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5 Beautiful Offbeat Destinations near Kalimpong, West Bengal

Do you love to relax back and enjoy the mystical views of the mystical mountains, forests, and streams?  Want to experience the surreal nature with red FM and a coffee cup?

Then these offbeat destinations near Kalimpong are for you. These places offer overflowing beauty that can be explored to experience inner peace.


These less-visited destinations are far away from the busy city life and can be visited during holidays or on weekends.

During the summer, you can visit these offbeat tourist spots not only to escape the summer heat but also to unleash the stress and anxiety of your busy schedule.

In this article, you will get to know about the following offbeat destinations in Kalimpong,

So let’s see a little bit more about these places…

1. Bhalukhop

Far away from the grasp of urbanization, this village offers a spectacular view of the tranquil yet mighty Teesta river and the majestic view of the Kanchenjunga.

Nature enthusiasts who seek perfect solitude and wanna escape the chaos of the city bustles can visit this less trodden village in Kalimpong.

The viewpoints near Bhalukhop offer a spectacular view of the entire valley. This village is also visited by numerous Himalayan birds.


You will get a view of the divine Kanchenjunga peaks from this village.

You can also perform major activities like strolling, trekking, photography, bird watching, and other adventurous activities here.

There are trekking trails that can take you to the nearest waterfall through the dense alpine forests of the valley.

You can also visit the nearby attractions like Delo Park, Icchegaon, Sillery Gaon, and Durpin Monastery.

Exploring these places will make your weekends and holidays a memory to remember forever.

You can stay in the well-equipped homestays to enjoy the breathtaking view of the mountains and pleasant weather.

2. Chisang

Chisang is a small yet amazing mountain village in West Bengal. It is also one of the offbeat destinations in the Kalimpong district.

Located a few kilometers away from the Indo-Bhutan border, the village with a magnificent view of the Nathula range and Tendu valley of Bhutan.

The backpackers and the travelers experience serenity in the rural living cultures.

It is also an ideal place for adventure lovers and you can spend long hours relaxing back and watching the mystical view of the hamlet.

Chisang valley is also home to a variety of endangered and rare flora and fauna species.

The village is woven with rich culture and history. If you are a nature lover, you will really enjoy the picturesque beauty.


You will be surprised to know that Chisang is known for its optimum medicinal herbs and is one of the core centers for the world-famous manufacture of organic cardamom.

You can choose to stay in the finest homestay and spend a great holiday.

You can also visit other places such as the Gorubathan block, or the Thek Sum Choling Monastery from Chisang.

3. Bidyang

Bidyang in Kalimpong is a perfect place to seek solace amidst the bliss of nature.

You can experience the scenic beauty of Bidyang Kalimpong, which is almost 15 km away from the main town of Kalimpong.

This new attraction is surrounded by the valleys and hills of North Bengal and is situated on the banks of the Reli River. You can plan your holiday destination in such an offbeat destination to escape from the hectic lifestyle.

The small hamlet Bidyang is situated at an elevation of 3000 feet. The alluring beauty of Vidya lies in the rich flora fauna and the cheerful local communities.

If you visit this place, you can see the sounding mountains, thick woods stretches of agricultural land, vibrant flowers, insects, butterflies, and much other glorious beauty.

The wooden hanging bridge of Bidyang, Kalimpong is the perfect place to click photos in the backdrop of the landscape.

Teesta rivers flowing across the alpine and oak forest are the additional charms found in Bidyang.  

4. DalapChand

DalapChand is a peaceful village amidst the amazing forest and mountain peaks of the Himalayas.

Located in the Kalimpong block, Darjeeling district the tranquil environment and the astounding mountain views of DalapChand helped the destination gain popularity among nature lovers. 

This offbeat destination is a perfect place to explore whether the person is seeking peace or adventure.


In Dalapchand you can view the lush green valleys and the mountain peaks, especially Kanchenjunga.

Every household garden of the Hamlet is beautifully decorated with blooming Himalaya flowers.

What can be more stunning than the sunsets and sunrise views emerging over the mountain peaks!

You will feel a heavenly experience having the captivating views of the snow-covered Mount Kanchenjunga.

You can also spend your holidays going on trekking trails.

Don’t forget to make a short trip to the nearby sightseeing places such as the Rishop, Lava, Teesta valley tea garden, and Neora Valley National Park.

5. Lingsay Khasmahal

Lingsay Khasmahal is a scenic village located above the hills at an elevation of 4800 feet.

This is an offbeat destination in the Kalimpong district and you may rarely find such a natural masterpiece that is rich in natural beauty and sites.

Lingsay Khasmahal offers you a splendid view of the mountain peaks. It is almost 48 km away from the town of Kalimpong.

The most striking feature of this place is that you can see a combination of the traditional culture and heritage of three Himalayan tribes known as the Lepchas, Bhutiyas, and the Nepalis.

The scenic beauty and the Heritage of the place will make you spellbound.


You can choose to stay in the popular homestays here and visit the waterfalls, and forests and explore the serene lakes and mountains.

There are many popular and impressive attractions near Lingsay Khasmahal such as Lepcha House,  Lepcha monastery, Servang waterfall, and Sherpa monastery.

You can also spot a number of exotic Himalayan birds in the surrounding forest.

If you want, you can also book your stay at Kalimpong and visit these places.

The wonderful offbeat destinations in and near Kalimpong are well connected by rail and road networks.

You can visit these less-visited places in any season as the weather is always pleasant.  The magical vista of the places can be cherished forever.

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