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Saralpara Picnic Spot in Kokrajhar, Assam – Location & details

Assam is a state bestowed with beautiful waterfalls, lush green valleys, streams cutting across forests, and other picturesque locations.

Most of the spots are ideal places for enjoying a picnic. One such beautiful place nestled amidst the serene landscape settings is Saralpara.


Saralpara has intriguing beauty and heavenly charm that attracts many tourists every year.

In this article, you will get to know about the points about Saralpara,

Let’s see each of these points in detail…

How to reach Saralpara

Saralpara is a beautiful place to spend the day surrounded by splendid mountain chains and a brook that runs through the valley.

You can easily reach Saralpara from Kokrajhar and Bongaigaon.

It is located 65 kilometers away from the town of Kokrajhar and around 67 kilometers away from Bongaigaon.

If you want to go to Saralpara for a picnic from Guwahati, the journey will be rather difficult because it will take roughly 6-7 hours.


You can instead stop at Bongaigaon and continue the next day.

From Bongaigaon, you can drive straight on the main National Highway 27 and head to Bishmuri on the right side after you have crossed Kajalgaon.

You will come across the massive gate at the turning point and the Bishmuri Army Camp.

To reach the supreme picnic spot of Saralpara you need to drive through the Gaurang Ranges.

Things to do in Saralpara

There are a number of things that you can do in Saralpara.

1. Enjoy a Picnic

The prime reason to visit Saralapara is to enjoy a day picnicking with your dearest people.

You can have a wonderful experience amidst the awestruck mountains, and placidly flowing rivulets.

If you are an early bird, you can have many options to choose a more optimum picnic spot than the others. The spots beside the flowing water are more desirable.

You will also not have to face any difficulty regarding parking the cars.

Pack your own food for the picnic and enjoy most of the time relaxing and clicking pictures.

Or otherwise, you can plan for an organized picnic with your team carrying all the essentials to the picnic spot and preparing the delicious food there.

The perfect blend of scintillating weather, the aroma of cooked dishes, the pristine beauty of nature, and singing and dancing with your squad will make your picnic memories more memorable.

Try to depart from the picnic spots before sunset, as there might not be any network on the roads and it’s not safe on the roads after dark.

2. Enjoy the ambiance and serenity

Saralpara is situated close to the Sarpang Dzongkhag headquarters in Bhutan.

When you visit Saralpara you can feel the spiritual charm due to some of the scattered Bhutanese temples and prayer flags all over.


The dawn time looks more majestic as the misty valleys, gurgling streams, chirping birds and sunrises will take your breath away.

If you visit some of these Buddhist temples and monasteries you can listen to the Buddhist prayers which can calm your soul.

3. Click some amazing photos

Saralpara is indeed a photographer’s paradise.

The beautiful panoramic views will provide you with mind-blowing frames ideal for landscape photography.

The sunrise and sunset make the sky look more splendorous.

You can sit on the massive boulders on the river beds of the small rivulets, soak your feet in the cool water and click wonderful pictures against the backdrop of blue ribbons of the mountain.

The place looks no less than a haven and can make you lose your sanity.

4. Buy warm clothes

You can buy many local products from the Indo-Bhutan friendship market in Saralpara.

This market is frequented by many tourists especially to buy woven Bhutanese shawls that are very warm and cozy.

The Bhutia markets are very popular here, selling warm clothes. The cheerful ladies will beckon you to purchase some things from their stalls.

Best time to visit Saralpara

The best time to visit Saralpara is during the winter because the weather during this time remains quite favorable.

It is also the ideal spot to soak up the winter sun and unwind yourself away from the rush and bustle of the chaotic world.


Other times of the year in Saralpara are equally delightful but according to me, picnics will be a bit more uncomfortable during the monsoons and summers.

Avoid the monsoons, since the river banks get more damp and slippery.

Other attractions near Saralpara

Apart from Saralpara, you can also visit the other nearby spots which are equally beautiful. Hatisila, Deepor Beel, Chandubi, Kopili, Chandrapur, and Lake ukiam are some of them.

The Brahmaputra has enriched Assam and the low-lying valleys with natural abundance and beauty.

Before you are planning to visit this amazing spot, make sure whether entry is permitted or not.

Often the place remains shut for high-security reasons and entry is not permitted.

Keep the beautiful land free from litter, and the water in its cleanest and purest form. This is a perfect place to spend your holidays with lots of fun and excitement.

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