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Tajpur Beach (West Bengal): 6 Things You Must Know About

Tajpur Beach is a pristine sea beach situated in the East Midnapore district of West Bengal. This unspoiled gem will offer you a tranquil retreat, especially during the weekend.

If you are yearning for solitude and a break from crowded coastal spots like Digha and Mandarmani, then this place can be a good choice. It is situated very close to these popular sea beaches but is way less crowded.


Tajpur Beach can be considered an ideal offbeat destination close to Kolkata. It has several hotels and resorts where you can spend a night or two.

Its distinguishing feature is the picturesque stretch of sand adorned with a canopy of tamarisk trees, creating a peaceful ambiance for relaxation and rejuvenation.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about Tajpur Beach,

Let’s see each of these points in detail.

How to reach Tajpur Beach from Kolkata

Kolkata to Tajpur distance171 km

By Car:

The best way to reach Tajpur from Kolkata is via Kolaghat and Contai. Take the same route you take to reach Digha. Once you reach Balisai, take the left at Tajpur More and take the Balisai – Tajpur Beach road to reach Tajpur.

By Train:

Tajpur itself doesn’t have a railway station. You can reach the nearest major station like Contai or Digha and take a shared Jeep or Auto from there. From Digha, the distance to Tajpur beach is approximately 19 km which may take an hour or so.


Hotels and Resorts in Tajpur

Taj Villa Resort, Rupasi Bangla Beach Resort, Blue Lagoon, Lake View Village Resort, and Star Inn Resort are some popular resorts where you can stay in Tajpur.

Aahar Guest House, Sova Hotel And Resort, and Tajpur Holiday Inn are some of the other hotels in Tajpur.

You will get some incredible views of the beach from the resorts.

You can also stay at WBFDC’s Tajpur Prokriti Parjotan Kendra. (Check how to book)

What to eat in Tajpur

You will get a variety of seafood at the stalls situated on the beach. Make sure to choose a hygienic stall to try the dishes.

Apart from the seafood, Baba Ka Dhaba, Dikipa Restaurant, Rahul Restaurant, and Maa Tarini Hotel are the famous local restaurants where you can get various Thalis and other Bengali Dishes in Tajpur.


Things to do in Tajpur

Tajpur Beach

There are a lot of things to see and do at Tajpur beach,

  1. The early morning aura of sunrise is something you should not miss.
  2. The long stretches of rocks and sands are a good place for adventure sports like boating, rafting, fishing, trailing, coastal biking, etc.
  3. You can spend quality time with your beloved walking along the long beach.
  4. Get a glimpse of the fishermen and the local villagers at work at the sea.
  5. Strolling around the small fish farms can give you an idea about the traditions and culture of the local people in this area.
  6. A surreal beach is an ideal place for camping. Some camps can also arrange bonfires during the night.
  7. You might also get to see the red crabs in the morning.
  8. During the dawn, you may get to listen to the sharp and delightful callings of the seagulls.
  9. If you are a sea-food lover, the seaside stalls sell appetizing seafood and fish that you can try.

Best time to visit Tajpur Beach

The best time to visit Tajpur Beach is between October and February. During this time, the weather remains favorable. My friends and I visited Tajpur Beach in during the end of December.

Try to avoid trips to Tajpur during the monsoon as the tides are quite high during this time and this could be risky. The weather is also uncomfortable and humid during the summers and monsoons.


Other attractions near Tajpur Sea Beach

There are many sea beaches adjacent to Tajpur beach and all of them are a treat to the eyes.

Some attractions that you can visit nearby during your trip are,

AttractionDistance from Tajpur Beach
Chandpur Beach2 km
Shankarpur Beach4 km
Talsari Beach18 km
Mandarmani12 km
Digha14 km

If you visit the secluded Tajpur beach, I am sure you will experience a different kind of happiness. The exquisite views of the long shores and golden white sands are the perfect place to lounge on the weekends.

You can click photographs of the rocks, wood logs, clear blue skies, and the horizons.

Try to communicate with the people there and you will feel the liveliness among the mundane life of local fishermen and villagers.

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