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Henry Island (Bakkhali) – Hotels, Things to do

Henry Island is a spectacular island in the village of Bakkhali, in the district of South 24 Parganas, West Bengal.

This serene island in Bakkhali has a charming beauty and is located about 140 km from the city of Kolkata.

The island is a perfect getaway destination to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Henry Island is famous for its tranquility.

The pristine beach of the island is a major attraction among people from West Bengal and other nearby states.

I have been to Henry Island twice and enjoyed my stay there both times. If you are planning your trip to visit the place, I am here to help you out.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about Henry Island in Bakkhali,

  1. About
  2. History
  3. How to reach
  4. What to see
  5. Things to do
  6. Best Time to Visit
  7. Places to stay
  8. Nearby attractions

So let’s see the following points in detail…

About Henry Island

LocationGoogle Map
Distance from Kolkata130km
Approx journey time4 hours
Best forWeekend trip
Nearest Railway stationNamkhana Railway Station


History of Henry Island

Henry Island is named after the British explorer who arrived on this island to survey it back in the 19th century.

He was a British surveyor.

How to reach Henry Island

There are a number of ways through which you can reach Henry Island.

Here I am telling you about the routes from Kolkata.

By Road:

You can take the road from Joka Terminus and travel through Diamond Harbour Road to Hatania Doania Creek.

You can reach Hatania-Doania Creek via the Kakdwip Namkhana Route.

Ferries are available from the creek to Bakkhali.

Once you reach Bakkhali, you can reach the amazing Henry’s Island.

By Bus:

If you are traveling from Esplanade or Dharmatala, you can get regular transport buses from Dharmatala to Bakkhali.

The buses leave Dhramatala at 7.00 AM and 8.00 AM. Travelers can get down at Hatania-Doania Creek and take a ferry ride to reach Bakkhali.

Bernard Road is a long, narrow road that also connects Henry’s Island to the Kolkata Bakkhali Highway.

By Train:

The nearest railway station to Henry Island is the Namkhana Railway Station. You can get a lot of local trains from Sealdah Railway station to Namkhana via Lakshmikantapur and Kakdwip.

The nearest airport to Henry’s Island is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata, which is 150 km from Henry’s Island.


What to see on Henry’s Island

The mesmerizing view along the island makes it a perfect holiday destination for travelers.

Henry’s Island offers spectacular views of the sunrise and sunset, striking golden sands, transparent water, and serene beaches.

Mangrove trees dotted the island. You can stroll along the island all day.

Crabs are present on the Bakkhali beaches and the nearby islands, making the place look even more wonderful.

The beautiful island calms all the senses.

You can see abundant red crabs on the island too. As Henry Island is an extension of the Sundarbans, Sundari, or mangrove trees, prevail here in abundance.

There is a small bamboo bridge across which lies the tranquil beach. You can watch a number of birds on Henry Island.

It is also the breeding ground for exotic birds like the Red Knot, Kingfisher, Common Snipe, Gadwall, woodpecker, and whistling ducks.

The dense mangrove forests and several canals shelter various animals like crocodiles, wild pigs, deer, and most importantly, tigers.

Don’t forget to carry binoculars and cameras while you make a visit to the island.

At low tide, you can view the exposed mudflats, which are called “Bheris.” Several ponds are formed that are dedicated to pisciculture.

There is a famous watchtower in Sundari Complex, Bakkhali, which offers a picturesque view of the trees such as Hetal, palm, Kankru, Gora, etc., the clear blue skies, and the wilderness of the Bay of Bengal.


Things to do on Henry Island

There are a lot of things to do on Henry Island.

  1. Enjoy fishing on the island and also witness the sailing away of the fishing boats.
  2. Drink some refreshing coconut water on the serene island.
  3. You can also experience the tidal waters that add a charming view to the islands.
  4. Take pictures on the island with the clear blue skies in the background.
  5. Sit back and relax the entire day on the island.
  6. Explore the fringes of the forest and trail along the narrow, swampy pathways on the island.

The place is an ideal destination to spend your weekend. The refreshing atmosphere of the area is a result of the lush greenery on the island.

Best time to visit Henry Island

The best time to visit Henry Island is during the autumn, winter, and departing spring (October to March).

This is the time when the weather is lovely and mild and a large number of exotic and migratory birds visit the island.

This time is also optimum for fishing and boating activities.


Places to stay at Henry Island

There are many beautiful resorts and hotels near Henry’s Island in Bakkhali.

Some of the best resorts are Bay View Tourist Lodge, Sundari Tourist Complex, Tasher Ghor, and Sonartori Resort.

The resort offers classy amenities like free breakfast, deluxe rooms, amicable staff, etc.

There are many lodges near Henry Island that offer amazing views of the island from their balconies and windows.

There are also many hotels that offer hygienic and good food on Henry Island in Bakkhali.

Other attractions near Henry Island

There are many local sites that you can visit near Henry Island and Bakkhali. FraserGanj Wind Park, Jambu Dweep, and Bishalakshmi Temple are a few places among them.

You can visit these places on your way back from Henry Island.

Henry Island is a fast-developing island and is gaining immense popularity as a weekend destination near Kolkata.

The rivulets and small canals crossing the island have also been home to a variety of wildlife.

The scenic beauty of beaches, mangroves, birds, and islands will make you fall in love with nature again and again.

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