9 Amazing Things to do in Varanasi, India

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The mystical place of Varanasi has some amazing list of things that you can do. Here are some of them...

Sandhya Aarti

Watching the Sandhya Arati with large brass lamps from the Dasawamedh Ghat is one of the most spectacular views in Varanasi (Benaras).



Varanasi is a city of temples. You should never miss a visit to the best temples of the city, especially the Kashi Viswanath.


Ghats of Varanasi

Strolling along the alluring ghats of Varanasi will give you impeccable views of the architecture and its connection to mythology.


Visiting Sarnath

Visiting Sarnath is one of the best things to do in Varanasi. It is where the famous Buddhist Sangha gained enlightenment.



Shopping in Varanasi is one of the exciting things to do there. You can find beautiful ornate jewels, silk, saris, finely woven zari threadworks and a lot of other items.


Street Foods

Savoring local street foods in the streets of Benaras is a perfect idea and is one of the best things to do here if you are a true gourmet.


Visiting Sarai Mohana

Visiting weavers village or Sarai Mohana is one of the offbeat things to do in Varanasi. It represents the integral culture of the city


View of the Ganga

Panoramic view of the river Ganges through different ghats of Varanasi will pacify your soul.


Ramnagar Fort

You can visit the Ramnagar Fort in Varanasi if you have a keen interest in history and mythology.


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These are some of the amazing this to do in Varanasi. Thanks for Reading!