideal for relaxing. You can swing in the hammocks or relax on the camping tables and chairs. At night you can also arrange for a campfire and chill.

Best time to visit Bagda Beach

The best time to visit Bagda Sea Beach is during the winter and the springtime (October to March) when the weather is pleasant. During this time, you can enjoy a higher level of comfort with mild temperatures of sand and water.

Avoid the summers as you may face difficulty walking on the white sands.


Places to stay near Bagda Beach

Pic: Joita Mondal

There are many top-class resorts that will provide you with all the basic amenities. Arpita Beach Resort, The Sana Beach Resort, and Purbi Beach Resort are located near Bagda Beach.

The best option to stay here is the eco-friendly camps that are easily available. You can rest amidst the serene nature. Camping on nature’s lap surrounded by Tamarix trees with a group of friends will surely be a wonderful experience.

Places to eat at Bagda Beach

You can have good food in the resorts, camps or the hotels nearby.

You can try the famous dal bora near the sea beach from the vendors who come to sell them in their carts. Also, make sure to have some refreshing coconut water.


Other attractions near Bagda Beach

Pic Credits: Joita Mondal

There are several tourist attractions that you can visit near Bagda Sea Beach.

Some of these attractions are Bhusandeshwar Temple, Sindhua Dam, Khumkhut Dam, Nilagiti Baslasore, Vishweshwar Mahadev Temple, Dagara Sea Beach, and Kasafal Sea Beach.

You can also visit the nearby Swapneshwar Mahadev mandir, Mahavir Statue, and the Bhababalpur Shiv Temple.

So set for the unprecedented beauty of Bagda Beach, a perfect getaway destination from Kolkata.

The surreal atmosphere amidst the ‘Jhau Bon’ and the rolling waves can remove all your stresses and anxiety and surround you with peace.

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