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Talsari Sea Beach (Odisha) – 6 Points To Know Before You Visit

Talseri Sea Beach is a tranquil and picturesque beach located in the Baleswar district of Odisha, near the border of West Bengal. It is a small fishing village by the Bay of Bengal, surrounded by palm trees and sand dunes. 

The name Talseri means “row of palm trees” in Odia, the local language. The beach is about 8 kilometers from Digha.


Talsari is not only a sea beach, but also a river bank of the Subarnorekha river, which flows into the Bay of Bengal. You can also witness the spectacular sight of the river meeting the sea at the estuary.

This secluded beach is quite the one to spend a relaxed and nonchalant holiday.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about Talsari Sea Beach,

Let’s see each of these places in detail.

How to reach Talsari Sea Beach

Digha to Talsari distance8 kilometers
Mandarmani to Talsari distance30 kilometers
Kolkata to Talsari distance190 kilometers

Talsari is about 8 kilometers from Digha. You can easily get Totos and Autos which will take you directly to Talsari. Local cars are also available.

If you are coming from Kolkata, you need to reach Digha first and then continue to Talsari via Udaypur Sea Beach road.

The natural beauty of Talsari

Talsari Sea Beach

Talseri Beach is a sublime destination that supports a rich diversity of marine wildlife. The beach is located in a hamlet by the Bay of Bengal, where the natural beauty of the land and the sea is evident. The sound of the waves crashing on the sandy shore creates a lively and playful environment.


The beach is fringed by palm trees that create a beautiful tropical setting. The views from the shore are mesmerizing, especially where the sea and the sky meet at the distant horizon. The air is fresh and slightly salty, and the cool sea breeze has a characteristic calming effect.

In this polluted world, each natural element of this place can be appreciated separately and this can fill you with joy. The beach offers a perfect combination of wilderness and serenity, along with a bit of healthy tan on the skin.

Things to do at Talsari Beach

While at the Talsari Sea Beach make a list of what you want to do and explore in the area. A number of things are there that will make your visit memorable and amusing.

  1. You can see Red crabs running around on the beach. They are given the name ‘Red Army’ by some tourists.
  2. If you are lucky, you will get to see olive ridley turtles and horseshoe crabs.
  3. Venture the Subarnarekha River that streams across the beach and gives a picturesque view of the place.
  4. Splash a bit of the salty waters around and dip your feet in it.
  5. Being by the roaring Bay of Bengal and watching the vivid sunset is a satisfying experience to end the day.
  6. Try some nature photography.
  7. Savor some fresh seafood from the locals near the village. You will get a lot of varieties there.

Best time to visit Talsari Sea Beach

The best time to visit Talsari Beach depends on what you want to experience.

The monsoon season transforms this place into a wild and wet wonderland. You can witness the sea’s fury as it lashes the shore with powerful waves. The sky is often cloudy, the air is misty, and the showers are frequent. The palm trees sway in the wind, creating a dramatic contrast with the dark horizon. I usually visit during this time to experience the raw beauty of nature.


However, during the winter the entire scenario changes. The gloominess changes to a shiny surrounding and the ambiance becomes more calm. You will get clear skies, a joyous breeze, a shiny sandy coastline, and a crystal-clear view of the place.

Avoid the summers as the bliss gets interrupted by the scorching rays of the sun.

Places to stay near Talsari Sea Beach

There are several hotels and resorts to stay near Talsari Sea Beach, Odisha.

Some of the recommended ones are Shree Inn Talasari, Panthasala Chandaneswar, Hotel Sagar Saikat, Anjana Palace, etc.

You can also stay in Digha, Mandarmani, or other nearby places, and visit Talsari from there.

Other attractions near Talsari Sea Beach

There are several attractions to visit near Talsari Sea Beach. Some of them are,

AttractionDistance from Bangriposi
Udaypur Beach3 kilometers
Chandaneshwar Shiv Mandir3.5 kilometers
Suborno Island11 kilometers
Bagda Beach80 kilometers


Talseri Sea Beach is an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy nature’s beauty and tranquility. So, draft a plan to take a road trip to this unaffected beach in Odisha.

The cool ambiance, tropical weather, and receding waters will be there to welcome you with all its essence.

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