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Garpanchkot, Purulia – Resorts, Things to see, How to reach

Garpanchkot (or Garh Panchkot) is situated in the foothills of the Panchkot Hills and is one of the prime tourist attractions in West Bengal.

The enchanting beauty of the Garpanchkot is due to the lush green hills, natural charm, and historical monuments.


The drive through nature towards the hills of Garpanchkot offers you the best relaxation even if you are far away from urban life.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about Garpanchkot,

So let’s explore these points in detail…

Location of Garpanchkot

Garpanchkot is located in the Purulia district of West Bengal. The place is only a 5-6 hour drive from Kolkata. It is located close to the city of Asansol in the Paschim Bardhaman district of West Bengal.

The place has some natural treasures like the lush green valleys, forests, and pleasant weather. The silhouette of the Panchet Hills adds a drop of divine beauty to Garpanchkot and the adjacent areas.

How to reach Garpanchkot

To reach Gar Panchkot, you can travel by road or by train.

By Road:

you can hire a private cab from Kolkata which will take approximately 5 hours via NH19 or Durgapur Asansol National Highway.

The distance is about 245-250 km.


By Train:

You can also reach Garpanchkot via train.

For that, you have to take Black Diamond Express from Howrah and get down at Kumardubi Station or the more accessible Asansol Station.

You can also take the Shaktipunj Express and CoalField express

From there you can hire a car and reach Garpanchkot. The cab drivers can charge you 600-1000 INR depending on whether it is a micro cab or minicab.

History of Garpanchkot

Terracotta Temple ruins at Garpanchkot (Bodhisattwa, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

The history of Garpanchkot dates back to that of the Singh Deo Dynasty in 1500 AD.

As the name suggests, Garpanchkot means the unforgettable land and has emerged from the term “Garh ” i.e. fort.

The fort belongs to the king of Kashipur who built a temple on the Panchkot or Panchet Hill.

The hill occupies an area of about 18 sq km and is 2100 feet high.

The ruins of the entire kingdom today stand only as the scattered terracotta temples on the Southern Panchkot foothills.

The historical ruins of Panchkot Hills also bear evidence of a cavalry attack by the Marathis and Mughals.


Things to do in Garpanchkot

Garpanchkot offers you the perfect holiday vibes.

You can travel to this amazing place during the weekends to enjoy the scenic beauty and the splendid landscape of the Panchkot Hills.

Here you can enjoy the freshness of nature and vibe with the local people to understand their culture, stories, and history woven in Garpanchkot. You will surely forget all your worries and stress through relaxation, in this ultimate green abode.

Ruins of a Temple at Garpanchkot (Biswajit Majumdar, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

The dense forests of Tamal, sal, Palash, and Sonajhuri offer walking trails and also make it a perfect romantic destination for couples.

You can also enjoy the boat ride at the Panchet Dam located nearby.

Here you will find terracotta temples scattered around. The temples have unique architectural styles which resemble the wonderful architecture of Pancha Ratna, Jor-Bangla, and Pirha.

Therefore the temple ruins, springs, woods, towering Panchet Hills, and the Panchet Lake altogether make this place a perfect weekend getaway from Kolkata.

Best time to visit Garpanchkot

The best time to visit Garpanchkot is in the months of November – March.

This place waits for you in all seasons, days, or months with its captivating beauty and tranquility.

The temperature is moderate almost all year round except in summer as this place is present at a greater altitude than sea level.

During the summer the temperature reaches as high as 45 degrees Celsius. Therefore it is better to avoid visiting the place in the hot weather.

In winters the temperature even drops to 3 degrees Celsius.

The real beauty is unveiled during the monsoons when nature paints the rolling clouds and the green nature more vividly. The place looks no less than a dreamland.


If you want to experience the mystical charm, I would recommend you to visit during the springs when Garpanchkot is flooded with aromatic flowers and the ardent beauty of the Paalash, Krishna Chura, and simul blossoms.

The freshness of the air in spring and the lush green valleys of Garpanchkot showered in the rain make spring and winter the best time to visit Garpanchkot.

Places to stay at Garpanchokot

There are many hotels and resorts in Garpanchkot. The resorts amidst the beautiful nature and hills are a perfect place to stay here.

The Panchet Residency is a very ‘eco-friendly resort”.

Located at the foothills of Panchkot Hill, the resort provides all the luxury amenities such as green lawns, hill views, generators, air-conditioned rooms, and parking lots.

There are luxury cottages called the banjara huts, village Telkupi, and these small cottages are well maintained with western bathrooms, hot water geysers, refrigerators, comfy beds, TVs,

There are spacious dining halls in the deluxe and suite rooms. There are tour guides who are also available.

They generally charge 600 INR to 2000 INR.

The hotel staff is from the nearby villages and they are well behaved as well.

There are other resorts such as the WBFDC Resort and these resorts too have all the facilities, TV, AC and other canteen facilities.

What to eat at Garpanchokot

The hotels in Garpanchkot serve simple Bengali cuisines like rice, fish curry, or Bengali Macher Jhol with other side dishes like potato fry, and dal. The hotels serve both lunch and dinners.

At dinner, they generally serve chicken curry and roti. Charges are minimal, about 100-120 INR.


Other attractions near Garpanchkot

There are many attractions near Gar Panchkot and the spectacular views of these places can comfort your eyes and soul.

The Joychondi Pahar is a wonderful attraction in the red soil of Purulia

The Damodar River and the Panchet Dam are the water bodies where you can enjoy boating. There is also a Snake park near Panchet Dam.

Maithon Dam or Barakar Dam is also located near Garpanchkot.

The 500-year-old Kalyaneshwari Temple is also present on the banks of the Barakar River.

Baranti is another place with beautiful scenic beauty in the neighborhood of Garpanchkot.

You can visit these places on your trip.

Garpanchkot is a beautiful and iconic destination in West Bengal that you can visit all around the year.

The appealing place is ideal for a weekend destination with your friends and family.

The real beauty lies in the serenity of the place.

Cover Pic: Skasish, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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