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6 Best Places To Visit In Keonjhar (Odisha)

Keonjhar is a town in Odisha that is not only known for its mineral production but also for the many captivating places that it offers. The town attracts tourists from all over the country and gives them a unique experience. 

The site is notable for its culture, tribes, food, and diverse attractions, ranging from waterfalls, lakes, and forests, to temples, and historical sites.


In this article, you will get to know about the following places to visit in Keonjhar,

  1. Sanaghagara Waterfall
  2. Khandadhar Waterfall
  3. Ma Tarini Temple
  4. Bada Ghagara Waterfall
  5. Kanjhari Dam
  6. Kanjipani Ghati

Let’s see each of these attractions in detail.

1. Sanaghagara Waterfall

An idol of Lord Shiva at Sanaghagara Waterfall

Sanaghagara Waterfall is located 8 kilometers away from Keonjhar town, on the Keonjhar-Sambalpur National Highway. This attractive and popular waterfall surges down from an elevation of 100 feet and forms a greenish pool at the base.

If you are looking for a refreshing and scenic spot, this is the place to be. The surrounding area is rugged and beautiful, with hills and forests that add to the charm. It is a famed eco-tourist destination as well as a picnic area. You can admire how beautifully nature wraps the cascade or listen to the soothing sound of the flowing water when it gushes through the rocks, falling into the pool below.


The waterfall is also considered to be a sacred site, as some believe that a saint used to meditate there. There is a park close to the waterfall, where you can see a statue of Lord Shiva in a pond. The place is peaceful and spiritual, and you can visit it if you wish.

The hills close to the falls will allow you to trek through them and enjoy a good adventure. Bird watching and photography are among other things that you can engross yourself in while on the spot.

The best time to visit the waterfall is during the winter months when the weather is cooler and more pleasant.

2. Khandadhar Waterfall

Being the 9th most elevated waterfalls in the country, the looks are much more staggering than you would estimate. It is formed by a stream called Korapani Nala, which drops from an altitude of 244 meters. Khandadhar Waterfall is also one of the most visited waterfalls in Odisha.

Dense woodlands cover the spot and have an unperturbed natural ambiance. The image that the falling cascade creates being in the middle of a forest is enchanting. It creates a dazzling rainbow at the bottom when falling from such a height.

Along with being a visual treat, the waterfall is also a cultural and historical attraction. The local tribes regard the place as holy and worship Goddess Kanta there. They believe that she protects them from evil and grants them prosperity. When you visit the waterfall, you will feel a sense of calmness enveloping you.

The waterfall is also a great place for adventure lovers, who can trek up the hill and explore the forest. You might spot some exotic birds and animals along the way. You can also enjoy a picnic with your friends and family at the base of the waterfall, or camp overnight to experience nature more closely. The waterfall is open for visitors throughout the year, and you can admire its beauty at any time.

3. Ma Tarini Temple

This sacred shrine of Ma Tarini is situated about 45 kilometers from Keonjhar. Ma Tarini is an incarnation of Goddess Shakti, who is the supreme power of the universe. She is also the presiding divinity of all the Shakti and Tantra Peeths in Odisha.

The temple is a holy place for devotees, who visit there to worship Ma Tarini and seek her blessings. They offer coconut to her as a symbol of their devotion. The temple is surrounded by hills and green trees, which create a tranquil and positive environment. There are also waterfalls and small streams flowing by, which enhance the beauty of the place.


So many legends are entwined with the site, one of which is related to the king of Keonjhar. He was bringing Ma Tarini from Puri to his kingdom. He was instructed not to look back at her until he reached his destination. However, he heard a bell ringing behind him. He stopped at Ghatgaon and turned back, only to find that Ma Tarini had stopped there too. She liked the place so much that she decided to stay there, and thus the temple was built.

The temple celebrates various festivals throughout the year, which showcase the diverse and vibrant culture of Odisha. You can plan your visit during these times.

4. Bada Ghagara Waterfall

Bada Ghagara Waterfall

This is yet another waterfall situated at Keonjhar. The Bada Ghagara Waterfall is a part of the river Ghaghara and creates a stunning cascade from a height of 200 ft.

The waterfall is surrounded by exotic flora, green hills, and woodlands. It is a captivating place where you can find calmness and solitude. You can also learn about the history and culture of the area, as there are some tribal villages near the waterfall.

Sitting by the waters and closing your eyes will introduce you to different rhythmic sounds of nature. All of it is soul-pleasing and sublime. You can also walk around and explore the wilderness and the tribal life. You can have a picnic in nature and follow the trails for some adventure.

You can also visit the Tribal Museum nearby and discover the history, culture, and life of the tribal people. The best time to visit the Bada Ghagara Waterfall is from November to June.

5. Kanjhari Dam

Kanjhari Dam

The Kanjhari Dam is constructed over a branch of River Brahmani and is a significant irrigation project in Odisha. There is a park nearby and the site is surrounded by forests and rolling hills. The place offers picturesque views of the topography and attracts a large number of tourists.

The dam has a pleasant atmosphere that is quite relaxing and inviting. You can witness the incredible sunrises and sunsets from the dam, as the water and the hues of the sky combine together to form a camera-perfect moment.


There are many picnic spots where you can chill and spend a laid-back day. You can also take a boat ride and get closer to the dam. The scenery from there is breathtaking. Also, venture through the forests and hills and experience the untouched nature, wildlife, and rare plants.

The best time to visit the Kanjhari Dam is during the winter months when nature is in full bloom.

6. Kanjipani Ghati

Kanjipani Ghati, Odisha

This scenic spot is a valley enfolded by hill ranges and green woods. Kanjipani Ghati is known for comeliness, bliss, cultures, as well as lush biodiversity. It is home to different plants, animals, and natural springs.

One interesting fact about this place is that during winter the temperatures can go down to zero degrees and the atmosphere turns frosty. Kanjipani Ghati is ideal for relaxing and enjoying the romantic mood and the essence of nature.

The valley changes its look during dawn and dusk, as the sun’s rays play with the colors. The most magical part is the night sky, as it becomes starry and enchanting. The trails of Kanjipani will take you around the entire place and will help you in all the escapades. The beauty of the location will mesmerize you.

Kanjipani Ghati shows off some unique beauty that makes it perfect for spending your holidays in peace. There are some places to see and explore nearby. Other than that, you can rest, de-stress yourself, taste some of the local foods, and wander around to know the site a bit more. The weather is pleasant throughout the year, so you can visit anytime you want.

These are some famous places to visit in and around Keonjhar. The more you learn about this town, the more curious you will be to see what else it has in store. And for that, you will have to visit the town yourself and enjoy the adventure.

Satisfy your curiosity by making a trip to the town. The charm of the town will make you fall in love with it more than you expect.

Happy journey!

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