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Lamahatta (Darjeeling) – How To Reach, Attractions, Homestays

Lamahatta is an offbeat destination situated 23 kilometers away from Darjeeling. The picturesque hamlet is perched at an altitude of 1737 meters, offering some of the most majestic views of Kanchenjunga.

The term ‘Lamahatta’ comes from two different words. The first word is ‘Lama’ which means Buddhist monk and the second is ‘Hatta’ which translates to hut. So, the term together means a monk’s abode, which showcases the serene and spiritual ambiance of the place.


The area was converted into a tourist spot in late 2012. This was done with the help of the State Government, the forest protection team, and the local villagers.

This eco-tourism spot offers much more than anyone’s imagination. It is home to a diverse community, marvelous ambiance, prolific wilderness, incredible views, and so much more. 

In this article, you will get to know the following points about Lamahatta,

Let’s see each of these points in detail.

How to reach Lamahatta

Darjeeling to Lamahatta distance23 kilometers
Siliguri to Lamahatta distance73 kilometers
NJP to Lamahatta distance80 kilometers
Kalimpong to Lamahatta distance48 kilometers


How to reach Lamahatta from Darjeeling?

The best way to reach Lamahatta from Darjeeling is by booking a private car. Shared jeeps are also available from Darjeeling to Lamahatta.

If you don’t get any directly shared jeep, you can take one to Jorebunglow near Ghum Station and take another one from there to Lamahatta.

How to reach Lamahatta from Siliguri/NJP?

The best way to reach Lamahatta is to take a taxi or book a private car from Siliguri Bus stand, NJP Railway station, or Bagdogra Airport.

Shared jeeps are also available towards Lamahatta.

If you don’t get any shared jeep that can take you to Lamahatta directly, you can also take one towards Darjeeling, get down at Jorebunglow near Ghum Station, and take another one from there to Lamahatta.

How to reach Lamahatta from Kalimpong?

The distance between Kalimpong and Lamahatta is about 43 kilometers. It takes about 2 hours to reach. The easiest way is via the Kalimpong- Darjeeling state highway.


The natural beauty of Lamahatta

Lamahatta’s natural ambiance can be elucidated by ecosophy. The amicably balanced environment is a scene to behold. The impeccable blend of the picturesque environment, flora, colors, and tranquil terrain makes the place alluring.

Rhododendrons, orchids, and various other flowers dot the landscape. Their fragrance takes up the air and the colors create magic. The lush hills occupy the frame as the backdrop. Stretched tea estates captivate the sight with neatly groomed tea bushes with different hues of green.

When we look a bit further, the Himalayas capture our attention. The cool breeze caresses the cheeks while being in the verdant environment. Sunrises and sunsets always come to mind when speaking of natural beauty.

The scenery formed during this time with the setting and the tints are just like a postcard picture. The curvy hilly roads, lofty pine trees along with small houses create a topography worth beholding. Everything is simply unique and enchanting here.

Attractions in Lamahatta

A few attractions are there in the beautiful village. Let us explore them together.

1. Lamahatta Eco Park

Apart from the candid beauty, Lamahatta is also notable for the Eco Park. It takes up quite a bit of land and shows off well-manicured gardens with a diverse number of floras.

There are tall pine trees that set the view. Stoned paths are there leading to different parts of the park. Seasonal flowers scatter their vivid hues together with the exotic orchids. Amidst the lofty green pines, the colorful Buddhist flag flutters in the air, creating the vibe. Watch towers are there as well providing a stunning view of the surrounding.


2. Jore Pokhari (Twin Ponds)

Embarking through a pine-fringed path, uphill, you will be able to reach the Jora Pokhri.

Jora Pokhri translates to Twin Pond. Locals believe that these lakes are spiritual and very pure. The aura there is very relaxing and revitalizing. It is a calming escape in the middle of nature and a good place to spend a bit of time.

3. Lamahatta Phunchock Rabten Gayphelling Monastery

This Buddhist monastery is amidst the wilderness and is 500 years old. As it goes back to so many years, the construction was done with stone, mud, and wood. the places hold an intoxicating calmness that will soothe the soul and mind.

To reach the place you will have to trek through nature. It is about 20 -25 minutes away from the eco park. The vibe is wonderful and worth all the effort.

Things to do in Lamahatta

While at Lamahatta, connect with the local atmosphere and nature. If you are eager to, engross yourself in the following activities:

  1. Explore the stretched roadside eco-park. This is one of the most notable places in Lamahatta.
  2. Walk up to Jora Pokhari and spend some time looking around. Be there and absorb the calmness.
  3. Venture through the pine forests. Breathe in the mountainous fragrance while immersing yourself in the tranquillity.
  4. Find yourself a nice place and sip on to some hot tea. The views from every location are on point.
  5. Trekking is a fun activity that you can take part in. Many scenic trekking trails are there that will take you to different destinations.
  6. Take a stroll towards the 500-year-old monastery. Spend time there and soak in the spiritual aura.
  7. Drop by the photogenic tea gardens that stretch as far as eyes can see. Admire them closely while breathing in the aroma.
  8. Watching the sunrises and sunsets in the mountains is a must. This can not be missed for the world.
  9. When the environment turns peach dark, that is the time when you will be able to see a new side of Lamahatta. Starry nights are astounding; sit back and stargaze for as long as you want.
  10. Unwind yourself while sitting in the wilderness just by yourself.
  11. Photography here is a must. Capture the candid mountains along with the remarkable landscape in the front.
  12. The ones who love Bird watching, this can be the place for you. Wait patiently, you might even spot a few exotic Himalayan Aves.
  13. Take leisurely walks through the road while looking at the slow and peaceful life here.
  14. Experience the local culture and talk to the natives there. Learn everything about the place; this will give you the opportunity to look into a different world.
  15. Also, relish the local cuisines there.


Best time to visit Lamahatta

The ideal time to visit a place is distinctive for everyone. Depending on your preference of season, Lamahatta can be visited at any time of the year.

Each season comes with a different face. April to the middle of June is the summer-time and has clear days and nights. The weather remains pleasant and the scenes are beautiful, as well.

This changes when the monsoon rolls in. It starts in the middle of June and continues till September. The nature regains their spirit and creates a very different environment. Every element looks mystical with the fog and mist. The cloud touches the ground while the water droplets dance on the leaves. It is awe-strikingly magical.

As soon as the monsoon ends, there comes the autumn and winter. Both the seasons are perfect to be in Lamahatta. From October till February, you will be able to behold a new look at the place. autumn and winter colors are so stunning.

Next up is Spring. It starts from the end of February and continues till the end of March. Everything thing at this time captivates the heart and eyes of the beholder. The surrounding brims with flowers and they again fill the air with their tantalizing scent.

Homestays and other accommodations in Lamahatta

A few homestays have come up in Lamahatta with the support of the state government. You can stay there and enjoy the beauty of nature up close. These homestays are located just opposite the park.


On a clear day, you can see Tiger Hill and Kanchenjunga from your room. You can also experience the lifestyle of the locals by staying here.

Other attractions near Lamahatta

AttractionsDistance from Lamahatta Eco Park
Takdah Orchid Centre10 km
Gumbadara Viewpoint4.7 km
Heaven Hill8.2 km
Tiger Hill20 km

The charisma of the place has never failed to captivate hearts. Nature’s quietude blends with the vibrant cultural heritage to offer a unique experience to all who are visiting the place.

The place is apt for adventure enthusiasts, nature admirers, peace seekers, and the ones who are looking to relax. To discover the pure nature and all the other factors indigenous to the place, sketch out a trip quickly.

Travel with the needed pieces of stuff and enjoy the vacation to the fullest. The grandeur of the Himalayan range which is revealed from the site is much more than anyone can imagine.

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