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Lamahatta Eco Tourism Park, Takdah, Darjeeling – How to reach, what to see

Lamahatta is a small village located near the city of Darjeeling. Its view of nature and dense forest of Pine and Dhupi trees makes it an incredible offbeat destination near Darjeeling.

The Lamahatta Eco Tourism Park is the most famous spot in Lamahatta and is also one of the beautiful tourist attractions near Takdah.


I visited this place on our way to Takdah from Darjeeling. The dense forest covered in clouds and the serene atmosphere makes this place feels like heaven.

The name ‘Lamahatta’ is derived from the words “Lama,” the Buddhist monk, and “hatta,” meaning hut. So the name Lamahatta signifies “A monk’s hermitage.”

In this article, you will get to know about my experience of the Lamahatta Eco-park and the following details about it:

How to Reach Lamahatta Eco-park

The village of Lamahatta and the Lamahatta Eco-tourism park is located about 73 kilometers from Siliguri and 23 kilometers from Darjeeling. It is well connected to Darjeeling by the Darjeeling – Kalimpong state highway.


How to reach Lamahatta from Darjeeling?

The best way to reach Lamahatta from Darjeeling is by booking a private car. Shared jeeps are also available from Darjeeling to Lamahatta.

If you don’t get any directly shared jeep, you can take one to Jorebunglow near Ghum Station and take another one from there to Lamahatta.

How to reach Lamahatta from Siliguri?

The best way to reach Lamahatta is to take a taxi or book a private car from Siliguri Bus stand, NJP Railway station, or Bagdogra Airport.

Shared jeeps are also available towards Lamahatta.

If you don’t get any shared jeep that can take you to Lamahatta directly, you can also take one towards Darjeeling, get down at Jorebunglow near Ghum Station, and take another one from there to Lamahatta.

How to reach Lamahatta from Kalimpong?

The distance between Kalimpong and Lamahatta is about 43 kilometers. It takes about 2 hours to reach. The easiest way is via the Kalimpong- Darjeeling state highway.

Lamahatta Ecotourism Park Timings

Everyday6 AM – 5 PM

Lamahatta Ecotourism Park Entry fees

The entry fee for the Lamahatta Eco park is Rs. 10 per person.


What to see at Lamahatta Ecotourism Park

Once you enter the Lamahatta Eco Park, you will see a pathway going around the park for you to take a stroll. There are wooden benches along the path for you to sit and relax.

The dense forest of pine trees, filled with clouds, gives you a serene view.

You will also see a lot of bright-colored flags fluttering on the side of the mountain. The local villagers believe that when the breeze blows past these prayer flags, it purifies the surrounding and the mind of the people.

Things to do at Lamahatta Ecotourism Park

Besides the colorful flags, there is a flight of stairs going up the hill between the pine and Dhupi trees.

These stairs go up to the top, where two small lakes are situated, known as the “Jore Phokhari” or twin ponds. You can take this about a-kilometer-long foot trail up the mountain and visit the lakes. The villagers believe these lakes to be sacred.

Lamahatta Lake covered in fog

Apart from this trail, there is also a 5-kilometer-long trek between the forest that you can take to reach Takdah.

Homestays and other accommodations in Lamahatta

A few homestays have come up in Lamahatta with the support of the state government. You can stay there and enjoy the beauty of nature up close. These homestays are located just opposite the park.


On a clear day, you can see Tiger hill and Kanchenjunga from these homestays. You can also experience the lifestyle of the locals by staying here.

Other attractions near Lamahatta Eco Park

AttractionsDistance from Lamahatta Eco Park
Takdah Orchid Centre10 km
Gumbadara Viewpoint4.7 km
Heaven Hill8.2 km
Tiger Hill20 km

There are also several homestays and guesthouses in Takdah, just a few kilometers from here. You can also stay there and visit this place from there.

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